floating stones

From all races in Tyria the Asura are the one with the highest degree of “technology” (in an inversion of Clarke’s third law [ Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from  technology]).

A part of me likes to think that there are many same-sex asura relationships in Tyria that has progeny as a result of the DNA of both parents clubbed together  and without the need of a host mother or a semen donor. Just the the DNA of both partners. Because they have “the technology“. And the only reason why it is not mentioned by any of the NPCs is because it is common as floating stone cubes.


Found in the middle of the ocean

The crew of the Maiken was sailing the South Pacific when they spotted an unusual shadow. As they got closer, what they had taken to be a sandbar revealed itself to be something else entirely. A huge amount of pumice stone was floating to the surface of the water. It looked like a beach.

They decided to get a closer look and redirected their yacht towards it. The crew decided to sail through it, leaving a break in the stone behind them as they went. They wondered what could have caused this expanse of stone to suddenly appear. Once they were a safe distance away, they heard a faint rumbling. Looking back they saw water bubbling from the surface. The source of the pumice stone was an underwater volcano that was actually erupting at the time!


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Dear Exile,

Never step back    Never a last
Scent of plumeria

When my parents left
You knew it was for good

    It’s a herd of horses never
          To reclaim their    steppes

You became a moth hanging
Down from the sun

Old river    Calling to my mother
Kept spilling out of her lungs

Ridgeline vista closed
Into the locket of their gaze

                    It’s the Siberian crane
          Forbidden    to fly back after winter

You marbled my father’s face
Floated him as stone over the sea

Further    Every minute
Emptying his child years to the land

You crawled back in your bomb

          It’s when the banyan must leave
    Relearn to cathedral its roots
—  Mai Der Vang, “Dear Exile,”


An Adventure in Childhood - Part 1

Oh Boy…

How could a simple grocery run for the dorm turn into such a disaster?

Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi were surrounded, their backs to the building behind them and nowhere to run. Izuku stood his ground in front of the slight form of All Might, glaring determinedly at the three villains that had ambushed them on the busy city street.

Izuku’s mind raced as he examined each villain. Two men at his one and two o’clock and a woman at his ten. The first man was a young and scrawny mutant-form. What he lacked in muscle he made up for with hard-looking skin and bony spikes erupting from his arms, shoulders, and back. Likely a close range fighter and more defensive and panicky by the way he hung back, eyes darting between his comrades. The second man was slightly older, perhaps early thirties, and surrounded by floating stones that orbited him slowly. Some kind of telekinetic quirk or perhaps a gravity quirk? Either way, the villain was already down a projectile. A swift Shoot Style kick sent the stone he’d flung apparently out of the man’s range of control. The woman was a mystery. She guarded the left side alone, so Izuku assumed she had a long range or fast quirk. Her hair appeared to be made of some kind of silvery liquid that draped over her shoulders and wrapped around her arms. Her hands were each completely engulfed in an orb of the substance. She hung back a ways, her eyes never leaving Toshinori.

Apprehension flared in Izuku’s gut. The way the woman looked at Toshinori… He was her target. The two men were likely a distraction that would allow her to act.

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Crystal witch tip

If you’re a secret witch, or don’t have the time or means to do the above methods, or even that the stones will damage and can get dangerous when exposed to the above, this is for you.

You don’t need to actually put stones in sunlight, moonlight, water or salt to cleanse or to charge.

We are natural generators of electricity, and our purpose is the conductor.
Or, if you want to still draw on sources not your own, call up whatever divinity, natural resource, or the universe itself to lend you the energy you need for this task. You just need a source of energy to tap into and your intended focus.

One visualization I can suggest is taking the stone in your hands, and imagine a wellspring opening up and letting glowing colored light flow from it. Imagine this light floating towards the stone and deliberately pouring itself inside, letting no nook nor cranny go untouched by the light. Whisper your intent onto the stone, and let your breath be your seal.


Eeveelution: Quartzeon!

Quartzeon is the Rock-type Eeveelution, formed when Eevee evolves in the presence of a Float Stone. Its colors vary depending on its habitat; shown are the two most common varieties - Smoky Quartz/ Amethyst and White Quartz / Opalina (a glasslike opal variety common in the Kalos region) - but Quartzeon can occur bearing nearly any mineral coloration, from Citrine to Rose Quartz to Hematite. A particularly stunning specimen of White Quartz and Pyrite was the favored companion of Professor Ferrous, geology professor at Unova College.

Quartzeon’s body grows quill-like crystals down its spine, and its tail crystals shed as it grows. These shed crystals are highly sought-after good luck charms, and particularly fine crystals are always in demand for engagement rings. The crystals make a light, pleasant chiming as Quartzeon moves.

Quartzeon is not well suited to fighting, but makes a superb defensive Pokemon. Its sparkly hide is, as could be expected, rock hard, and it takes damage slowly. It is immune to poison-type attacks and has 2X resistance to fire, water, electricity, and ice. It is weak against Sandstorm attacks. Quartzeon is particularly fond of Fairy-type Pokemon, and can enhance Xereneas’s Geomancy ability.

Quartzeon is the slowest-moving of the Eeveelutions, but is said to be the longest-lived.

Adder Stone

It is a stone with a naturally occurring hole through it. They are commonly found across the North and Baltic Seas. They are said to have magic powers.


They were believed to:

  • Provide protection against eye diseases.
  • Repel evil charms.
  • Prevent nightmares.
  • Cure whooping cough.
  • Ability to see faeries, witch disguises, and traps when one looks through the hole in the stone.
  • Recovery from snakebites.

Popular belief states that a true adder stone floats in water.

There are several claims to the origin of the adder stones:

1. Hardened saliva of large numbers of serpents.
2. Made by the sting of an adder.
3. Comes from the head of a serpent.

The stone was held in high esteem amongst the druids. It was one of their distinguishing badges, and was accounted to possess the most extraordinary virtues.

Pliny describes the stone as an amulet (Natural History book xix):

“There is a sort of egg in great repute among the Gauls, of which the Greek writers have made no mention. A vast number of serpents are twisted together in summer, and coiled up in an artificial knot by their saliva and slime; and this is called "the serpent’s egg”. The druids say that it is tossed in the air with hissings and must be caught in a cloak before it touches the earth. The person who thus intercepts it, flies on horseback; for the serpents will pursue him until prevented by intervening water. This egg, though bound in gold will swim against the stream. And the magi are cunning to conceal their frauds, they give out that this egg must be obtained at a certain age of the moon. I have seen that egg as large and as round as a common sized apple, in a chequered cartilaginous cover, and worn by the Druids. It is wonderfully extolled for gaining lawsuits, and access to kings. It is a badge which is worn with such ostentation, that I knew a Romanknight, a Vocontian, who was slain by the stupid emperor Claudius, merely because he wore it in his breast when a lawsuit was pending.“

Steven: -shows a past ex a float stone and gives it to them- This Float Stone is able to reduce weight by anyone that holds it, and it reminded me of you because- 

Past ex: So you’re saying i’m fat???? -SLAPS HIS FACE AND WALKS AWAY WITH NOSE UP- 

Steven: …. I was going to say that it makes my heart feel as light as a feather for you, but you know.

Steven: -shows them a Hard Stone and gives it to them- Ok so this is a Hard Stone, and do you know what it makes me feel?

Past ex: Disgusting, I know where this is going. -drops the rock and leaves- Call me when you’re past your rock phase. 

Steven: -blinks and goes to pick up the Hard Stone- Well… I was going to say how it made me fall hard in love with you but I see that you think otherwise. 

Collects the stones and rocks into his hands and frowns. “Didn’t even left me finish any of my sentences.”