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Prompt where Michele finds an old magical lamp that holds Emil a powerful genie.

  • First of all, the genie is frickin’ shirtless and Michele can’t handle it
  • He starts screaming once Emil appears because he has no idea what’s going on
  • When Emil explains that he is a genie and can grant Mickey 3 wishes, Michele is just convinced he got poisoned from the water he drank or something. This is not real. It’s totally not real.
  • Michele keeps looking away from Emil, his face is totally red. In the end he just screams “JUST PUT SOMETHING ON GODDAMN IT!!!” because talking to someone without looking in their eyes is too weird
  • *poof* Emil is dressed! “Your first wish is granted!”
  • And Michele realizes he just wasted one wish. Goddamn it.
  • The “I wish for infinite wishes” conversation happens
  • No can do, Michele still has only two wishes and is not sure what to do with them. He can’t just waste them like this. And so he keeps the lamp with himself and waits for the best opportunity to use his power.
  • Emil the genie starts travelling everywhere with Mickey and they have loads of fun
  • Michele eventually gets interested in Emil’s life and he realizes how old Emil is and how long he’d been kept inside the lamp. From then on he doesn’t blame Emil for constantly floating around. It’s understandable he doesn’t want to get back into the lamp.
  • The lamp becomes a piece of home decor for Michele. He keeps it in every house he moves to and it has a honorary place in the living room.
  • Emil grows really attached to Michele. In fact, he doesn’t play the word games with Mickey for the first time since he started with this genie “job”.
  • With all Mickey’s “Emil, could you tell me…” “Emil, please, hand me the…” and other little demands, Emil should have told him he used up his wishes months ago, but he is a nice boy. He doesn’t trick Mickey like this. At this point he can’t imagine the “life” without him.
  • Time for the second wish comes when Mila, Mickey’s twin sister’s wife, is encountered by some complications during her pregnancy. Mickey wishes for nothing more than for the baby and Mila to be healthy and okay. And Emil, of course, makes sure that comes true. Mila and Sara have the most beautiful little baby girl and Mickey keeps thanking Emil every day for this.
  • But since that day Emil becomes really sad. To the point even Mickey notices the usual bubbly genie is gone. But Emil doesn’t want to talk about it. He feels bad, he can’t influence his master.
  • It takes weeks before Mickey realizes what’s going on when he jokes about maybe using the third wish to get himself a doggo.
  • “Is that why you’re sad, Emil?”
  • “Once you say your third wish, I’ll have to go…”
  • Michele keeps thinking about it all night. He can’t sleep, he’s nervous, he keeps thinking about all the months, now almost three years, he’d spent with Emil and all the fun and trouble they got into together…
  • Michele gets up and walks into the living room where Emil casually floats around above the sofa, sleeping.
  • “Wake up, I have a job for you.”
  • Emil looks terrible. He’s really sad, he can’t believe Mickey would use his third wish so quickly, that he was okay with saying good bye after all this.
  • “I wish for you to become human.”
Jongin; out of love (M)

✉ few things people, hold up. one, this escalated to something so long, idk what. two, it’s not a honeymoon but something like a honeymoon? like before it ; w ; three, this is very long and smutty when you reach a point and it’s smutty alllllll the way. four, I TOLD YOU SUCKERS I STILL LOVE JONGIN GDI BELIEVE ME
►8060 words | scenario, rated m for myyyyyyyyyyyy god this is too long of a smut /sprinkles holy water
© (photo credit)

Jongin hadn’t expected much when it came to relationships—nor did he expect this sort of outcome when he first asked you out on a date. What seemed to be a playful way of teasing you, making you laugh until you can’t take it no more, the stars in the night sky seem to feel dim around you—that’s when Jongin knows he’s in too deep, and man, he can’t escape it even if he tried; even if the deepest parts of his mind tries to tell him to hm… ever thought of leaving?, he’ll change it into unless I’m leaving with her, no, not a chance.

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Danvers Sisters Week Day 1

A/N: It’s about 10:30 p.m where I am and I finally finished this. It’s not edited because I really have to go to bed, but I will edit it tomorrow and post it on Wattpad. I hope you like it!

P.S This is a Hogwarts AU too. Alex is in her fifth year.

#Danvers Sisters Week | Day One | The Different Aspects of Sisterhood

A curtain of dirty blonde hair blocks the majority of Alex’s vision as Kara peers over the sofa. Glancing up, Alex sees that Kara’s glasses are on the edge of her nose and she looks incredibly silly. Kara usually put her glasses in that position to get a giggle out of Alex, but her older sister doesn’t laugh this time.

“Go away, Kara.”

Kara furrows her eyebrows and frowns at this. Alex had never told her to go away before. That would make her bad sister and Eliza would surely send Alex a Howler if she ever thought Alex was being a bad older sister.

Alex sees Kara’s reaction and backtracks. “Wait–no, stay.  I didn’t mean that,” she stammers even though she did mean it. It’s just that she ‘can’t’ mean it. She can hear Eliza’s voice in her head even now.

How dare you, Alexandra? Don’t you know that Kara lost her whole family and she needs you? You can’t just turn your back on her?

Kara takes out her wand and floats onto the sofa with the help of a Flying Charm, her eyebrows still furrowed. “What’s wrong?”

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I like the idea of big walls… like. Imagine a tiny room but a tower sized wall, you’d have to like, have a ladder to access the whole room and maybe install a floating sofa and a wall tv a few levels in

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Transcendence AU ficlet prompt: Mabel telling Henry she's pregnant, and then a few days later Mabel telling Henry she's having triplets after Dipper tells her.

They were all in the living room-him, Mabel, Stan, Dipper-when Mabel suddenly reached behind the couch to grab three sweaters. She threw one on his lap, one on Stan’s lap in the recliner next to him, and one on the empty spot on the sofa that floated in the air so that must be Dipper’s.

Henry opened his up. It was a deep royal purple with goldenrod letters that read “Hottie Daddy”.

Henry read it.

Then he read it again.

Then he read it again again.

He looked at Mabel who appeared ready to literally explode.

“I’m a month along and I’m due in November. Ish. Maybe Octo-aah!”

Mabel finished her sentence with a squeak as her husband had pulled her on to his lap and was hugging her fiercely, his tears spilling into her hair.

Distantly, through the haze of shock and joy, Henry saw that Stan’s sweater read “Cool Uncle” and Dipper’s read “Dorky Uncle”.

There was a pop as Dipper came into being, wrapping his arms and wings around Henry and his sister, bright yellow streaking down his face as well. Stan joined them a second later, though he was conspicuously Not Crying. The four of them sat on the couch around Mabel, so lost in joy they didn’t even notice the fruit trees spontaneously blooming in the back yard (or that thanks to Dipper they now had fruit trees in the back yard).

Henry supposed he should be nervous or freaking out but right now, all he felt was deleriously happy.

(A week later Mabel showed him three onesies she had knitted, and had gotten out “Remember how I told you twins run in the family?” before Henry had passed out stone cold on the floor)

Reala frowned, staring at the spot on the sofa where the egg had once been.  He had just stepped into the kitchen for a quick bite to eat and when he had returned it was… just gone.  Vanished. 

How mysterious. 

He floated above the sofa, looking behind it and around to see if it had rolled off somewhere.  His efforts were in vain though.  It couldn’t have hatched because surely there would have been pieces of the egg shell left. 

Unless the baby ate it.

It was possible.  So the former general searched the entire house, hoping to find some sign of what had happened.  But there were no clues to be found.  Eventually, he decided to go consult NiGHTS.

Reala floated into the Dream Gate, glancing around for his partner.  Hopefully he would not be away too long with a Visitor.

Finals in Techdraw Class pt. 1

It’s not perfect but I’m ok with this since I only had a day to finish it. So much procrastination going on during Holy Week lolol. If you’ll take a look at the sofa..  you’ll see that it’s floating it’s the new nimbus 537864059

I’m really bad at coloring no matter how hard I try it still looks like a mess, I had so many coloring books when I was a kid tho. :/  :))

A slow, enthusiastic clapping could be heard from behind the vampire, the sound slightly muffled by Mephisto’s pink gloves. The floor was tainted in red, the metallic scent of blood assaulting the demon’s sensitive noise, the cries of agony still lingering on his pointy ears…

                                           Truly magnificent.

“What a  d e l i g h t f u l  show indeed!” The king of Time and Space exclaimed, looking positively thrilled, sitting cross legged on his floating sofa, levitating a few inches over the floor… Like a king waiting to be amused by his servants.