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Dude. Why can't you just reblog from people. It is not that hard and there is tons of content out there. Putting "this stuff isn't mine" in the description is not a credit!! Stop!! Reposting!!!

Dude, you don’t even have to follow me if you don’t want to, and I don’t always find these pictures on Tumblr. Also, it makes it easier to know exactly how much notes I got instead of seeing the overall note count and sometimes it’s difficult to find the original owner of the image. That being said, if you don’t want any of these pictures floating around on my blog, dm me and I’ll take down posts that you’re not ok with :)

maybe you’ve seen this picture floating around:

it came from this picture:

and that is my cat inkky. she’s a meme and i’ll be damned if im not gonna take full advantage of that

do you ever just lay in the back of a car, put in your headphones, and start to drift off to that music you like with those pleasing sounds in it, like heels clicking on hard floors? and you’re just staring out the window, watching the stars that are ready to jump out of the sky, and the streetlights that give a hazy orange tint to everything…

So a lot of you have seen this picture floating around of the Jet Ski rescue from a flooded home in Texas. But the background of it is even more awesome. The old couple who lived in this home always called in their Chick-fil-A breakfast order. When they were trapped in their home by flooding they called all their friends and 911 and nobody was able to get to them. So then they called Chick-fil-A and the manager recognized the number and after hearing about the situation he contacted the store owner who went and picked them up on a Jet ski 😂