floating petals

Daily Recipes - Simple Love Potion

Disclaimer: won’t force someone to love you, but will ease the way to exposing any love that may be present.


1 cup of milk

3 drops of vanilla extract

1 drop of rose or orange flavoring

½ teaspoon of coriander powder

2 teaspoons honey


  1. Put milk and honey into cauldron or pot/saucepan, keep at low heat.
  2. Give your intent to the coriander. It helps to hold it in your hand for a moment and speak to it.
  3. Add vanilla and flavoring with intent.
  4. Stir and heat until hot, but not boiling.
  5. Serve this to your lover/love interest. Its very nice to serve this in a drinking bowl or wide cup with a few fresh rose petals floating in it.

the adventure zone ~ the r a v e n and the r a m

“I have one last request for you: are there other objects in this world that are as powerful as this belt? don’t let this happen again.

and then you are blinded by another flash of light, an explosion of force that sort of throws back some of the water in this pool back on your face. and you’re blinded for just a moment, but as your sight returns, you realize you’re being buffeted by this thick whirlwind of these light pink petals. and they settle somewhat, and the wind settles somewhat, and thousands of these petals are floating weightlessly through the air. and you can see, in the middle of this pond, a beautiful towering cherry blossom tree has appeared. it’s where these petals are just sort of flying off of, and as far as trees go it’s the prettiest one you’ve ever seen. and at it’s base you see these roots and knots that are forming two vaguely humanoid shapes. one is sort of a shorter figure, lying in the embrace of a taller figure. and on the ground, in the water in front of them, you see a r a v e n mask and a r a m mask, and tucked neatly in between the two of them, you see the gaea sash.

So we all know that Professor Slughorn’s patronus is a fish, yeah?

There’s a theory that his patronus is a fish because it’s a throwback of sorts to the story he tells Harry and Dumbledore when they first come to his house to recruit him for the Potion master in Deathly Hallows. Y'know, the one with the muddy water and this dude who wants to kill the fish? (what is the word for it? fish-hunter?)

Anyway, my theory is that his patronus is a fish because of a certain redhead when he was back in Hogwarts the first time.

Slughorn tells Harry an intriguing story shortly after the death of Aragog. Apparently he found “a bowl with a few inches of clear water in it, and a single flower petal floating on the surface” on his desk one day. The petal, he tells Harry, was that of a lily. I think we can all safely assume from this that the present was from Lily Evans. Anyway, as he’s watching, the petal sinks to the bottom, and as it does, it transforms into a tiny fish. “Wonderful magic” he calls it.(it’s called a fisherman. I digress.)

So Slughorn takes care of this fish, yeah? And then one morning, he comes downstairs to feed the fish, and it’s just….gone.

It hadn’t died, otherwise there’d have been a body, but there wasn’t. Because it was a magical fish (and I’m just freeshooting here) it would have probably been tied to Lily somehow, since she wasn’t around when the petal transformed. That would’ve taken some serious magic to pull off. And Slughorn tells us that the day the fish “vanished”, for lack of better word, was the day Voldemort killed Lily and James.

So basically, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that Slughorn’s patronus is a fish because of that story that he tells Harry and Dumbledore. His patronus is a fish because it reminds him of a time when things weren’t so bad; of a time when he never dreamed that he could outlive his students; of a time when threat loomed, but didn’t seem as if it would happen so suddenly and in their day and age.

I guess Lily Potter was manifested in two people’s patronuses, eh?

thenotoriusbiz  asked:

Raven cycle ask: Mallory (I'm English and I'll judge your tea choices)


Mallory: How do you take your tea? What is the best tea you’ve ever had? Would you die for tea?
WELL usually I drink mandarin orange spice tea with honey, or passionfruit tea, but honestly the best tea I’ve ever had was on a college field trip to a conservatory/museum in southern California.  We attended “high tea” and they served something like rose tea with milk and honey, and it had a little rose petal floating in it, my friend lowkey choked on hers but I had a fabulous time.
I would probably die for tea.

gemini and pisces

(gemini and pisces are like petals floating on a breeze. they are light and free, devoted and spacious, each giving and growing around the other. they are flighty and dreamy, intense and almost unearthly. encompassing and erratic at times, this pairing is like no other in its magical dance through life.)

gemini is like a fairy, flitting through life and examining all of its curiosities. they are nimble, intelligent and inquisitive, reactive and chaotic at times, but always searching for more. in this respect, they are perfectly matched to pisces, who are also on a journey, looking for something much more than themselves. pisces is soft, romantic, floundering their way through life, just trying to find a path. they are sensitive, ruled by emotion and are easily lost in the chaotic waters of life. there is a tendency to fall in love with love, a confusing and all-encompassing romance that can consume them completely. together, gemini and pisces are delicate. there is a climactic quality about this pairing that can leave you feeling dizzy and breathless, like an electrical jolt through the soul.

at its worst, this pairing is chaotic and can spiral into heartbreak like sycamore seeds to the ground. gemini can detach from their strongest feelings as a defence mechanism, becoming seemingly cold and uncaring, and pisces tends to retreat and escape when life becomes too much for them to handle. tension can arise and communication is definitely an issue to be worked on. but at its best? this couple is sweet, spontaneous, dizzyingly passionate and yet full of fun and humour too. they are fast-paced and flighty, drawn to each other the way birds are to the south, and where we find this couple, we find a connection that never dies. they are young forever as long as they make the effort to open themselves up to each other, communicate with love and find the time to have fun together.

main qualities - spontaneous, reactive, innocent, eloquent, eternal

Bad ideas seemed to be attracted to Camelia like a moth to a flame. She was a curious thing, a white flower in a field of red. Fluttering in the wind as if she might float away. Her skirts each a petal, floated around her ankles and bare feet, her hair the same. Small hands clenched against the bars set to the window, her feet grappled to keep their hold on the hard brick. She could almost see just barely the visions of green forestry. She clenched tight to the bars as voices stirred beneath her.

You can float like a petal in the wind free yourself, relieve your mind, and let your body breathe in the essence of peace around you. Cuz its sunday wut wut :3