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* WATER FALLS :: In the day, the weather is humid and hot. But in the night, the weather turns cold and starts to rain. The corals and barnacles stuck in the rocks make the place look like and ocean. The Sky Whales and diverse fishes roam the sky, using the water vapor to breath. The Sky Whale has a pellucid/clear, mint colored body with a belly which looks just like the night sky of the human world. They fly among the dense clouds, to catch mushroom spores floating in air.

** The clear umbrella is made with cell tissues of jellyfishes. Can be purchased at The Waterfalls for 40G. If you decide to accompany the Monster Kid with you and buy the umbrella, you can sit down for a moment and enjoy a magnificent view of The Sky Whales flying at the ceiling. The water vapors form an opaque cloud, making it a right spot for the whales to hide.

* Fury WAY :: The station building is mangled and torn away, possibly during Undyne’s fight. The broken wooden stool does not respond to the player’s actions, so it is hard to sit on.

TES Challenge - Day Eleven

Favourite Province: Morrowind

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Anyone who has followed me for a while now and has read my posts surely knows by now that I’m Dunmer and Morrowind mad. So I won’t go too much into this.

In short. Mushrooms. Mushroom Towers. Ash. Volcanos. Guars. Netch. Kwarma. Nix. Cantons. Floating Moons. Corner Clubs. Giant Crab Shells. Silt Striders. Cliff Racers. Jeremy Soule’s Music. Outlanders. Ordinators. Nerevarine. Ashlanders. Dagoth Ur. ♫ These are a few of my favourite things. ♪


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Lavellan freaking loves tiny cakes, they are the absolute best and it disgusts almost all the humans in Skyhold. Most who find many of the tiny cakes to be a nasty fashion statement. Yet every time there is a party, there absolutely must be tiny cakes.

The one time Josephine doesn’t have tiny cakes, Lavellan is complaining the entire time and throwing himself across all his friends to whine about the lack of tiny cakes. All the other food is just so rich, over-seasoned, and over-decorated. He just wants some tiny cakes.

And it’s not just normal flavors either, he totally loves chocolate, orange, and lavender tiny cakes; but he also likes the daring flavors. Tiny cakes with elfroot and blood lotus (PLEASE DO NOT EAT WITH AQUAE LUCIDIUS, YOU WILL BE FLOATING FOR MONTHS), deep mushroom with anise, and an even stranger, daring one that was blackberries with deathroot that caused half the party-goers to actually be sick and Assan to be just fine. 

The elven man needs his tiny cakes and not even Cassandra’s disgusted noises or Leliana’s giggles are going to stop him from enjoying them.


Most Beautiful Places in Skyrim: 3/7
Blackreach is an ancient Dwemer ruin overrun by Falmer, Chaurus, and full of glowing mushrooms. Some of the glowing mushrooms here are substantially larger than those found elsewhere, with stalks taller than buildings. The ceiling of the entire cave system glows with blue bioluminescent lights and massive glowing vines that hang down. There is a teal fog within Blackreach that makes grasping the size of it difficult, and mushroom spores float throughout the air. 

I want a cooking book Ford wrote.

With everything shown in drawings, the recipes being often very unique, requiring a lot of skill and sometimes special tools (he doesn’t forget to explain how to make them, not quite realizing that maybe welding, for example, isn’t something everyone can do :D)

Some of the food has quite…. rare, hard to obtain ingredients like ink of the Cycloptopus, floating mushrooms or magical fairy dust. But everything is absolutely, mindblowingly delicious!!

Also can you imagine a cooking show with Ford as a judge, omg I’m laughing thinking about the “idiot sandwich” scene being yelled in J.K. Simmon’s voice xd