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Hello (owo)/ Umm recently I saw a post about Wrath and her former eve who are said to be married but in a different translation it doesn't say they were married while in others they are? I am very confused which is correct? Sorry if I take up your time and if you do answer then thank you ^^

     Hi there! I’ve never actually seen a translation where they weren’t married. At the very least I mean… look at her flashbacks with her previous Eve:

     She stayed with him until he died in his bed. It’s well known that she loved him deeply and he rekindled something in her about humans she’d long abandoned and grew that love again (just like those apple trees). 

     It states on the wiki as well she was married so it was likely stated somewhere within the books, probably an earlier chapter.  For me personally I trust Hatmirror’s translations the most as sometimes the official ones get things WAY off… I mean… in the US translation they made Licht… LICHT Australian instead of Austrian and are now having to try and flip it again to cover their mistakes. (Or having Tsurugi call Mikuni Mikuni-chan instead of Kuni-chan on and off so much it makes my head spin–that’s more of a personal rage at them though xD) They don’t really read into all the hidden meanings and double meanings of the wording from the original Japanese script because lets face it–honestly most official translation companies are not that invested in the actual story. They just need to get the copy done and ready to ship by the designated date… so if it’s coming from the official translation Iiiii’d take it with a grain of salt tbh.

     So I gotta make a small quip here that as much as people are barking up the tree about Tinker and Wrath being a ship (which they’re totally free to do. By all means, it’s pretty precious) I can’t get behind the ‘Wrath is a lesbian!’ HC floating about. She’d be bi at best if you really wanna ship that–that’s how my brain puts it together. If you want to ignore canon… well… that’s your deal to do so I guess. Married or not (though again, I’ve literally never seen anything that states she wasn’t married) she did dearly love her last Eve as a companion and a soulmate. That’s something I won’t let go.

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I wonder if some people will think back to the Sophiam pictures on the yacht, and reconsider how they can see those as relationship goals, while the same thing with Hendall now is obviously fake as fuck. I'm not holding my breath, though. Anyways; Happy new year, Sasha.

Happy New Year honey!

As for Hendall on a yacht:

I’ve blogged sooooo many times about how recycled stunts point to fakery and how 1D has a habit of doing just that. I suppose they’re effective narrative devices and often promo is tied in, so there’s that. In Harry’s case, I think he was inserted into this setting very much on purpose. I think Team Azoff advised and assisted in arranging it. And I think they helped float the lesbian Kendall story. They’re cooperating and undermining at the same time. Babygate endgame has got next, so Harry has to be far removed from all things Louis in order to sell that narrative on the front end. Of course he doesn’t want to, but until 1DHQ is fully out of the picture, he’s being compelled to. Zayn will probably be brought in to distract from the resolving of babygate on the back end. Although we wish it didn’t have to happen at all, it’s happening.

On its surface, it looks like exactly what the media is selling selling. Harry and his apparently magnetic personality and/or hypnotic dick has yet another former high profile conquest unable to get over him. But we in the fandom know better. Because we pay attention, we can see how staged and shady this is. And the Sophiam yacht extravaganza worked well as far as no homo promo. People ate up all that barely clothed, HQ, PDA. So why not do it again?

Sure looks like they did it again.

It’s officially 2016. Time for the entire fandom to put away their illusions about this band. Stuntin’ has happened with 5/5. It will continue to happen for the time being. It’s ok to admit that. That doesn’t mean you have to hate any of the players. Whether they do it willingly or grudgingly, they’re all still pawns at this point. Hate the game.