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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - Chapter 8

Potions lessons took place down in one of the dungeons. It was colder here than up in the main castle and would have been quite creepy enough without the pickled animals floating in glass jars all around the walls.

Snape, like Flitwick, started the class by taking the register, and like Flitwick, he paused at Harry’s name.

“Ahm yes,” he said softly, “Harry Potter. Our new - celebrity.”

Draco Malfoy and his friends Crabbe and Goyle sniggered behind their hands. Snape finished calling the names and looked up at the class. His eyes were black like Hagrid’s, but they had none of Hagrid’s warmth. They were cold and empty and made you think of dark tunnels.

COLLAB WITH @floatingmegane-san <333

Line art from megane<3 colored by me ;;<;;

This was really fun and i’m glad you wanted to collab with me cause I wouldn’t have known what it felt like to be coloring or line arting stuff for your art senpai hnnng ;;;w;;;;

Hope you guys like it!!! <3 Here’s the speedpaint! (and also a quick speed draw of the antisepticeye drawing I did for megane <33)

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Aquarius is a really cool charm, like a crystal that fell in a raindrop
reflecting the thoughts of heaven and the vision of angels. She laughs like lightning and mixes genius with style, individual flair with enviable charisma and class. Aquarius is holding the wine glass of wisdom, electric blue champagne
the elixir she shares as she speaks the thoughts that sizzle like
shockwaves in her brain. On airy wings she floats across a glass water world, a child of the earth wandering alone through the forest, barefoot and enchanted, rainbow looms around her wrists and flowers in her hair
And Aquarius is a double lined symbol, fused with the translucent air that exists in many forms.
She is introverted and extroverted, in great need of solitude but intrinsically connected to all, she is the diamond drop that slips into collective consciousness, intuitive and clever, magical and otherworldly. Life is tremendous and repulsive, she is in love with people and loathes them deeply, for they have destroyed her earth and the fairies that dwell on the flowers. There is a purity in the Aquarius expression, it is spiritual essence in human form, a mermaid with human legs
A free character who stays awake until 3am, and sleeps until she has finished her dream, because she will not work from the world’s time frame
Time must work for her, because she is from another time all together



“6 shots of firewhiskey, please.” You put a few small coins on counter, and the small glasses floated towards you. “Do you want some, Newt?”

Newt hesitantly took a glass and drank the burning liquid, then spat it out immediately. “Godric, that’s awful. How do you tolerate the taste?”

“I hate the taste, too, but it helps me loosen up a bit. Maybe you should just drink some gigglewater…”

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Yuu finds the West Wing of the Castle, despite being told not to go there. He wanders in carefully and is fascinated at what he sees- a magical rose floating beneath a glass domed case. Just before he can inspect the rose closely, the master of the castle is all but pleased to see him- or so it seems.

collab w/ @vixenfur

Day 3

Tavros whistled nervously, pushing his feeding cart around a few of the fish tanks. He headed towards one of the back tanks and looked around, making sure no one was looking.

He tapped lightly against the glass, not wanting to disturb the animals too much, attracting the attention of a goofy looking walrus. The walrus floated towards the glass, his horns almost sticking out of the water.

“H-hey Gamzee!” The human said cheerily.

He received a small honk in reply, the walrus smudging the glass with his noes. Tavros laughed and checked around the room again. It had been closing time, so everyone had cleared out, but he wanted to be sure. He knew Karkat would be grumpy if he caught word of what he was doing.

He pulled out his stepping stool and grabbed some fish from his bucket. Gamzee had already been fed (several times) today, but Tavros couldn’t help but give in when his friend begged for extras.

“Gam, ready?” He asked, watching the walrus come to the surface.

He tossed the fish in the air and stood back, amazed by Gamzee catching the fish, but not wanting to get wet.

He laughed and smiled at his friend, and he was sure his friend smiled back. He threw him a few more before wiping off his hands and stepping down from his stool.

“Okay Gam, that’s all for today. See you tomorrow, buddy!” He packed up his things and waved goodbye, getting a slow wave in return.


Rowan Headcanon #496

Imagine Rowan singing “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan to Aedion and Aelin when training them



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