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Companions crushing on sole (or not, in the case of strong/dogmeat) reacting to getting a valentine's day gift?

Cait: “Oh. Oh, u-uh, thanks, Sole. I guess.” Her surprise makes her stutter, until she catches herself and plays it cool. “I, uh, I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything. Don’t really… celebrate holidays, but um… thanks.” After Sole leaves, she panics, rushing around to find a return gift. At the end of the day, Sole finds a pile of flower-like weeds on their bedside table, covered in a faint dusting of dirt, beside a piece of paper with a heart scrawled on it.

Codsworth: He’s very pleased. “Oh, Mx. Sole, thank you! It’s been such a long time since we’ve celebrated anything, don’t you think? I think I’ll make us a nice Valentine’s brunch. Where do you think I could get the, uh…” He floats off, gift in hand, putting together a meal plan for Valentine’s brunch. Using various produce and preserved ingredients, he puts together a lavish, heart-shaped feast for everyone to enjoy.

Curie: She gasps. “Sole! How sweet of you! Does this make us, ah… valentines?” She claps her hands together excitedly with a wide smile. “Come with me!” She gathers everyone together and hands out handmade valentines, made from rose-colored paper she dyed herself, all with sweet, personal messages. She even kisses Sole on the cheek for being so sweet.

Danse: The gift seems comically small in his large hands, and he stares at it blankly. “You got this for me?” His cheeks darken. “I… Thank you. It… means a great deal.” He runs off, embarrassed, before returning later that day with a bunch of hubflowers, handing them over with a stiff expression on his face and some mumbled, self-conscious words of affection.

Deacon: “Aw, you shouldn’t have.” He takes the gift with the faintest of smiles, pleasantly surprised. “I know it’s sappy, but I’m a real sensitive guy, and I got you something too. Just, you know, since you remember Pre-War holidays like this.” He gives them heart-shaped sunglasses, red-and-white polka-dotted rims with dark shades. He already has a matching pair, and insists they become sunglasses-buddies for a day.

Dogmeat: More food is the best Valentine’s Day gift a pupper could ever get. He doesn’t understand the holiday, of course, but he understands that everyone’s in a great mood, and feeds off their energy, accepting treats and pets and following Sole around all day, enjoying the spring air.

Hancock: “You’re a peach.” He flashes Sole a toothy grin. “I had a little something planned, myself.” Hancock ends up taking them on a special outing rather than giving them a gift. They go to the Third Rail, and Hancock snaps his fingers. Mood lighting sets in, Magnolia croons a lovesong, and he and Sole dance in between drinks.

MacCready: “Oh, wow, Sole. Uh. How much did this cost?” He stares, either baffled at the potential price or just shocked anyone got him anything at all. “And it’s a gift? You don’t want anything in return?” he asks suspiciously. When assured that, no, it’s just a gift, he finds himself in a good mood for the rest of the day. Even daring to hold Sole’s hand every now and again, and blushing whenever anyone catches him staring at Sole with their back turned.

Nick Valentine: He takes the present without a word, turning it over in his hands with a surprised, soft expression on his face. “That’s real kind of you, Sole,” he says at last, meeting their eyes with an uncharacteristic smile. “You’ll make an old man blush.” He takes them out to Diamond City market, and gets them whatever Valentine’s present catches their eye, taking them out for lunch afterwards.

Piper: To Sole’s surprise, she’s nowhere to be found. At least, not until Nat hands her a copy of the latest Publick Occurrences with a wink. A big, black-and-white valentine is printed on the front, with “Happy Valentine’s!” printed in big, bold letters. Piper appears around a corner after that, blushing like a fool but still excited. She accepts Sole’s gift with a squeal, throwing her arms around them in a bear hug, and talking way too fast due to her nerves.

Preston: He blushes dark upon receiving the gift. “Oh, wow, Sole. That’s sweet of you.” He toys with his hat - a nervous gesture. “Haven’t had time to think of Valentine’s things, been so busy with work, but…” He tells them to meet him at the back of the Castle, after dark. That night, they sit under the stars in the relative privacy of the rear of the Castle, watching the stars wink into life and exchanging jokes and stories.

Strong: “WHAT THIS?” He stares at the present. “… GIFT?” He doesn’t quite understand. All he knows is that humans give each other gifts today. So, that afternoon, Sole receives the… back end of a half-eaten cow. “GIFT!” Strong bellows. “FOR VALENTINE.”

X6-88: “… Valentine’s day. A human custom. A day for expressing affection through the exchange of goods.” He pockets the present. “Thank you,” he states, with a simple nod. Later that night, Sole finds a box sitting on their bed. It contains a pristine copy of one of Sole’s favorite books, or toys, or other meaningful item. Where did it come from? Who got it? How did they find one in such good condition? X6 insists he knows nothing about it.


I’m hoping for something more like this for Daud’s activities in Dishonored 2, but I guess we will see!

DIY Photo Balloon “Chandelier”

This is one of my favorite “romantic” DIY ideas. It’s cheap and super easy.

All you need are pictures of you and your significant other together, cute notes, balloons, string/ribbon, and tape. 

Get a helium-filled balloon for each picture or note you want to hang. Either punch a hole on the note / picture and tie the string of the balloon through it, or tape the bottom of the string to the top of the picture or note. As long as the balloon is full enough of helium (which it should be), the pictures will hover slightly from the ground.
Fill a room with these balloon notes and surprise your special someone by bringing them into the room. It’s a super romantic surprise!

Happy Birthday Keith

This is LATE but I don’t really care because I spent too much time on this and it still turned out bad.

Anyway, enjoy this story and happy birthday to Keith.

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Izuocha Week Day 3: Quirks!

A cute little sketch for today! Decided to keep it simple, with Uraraka using her quirk to make the cute necklace Deku just gave her into the air ( the top to the box it was in is also floating) A Christmas gift/birthday gift perhaps? She’s wearing the necklace in my drawing for day 2 as well

Title: Don’t Leave
Author: Tate
Fandom: The Twilight Saga
Warnings: Underage Sex Mention, Minor Depictions of Violence, Minor Use of Language
Pairing: Alec x Human Mate

She had loved it the second she had found out it would even exist. Her lover, on the other hand, did not. Alec had promised not to hurt her, and he had broken it by making her give birth to that… thing.

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How much money does it take to get an arsenal like yours?

Alright then…


DDM4V5 - ~$1400 

KAC SR-15 - $1900

LMT MWS - $2600

Plus 13 various other builds, costing as little as $600 to $1500+ 


AES-10B - $600

Arsenal SLR-104 - ~$1000

WASR10 - ~$400

Draco - $550

M92 Pistol - $400


P-07 - $350

P-09 - $450

CZC P-01 SDP - $1200

Urban Grey SP-01 Tactical - $675

Tactical Sports - $1050

 CZ-75 Shadow SAO - $850


Witness Stock III - $850

Witness Elite Limited - $1150


USP 9 - ~$850

USP45T - ~$1100

VP9LE -  ~$640

P30L LEM - ~$800 

HK45c - ~$800

SIG Sauer:

P226 Dark Elite - ~$900

P227c - $850

P320 Full Size - $499


Gen 4 19 - ~$425

Gen 3 20 - $550

Gen 2 21 - Gift (usually floating between 3-400 bucks)

Smith & Wesson:

M&P9 - $399

M&P40 - $349

M&P45 - $ 399

686p - ~$650

629DX - $750

4506 - $550

500 Performance Center - ~$1350

3566 Performance Center - ~ $1900


Armscor 52000 - $1050

Springfield Range Officer - $699

Springfield MilSpec - $599


Mossberg 930 - ~$550

3 Remington 870s - One was a gift, the others were about 400 a piece

Benelli M2 - $850

Magnum Research:

BFR 460 - $849

Desert Eagle XIX - $1299

MilSpec stuff:

Chicom SKS - ~$180

Mosin Nagant 91/30 - $89


Arex Rex Zero 1 - $515

Marlin Guide Gun - $550

Beretta 92G-SD - $1049

Walther PPQ 45 - $459

FN FNX 45 - ~$650

Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter - ~$700

Not including the AR builds (nor any extra accessories) and any taxes & transfer fees, you’re looking roughly 40 grand. Keep in my I also bought a lot of this stuff used.