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The Marvel Universe has been destroyed. The galaxy may be gone. But there are still places that need defending. Places that need Guardians. Here, a first look at GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1 – the explosive new Secret Wars series from blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato! High above Battleworld floats the head of a dead Celestial, miraculously saved in the collapse of a universe. Now orbiting the strange, patchwork planet as its solitary moon, Knowhere survives as a colony brimming with convicts and criminals. Yet amid this vile hive of killers, thieves and thugs – there is hope. 

People who will stand and defend those who cannot defend themselves – the Guardians of Knowhere! But there is a new power rising inside this head of a dead god. Suspended thousands of miles above Battleworld’s surface, a dangerous new foe stalks the alleys and corridors of this floating fortress. A villain with their crosshairs aimed squarely at the Guardians of Knowhere! Who is this new foe and what are they after? No one knows! One thing is for certain – not everyone will walk out of Knowhere unscathed.

Art & Cover by MIKE DEODATO
Gwenom Variant by ROB GUILLORY
Connecting Variant A by SKOTTIE YOUNG

Connecting Variant B by SKOTTIE YOUNG

On-Sale – 06/17/15

Why does Cinder want to win the tournament?

I feel silly: I’ve been thinking of Roman Torchwick plans for the tournament rather than Cinder Fall plans.

Cinder doesn’t want to drop the Amity Colosseum while it’s full of people–if she wanted to do that she’d have already done it.

She wants to hijack it and use it as a floating fortress for her operations.

It’s accessible only by air, it’s chock-full of Dust crystals and ammo, it’s large enough to hold her White Fang forces, and once she successfully hacks Ironwood’s mechanical army, it’ll have a pretty good escort contingent as well. And she’s waiting until the end of the tournament because she can be sure that most people will be in the arena stands instead of at their posts (particularly since there hasn’t been any White Fang activity recently). Because in the stands is right where she wants them.

It’s very likely that the winning team will be invited out from the stands to the center of the arena after the final fight, so that everyone can see them get their trophy and be congratulated. Cinder wants to win so that her team will be out of the stands. Once they’re all gathered in the center, Cinder will push a button, and the four-piece Colosseum will separate. The stands and canopy will lift off and be surrounded by hacked military assets, held hostage while the rest of the building floats away to join up with Adam and possibly an escaped Roman.

(As an extra sting, I think both the stands and the canopy are part of the white piece at the top, which was created by Atlas. Separating it from the others would also be symbolic, no?)

And what to do with second-place team RWBY (who might be out as well) and the officials who came out to the arena floor to say congrats? Well, that middle octagon is floating just like the biome stages are:

Just step off and let it fall beneath them.

I hope everyone’s been practicing their landing strategies…

  • fultoned soldier 1: i can't believe i just got knocked out and kidnapped
  • fultoned soldier 2: yeah isn't it great
  • fultoned soldier 1: are you serious
  • fultoned soldier 2: the boss is so smart and handsome
  • fultoned soldier 1: we've been pulled away from our entire lives and dumped on this floating fortress and told to just adjust
  • fultoned soldier 2: and that puppy is adorable
  • fultoned soldier 1: that is true
The Heart Grows Fonder with Visits

The Warworld was buzzing with activity. The Justice Division was overjoyed. Tarn has returned, with two ships full of gifts for both his endura and his young. He’s brought enough effects and contracted material on delivery for the construction of an entire new sector on the floating fortress, but his instructions for the crew to unload his cargo had been hurried and vague, a couple of quick words ensuring care before he strode off, a breeze in his steps as he made for the medibay to his Lord.

His sudden return has roused more than a few gaping looks. Not only was he polished to a sparkling gleam, he’d also shed some of his armour, making a more civilian silhouette out of his previous imposing bulk. Only the mask remained the same, scratched and dull compared to the rest of his frame. However, the optics peering from its sockets now beamed in unabashed excitement, a show of great delight echoed by a rippling pulse in his EM field.

With barely a stall in his brisk pace, he tapped the door to the medibay open, and walked in, glancing about to catch sight of his Lord. Deathsaurus was close. He could feel the proximity of his bonded. His gaze fell on another door leading into a private room, and he smiled, turning towards it with strides long and swift.