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justice league final tally

+ 1 point for having a comprehensible plot unlike badman vs stupidman

+ 1 point for being technically more of a movie than bagman something superman

- 10 points for continuous Wonder Woman upskirt shots

- 10 points for wonder woman’s panties in the first scene she shows up in

+ 3 points for cyborg have a coherent personal arc with emotional beats that sort of work unlike everyone else in this movie

- 3 points for never fully explaining what aquaman is doing her and trying to cram his entire character into like 2 scenes

+ 1 point for the gag where Wonder Woman puts her lasso in aquaman kind of Landing or maybe I’m just that drunk

+ 2 points for Batman being in love with super man?

+ 10 points for the goofy visual of Superman’s shitty naked cgi rag doll body floating in the sky in that one scene

- 1 point for every line that was obviously penned by or derived by joss wherein

- 5 points for worlds least interesting villain

+5 points for worlds least interesting villain looking exactly like the bull guy who schtups the freddie mercury wizard in dragon age

- 2 points for every time they reuse the gag where all of the justice league is looking cool and dramatic but the flash is making a funny face

- 747362637848494 points for affleck being an ok batman but a terrible person

+ 5 points for Batman’s mask being comically too small for Ben Affleck face

+ 15 points for more bitchy effete Jeremy irons Alfred than the last movie

- 10 points for every scene where they want to reference the Wonder Woman movie because it’s the only dcu movie that’s considered good but the only thing whedon & Snyder can remember about it is that Chris Pine died and that made Diana sad

- 10 points for “Diana is the HEEEAAART of the league”

+ 1 point for the flash and cyborg making conversation while digging up dead superman. That’s charming

???????? Points For no one uttering the name “Martha” even once. Cowards

- 55555555555 points for the very concept of hiring both Zack Snyder and joss whedon (½ of the horsemen of the apocalypse) for the same movie

- 7 points for the fact that the upcoming tomb raider movie I saw a trailer for appears to be following the same plot as the horrid 2013 “Egregious Lara Croft Torture Porn” game

I’m too drunk to do math

We All Gotta Float Sometime.

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🎈                                                       🎈                                                              🎈

Your weary legs wobbled throughout the abandoned forest, with a jolt of intense fear suddenly emerging from with in your oddly fatigued body. You were terrified; froze in your footsteps. You felt as if you haven’t slept in weeks. You slightly gripped your stomach as you felt nausea creep upon your digestive system.

“Oh, God, help me..” You whimpered sickly in a tone that was barely audible as you fell to your knees in agony. You began to plead to God to take this strange pain away from you. It was like the feel of death rematerializing deep within your system.

Want a balloon, pretty girl?” A squeaky voice, as if it were imitating a child’s, yet in a man’s booming voice, inquired.

Your knees were still pressed against the green grass that caused your white skinny jeans to be stained with the plant. You slowly glanced up to meet the stranger’s eyes, instead your colored orbs bounced across a silhouette of a tall man in a clown’s suit that held a strand of a dozen red balloons. Your gut wrenched even more as he spoke causing you to groan in pain.

“Come here, to me..” He requested calmly as he began to breathe heavily; his chest heaving up and down. A mischievous grin swept across his face as he released the balloons from his grip. Your mouth came agape as you analyzed the man’s face; sandy brown hair, light colored eyes and structured facial features that complimented it. The pain abruptly washed away as he revealed his face. You felt as if you were healed, instantly lifting yourself up from the cold hard ground and walking towards the unique stranger. He grinned happily, aggressively pulling your figure onto his slender body.

You gasped softly as his red lips came in contact with your earlobe. “Ready to float, doll?” His voice immediately changed causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion. Before you had a chance to respond, the dozens of balloons popped in your face which left behind crimson red blood that splattered on you. You screamed loudly causing him to giggle in amusement at your manor. His sandy brown hair switched to a burnt orange color, his eyes glowed and appeared darker, and he was much more taller with clown make up matching it all. You struggled to get away in terror as his grip appeared tighter along your petite body.

Moments later, you found yourself wrapped in your blankets on your twin sized bed.

You sighed in relief. “It was only a dream.”

You switched to the right side of the bed, quickly screaming loudly in fright as the clown from your dream laid beside you in bed, giggling.

🎈                                                       🎈                                                              🎈

Sweat droplets covered your forehead as you sprang up from the bed, throwing the blankets off your body. Loud breaths escaped from your full lips as you held your chest, shutting your eyes in final relief. The dream was finally over. More like nightmare, you corrected yourself.

You recognized that clown.

If you last recalled, his name was ‘Penny’ something. He was a vicious, murderous clown that ate children. He was known in Derry for killing a child named Georgie. The Loser’s Club became known for battling him. The whole town knew of him after their interaction. He was suppose to be hibernating for another seventy five years so no one really has batted an eye over the monster anymore.

But why the hell were you dreaming of him? You weren’t a child. You were in your early twenties. Plus, how did he even get into your dreams? You haven’t thought of the notorious ‘Ronald McDonald’ killer since you heard of the murders and that was more than ten years ago.

Maybe because it was Halloween night?

Yeah, that’s why, you convinced yourself. You were watching horror movies all evening long and that must have plagued with your innocent mind.  

It just felt so real, so vivid.

You could almost taste the salty blood from the balloons that popped along your lips.

You lightly slapped your face to wake yourself up. “Shit, (Y/N), you’re really losing it this time.”

You jolted in fear as your phone beeped, signaling you received a text message.

“Wanna come to a Halloween party?” From: Isabella.

You groaned tiredly as your fingers typed along the keyboard.

“I feel weird as hell, Bella. I don’t know. I’m sorta tired.” Sent.

“PLEASE. I need you. Jeffrey will be there and I need your help on how to attract him.”

You rolled your eyes in annoyance at her comment.

I’m not much of a partier, Isabella. You know that.” Sent.

Numerous crying emoji’s appeared from her next text causing you to groan loudly.

FINE. Be at the party in 20. Sent me the details.” Sent.

“YES! THANK YOU!”  She then sent you the address and the details of the costume party.

“Damn Isabella.” You cursed, throwing your phone onto your bed.

You didn’t have a costume this year because you thought you were too old for this Halloween thing.

You chewed along your bottom lip as you pondered of ideas, searching thought out your tiny apartment.

You gulped nervously as you opened your dresser drawer to find a clown kit make up package. Your younger brother gifted it to you Halloween to use and it needed to be used.

Your hand began to shake as you grabbed the red lipstick. You felt sick to your stomach as you applied the makeup identical to Pennywise’s.

He isn’t in Derry anymore, you reminded yourself. It was only a dream.

You jumped as you startled yourself by looking into the mirror. You looked just like him. Only a female version.

“Be there in 5.” Sent.

🎈                                                       🎈                                                              🎈

You shut your car door, hearing your high heels click against the pavement as you walked to the front door of the house party. You were rather nervous tonight. You weren’t your old self and you could tell. The dream really spooked you out.

Several guys whistled and made explicit comments as you walked past them.

“Hey Pennywise, I wouldn’t mind you taking a bite of me.” One suggested with a smirk plastered across his face as he chugged his beer.

You made a disgusted face as you opened the door. “Fuck off.”

Isabella squealed happily as her eyes met yours. “(Y/N), you made it!” She hugged you before studying your attire and makeup.

“If you’re going for looking hot yet scary as hell, you’re doing a good job.” Your best friend complimented causing you to roll your eyes playfully and giggle.

“Thanks.” You responded blankly as you took a sip of a drink from a plastic red solo cup.

Her expression softened, “What’s wrong, girl? You’re acting weird.”

You instantly shook your head, denying her comment. “No, I’m fine. Just a bit tired, that’s all.”

She nodded her head, understanding. “Oh yeah, can you find Jeffrey for me? I think he might be upstairs.” She responded as she batted her false eyelashes.

You sighed softly, “Sure thing.”

You were pissed at your so called best friend for caring more about a guy rather than worrying why you were acting different. You were losing your mind and no one seemed to bat a eye about it.

Your stiletto heels clicked loudly as you walked up the stairs.

“Jeffrey? Where are you?” You called out to him, your eyes skimming the room.

“In here!” You heard a voice call out. 

You walked towards the other room to find Pennywise and all his height stand fearlessly in front of you with a murderous smirk along his red lips.

“Ah, ah, ah.. Nice look, doll. Are you making fun of me?” He puckered out his bottom lip to act as if he were upset.

Your eyes widened as your body backed up against the closet door. “How are you fucking here?”

He giggled loudly, “I woke. Now, do you want to float, little girl?”  He mocked you by looking down on you.

You began to sob as he gripped your jaw, mumbling things you couldn’t make out.

Aw, pretty thing, don’t cry. We all gotta float sometime.” He stated with a chuckle as he ran his gloved fingers through your hair.

Suddenly, you felt his crimson red lips smash onto yours roughly. You stood still in shock, feeling him continue to kiss your lips until you whimpered, feeling him draw blood from your lip as he bit it.

His tongue licked the blood from your lips. “Delicious.”

With that, he disappeared.

🎈                                                       🎈                                                              🎈

Never really thought of writing something Pennywise but Bill did an amazing job and since it’s almost October, I felt like writing this. I only write Negan but I’ll let this slide this time.

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So get this: buzzfeed unsolved but Michael and Gavin.

OKAY SO i’ve been thinking a lot about this and i can’t decide which of them should be the skeptic and which one should be the believer?

on the one hand we can have skeptic!michael and believer!gavin – gavin getting scared at every tiny incident that happens in a haunted house, hiding behind michael as he cries, “save me, michael,” and michael exasperatedly turning towards him and yelling, “it’s JUST A TABLE LAMP, GAVIN, IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK REMOTELY LIKE A GHOST, WHAT THE FUCK.”

but on the other hand imagine how fun skeptic!gavin and believer!michael would be – gavin questioning every single thing about the ghost stories (”so the haunted dolls float towards them on the river” “wait a second, can dolls even float on fresh water?” “who fucking cares, gavin, they are goddamn haunted dolls.”) and michael rage-quitting every single haunted places they visit, storming out as he screams, “go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself, i’m out of this place, do not fucking haunt my ass.”

Roll with your heart

Hello everyone! I’m sorry this took me ages! Request done by @bickslowlordofsouls 

Request: “Can you write one where gajeel and levy double date with bickslow and lisanna”

Hope you like this!

FFnet here!

Word count: 3.6k

This had to be Gajeel’s bad karma. It couldn’t be anything else.

“Well, well. Look at that!” Gajeel groaned quietly at the sight of the other two mages sitting on the client’s living room with those five obnoxious dolls chanting ‘Look, look’ in that annoying tune of theirs.

Apparently, this stopped being a two-mages mission as the team doubled in members forcing Gajeel and Levy to join Bickslow and Lisanna by the client’s petition.

Stupid client.

Just another rich ass snub with lots of money to spend and a worried wife who wouldn’t feel at ease of her dear son going out without the proper bodyguards. Heck, the kid was just going out on a date to an amusement park. Did his parents really think a dark guild was going to go after him if he didn’t have at least two skilled mages to protect him? Tch, they thought too highly of themselves. Even Salamander’s cat would’ve been able to protect the brat.

Such a lowly mission for a high-skilled mage like him…

The only reason he joined the Shrimp in this mission was that the pay was really good. Spending time with her was really just an extra; it wasn’t the main reason he accepted immediately. Nor was the fact she subtly threatened him of not giving him any more of her delicious iron.


He was just interested in the reward. And Levy was nice and easy to get along, so Gajeel didn’t mind to work with her in this sort of missions.

But now, he was going to spend the rest of the day with Jokester and Kitty Girl too.

Great, just great.

Even when Levy appeared to not be disturbed by the change of plans, she was inwardly cursing her luck too.

It just had to be Lisanna and Bickslow, right?

She loves both of them dearly, after all, the three of them grew up together in the guild. But that didn’t meant she wanted them to join her and Gajeel on this mission.

This had been a well-thought plan to spend some time with her favorite dragon slayer without other people teasing them or asking awkward questions about them being a couple. She knew Gajeel had some feelings towards her, but whenever it seemed he was ready to open up and tell her the extent of his feelings, someone would crack a joke or cat-call after them and he would focus his attention to beat the living crap out of that someone while leaving Levy wondering about what he was just going to say to her.

The small woman had been growing impatient of this and she decided to take matters in her tiny hands. She knew that whenever Gajeel was alone with her (and Lily), he was more open to express his feelings and let his rough facade fall slightly. Levy thought of this mission as an opportunity to get to know him even more and, if she was brave enough, it was a chance to let him know of her feelings for him.

But now, that was definitely not going to happen with the other two mages here. For starts, Bickslow was on the top tier of their comrades that constantly would make jokes and tease them to no ends. And then there was Lisanna, Mira’s baby sister, who was just as devilish as the older woman. Levy was positive that Lisanna was Mira’s main source of gossips from the guild and she was sure she would be bombarded with lots of questions from the girls once they got back to the guild.

With a silent sigh of defeat, Levy tossed her previous plans out the window and decided to make the best out of the situation. She smiled brightly at her comrades and accepted the client’s new conditions. She giggled when Gajeel groaned again a little louder behind her.

This will be fun. Maybe it could be like a double date?

“I ain’t getting on that shit.” Gajeel crossed his arms over his chest and glared daggers at the entrance of the ride.

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Strawberry Moon - (Trixya) - (2/?) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This took a little longer than I expected. Apologies. I’ve still got one or two more chapters in me before it’s curtains. No overt Vatya content this time. (Which, is sad to me, because I’m Vatya trash but…whatever.)

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im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw

zycout  asked:

Question spam! Are all the different types called rooks? Are they only real animals, no dragons or unicorns? What about insects or spiders? You mentioned wounds and the cats having bandages because of 9 lives, are they spirits? Is Jock and Hunk the only two-headed one? Don't feel like you have to answer all this 😛


These are all so wonderful, thank you for asking, it’s really nice to get the thoughts I’ve had out in writing for you guys ;v; 💓

1. Yes!!! Rooks are their species. There are obviously different types of Rooks, but they all are Rooks. So take Doll, he’s not a Cat Rook, nuu he’s just a Rook. There’s no division, they’re just one race.

ALTHOUGHHHHH, Fun Fact: When I started working with Doll himself, I was originally planning on making Rooks only feline based! And not only that, the Rooks would have had their types based off of the type of wound dressings they had! Doll has bandaging on his arm, as well as a tail that resemble Ribbon! So Doll would have been a Ribbon Rook :3 Other types consisted of Button, Zipper, Thread, Velcro, Yarn, Needle, and Fabric Rooks! This concept was dropped only because of design issues, and I really wanted to do more than just one animal species omg 💨

and another Fun Fact!!! Rooks were only called Rooks because they were all supposed to have a black base with a pop of color (Like Doll and Stud’s designs) because a Rook is actually a crow! and crows are black :3 The name kinda stuck, so there you go ✨I was too infatuated with lots of colors to really just keep it the same all throughout /////

Anywayyyy to keep going…

2. Absolutely not! All creatures, including insects, marine and avian animals, prehistoric or fantasy creatures, are bases for a Rooks design if you want it too! I haven’t had the moment to make other body types 💦 but they’re feasible as well :3 Rooks don’t have to be just bipedal creatures, they can look like centaurs, have spider leggies or mermaid tails, however you’d like, just as long as there’s an animal like trait that they’re base off of!

 3. Honestly, I haven’t quite figured that one out, but I’d just put it as Felines being the most mystical of the species. Like they’d be the cryptids of Rook culture, but it’s still something natural?? Doll floats around all he wants and no one bats an eye, its just a societal acceptance, Hunk and Jock have two fucking heads, Looker’s got a few more eyes on his face, no big deal. Totally not cause cats are my favorite ///////

But the nine lives thing stands, feline looking Rooks tend to have the most wounds, these wounds come from past life trauma (the equivilant of the human version where scars and birthmarks are symbols of how you died, yada yada). So Doll was beheaded at one point and that doesn’t phase him pff 💨 Jock probably had his tongue cut out and Hunk got an eyeball plucked. But wounds of course are not limited to felines of course, it’s just the pure AMOUNT sometimes.

BUT!!! Bandaging is limited to felines! The bandaging of a body part would refer to the loss of that body part. Doll’s past life could have had their arm and half if their leg taken off, but Doll still acquired those parts when some other Rook who’s not based feline would not have those parts to begin with. 

So kinda going off topic, but I don’t think Rooks ever truly die, they only would when wounds are so extensive that there’s literally no body left to pass on. Then I guess they’d become spirits :3 

and finally 4. Nope!!! But!! Polycephaly is a rare thing, it’s not every day you see Rooks who have a few heads on their shoulders, but again, nothing is shamed or made fun of, monsters don’t give a damn about looks and I think that’s wonderful <3333 So Jock and Hunk aren’t the only ones in the world with two heads on one body, they’re proud of themselves and their past life, whatever happened there gave them each other and that’s all they really care about 🐯🐱

Oh goshhhhh, that was so much fun writing, I really appreciate you asking me all of those questions, bby, it really helps me document things, I love it 💖 Please ask me any more questions if you’d like, I’m all ears 

- Dolly ❤

“Four years after [Hurricane Katrina] I found my grandmother’s ruined doll collection.

The dolls had been submerged in water for two weeks. I began to X-ray them both as objects to document and preserve. I was curious to see how the damage looked on the inside. I was surprised by what I found within— nails, pins, hooks, springs holding them together, lost objects, safety pins, and pieces of jewelry.

The dolls have an aura that is almost human, with internal workings that chronicle a life lived, a spirit. Sometimes they have strength; others, broken hearts.“

Source: lisettedeboisblanc.com


<3 floating matsuri from early spring in Chiba <3

The live music played from the boats was enchanting and all the period costumes were just lovely. They were dressed to look like dolls from Hina Matsuri, and it was a form of live nagashibina instead of floating dolls in small boats.