floating dolls


<3 floating matsuri from early spring in Chiba <3

The live music played from the boats was enchanting and all the period costumes were just lovely. They were dressed to look like dolls from Hina Matsuri, and it was a form of live nagashibina instead of floating dolls in small boats.

Strawberry Moon - (Trixya) - (2/?) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This took a little longer than I expected. Apologies. I’ve still got one or two more chapters in me before it’s curtains. No overt Vatya content this time. (Which, is sad to me, because I’m Vatya trash but…whatever.)

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im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw


For Hinamatsuri, we found a nagashibina event to attend in Ibaraki.  For the annual ‘Doll Festival’ or ‘Girls Day’ in Japan on March 3rd, traditional dolls are set out on display in Japanese homes and lots of Japanese museums, schools, and other public places.  

Way back in the day, people used to make straw or fabric dolls as vessels to carry any future misfortunes that might befall their children, and they sent them down a river on rafts, to carry the misfortunes away.  Somewhere down the line, the tradition evolved into owning sets of nicely crafted dolls to display and to offer good luck to daughters in the home, and some towns still floated the dolls as a symbolic ceremony, but retrieved them at the end since they were of such high quality.

I found a garden called Kairakuen in Ibaraki that does a small nagashibina ceremony during their ume blossom festival, and was very excited to witness the tradition firsthand.  It was quite far from Tokyo, but doable in a day, and I was so glad we were able to make it.  The dolls and boats they floated them in were so beautiful, and they even gave out little tiny boats for the audience members to float after the main dolls were set out.  Afterward we explored the rest of the garden, which was filled with thousands of fragrant  blossoming plum trees, as well as a bamboo and cedar forest. but we’ll save that for another post.

The Signs As Attractions
  • Aries: "The Evil Twist" dark Red roller coaster with black carts decorated with glitter flames in red/Orange/yellow, scary but still fun, lots of loopings lol, will make you feel crazy in the tummy
  • Taurus: "dream flight" a pastel yellow cart driving trough a world with all kinds of fairy Dolls and floating castles glitters everywhere and the sound of birds playing, so pretty you may not believe your eyes
  • Gemini: "Battle of the elements" a wooden roller coaster with two different wooden carts one with blue representing water and one with red for fire, choose your cart and let the race begin, which cart will arrive first? Fun for everyone and even tough it has no loops it gives you butterflies in the stomach
  • Cancer: "Casey caterpillar" a long caterpillar cart with all kinds of happy colors, Goes around and around and around, little kids love this, the sweetest attraction tbh
  • Leo: "break dance" lots different colors of metallic carts
  • Has walls around it with disco people spray painted on it, also a lot of lights, the music is very loud. Spins and rotates around, just keeps on getting faster. Will make u so dizzy but this is a classic
  • Virgo: "Infinityslide falls"
  • An amazingly long slide. Light blue with rainbow lights at the sides It's always a long as time BUT when you finally have climbed the stairs and are standing above it feels amazing
  • The slide goes so fast that it will blow you away, as your enjoying it,, it already has stopped
  • Libra: "Fun house" giant house with a walking route, looks like 49588 attractions combined,so much colors and patterns and shapes. it has moving stairs, smoke machines, thread mills, everything you can think of, never gets old.
  • Scorpio: "Maisy's mansion" a giant house with skeletons/zombies/chainsaws/ghosts and all the spoopy stuff u can think of inside. Really old looking carts. A lot of people are scared, but everyone still likes it because yeah, it's Maisy's mansion duh
  • Sagittarius: "sound wave" neon green roller coasters with matte black carts, has v loud music playing. A lot of flickering lights, loops, hills, twists, the main attraction tbh only for the dare Devils. Looks v pretty at night also
  • Capricorn: "Game Hall" big hall full of old games like pacman etc, but still a lot of new games. Lot of noise, lights flashing, big teddy bear prices. Cool dance machines, shooting games, even wack a mole. Lots of fun
  • Aquarius: "Epic splash!" Giant boat-carts in all kinds of neon colors. Launched from a epic long waterfall with very blue water. The excitement is real. Lots of laughing from the feeling u get in your stomach. at the end of the slide you'll splash into water and get all wet but it was worth it lol
  • Pisces: "love tunnel" Red/Pink very slow carts with angel wings, you'll go into this heart shaped tunnel and then all of a sudden it all gets dark, but before you know if there are a 10000 heart shaped lights glowing all around you for as far as can see, very romantic. A classic no one can resist. Usually fun for couples ofc
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Of Reservations and Bookings.


“Please stop poking the dolls.” the magician asked in an exasperated tone. “While they are not delicate they are part of me in a sense and you shouldn’t touch people you don’t know.” the dolls floated backwards keeping a constant distance as Alice held into her book. This trip to the library was not going as planned.

The Traveling Chat

MariChat May Day 21: The Chat Noir Doll


“Have you seen Chat’s new Instagram?”

It was a perfect spring day for enjoying fast food outdoors. Marinette, chewing a mouthful of French fries, frowned across the table at Alya before swallowing. “Chat has a new Instagram? I swear, he never tells me anything.”

“It’s because you don’t approve of his shenanigans,” Alya said. “That’s a direct quote, by the way.” She handed Marinette her phone.

The account name was chatonnoir, and every single photo starred the Chat Noir doll Marinette had sewn and–against her better judgment–let Chat borrow. Apparently, the doll had a very active superhero life of its own. One image showed it atop the Eiffel Tower watching the sun set. The caption read, all in a day’s work.

“I want to say I can’t believe this, but I can,” Marinette said.

Alya pointed her drink at the phone. “Keep going. It gets pretty ridiculous.”

There was a photo of the doll with a butterfly perched on its head. The doll floating on an inflatable chair in the middle of Le Grand Paris’ rooftop swimming pool. The doll at a bus stop, sitting upright between two other waiting people.

“Is that Adrien?” Marinette shrieked.

Sure enough, there was close-up of the doll leaning against Adrien’s face, its hands pressed to its cheeks. Met supermodel Adrien Agreste today! kyaaaaaa!! read the caption.

“Yup,” Alya said. “That doll got to first base before you did.”


part two! of our ibakari adventure.  after the doll floating festival we explored the expansive grounds of the garden and enjoyed some very serene moments in a bamboo grove with tall, straight trunks reflecting tinted green light, and soft wind rustling the small top leaves.  Across the way was a cedar forest which offered different scenery and different colours, but felt no less charming and refreshing after being in Tokyo too long.  The garden is designed to have areas that are bright and lit/ coloured by sunlight, and areas that are heavily shaded by large, dense vegetation.  I’d love to return on a sunny day when the dynamics are more apparent.   

On the other side was a plum blossom festival among the thousands of peaking ume trees, and stalls selling plum blossom ice cream, mochi, manju, daifuku, wine, juice, and probably more that I didn’t see.  I of course had to try the ice cream, and was so glad I did.  It was the perfect blend of tart and sweet with a lovely aromatic touch that complimented the smell of the real blossoms on the air. The flavour actually reminded me a lot of my grandma’s raspberry sherbet she used to make every summer.

There is also a beautiful old house in the garden open for touring.  It was designed and built by a famous poet for his retreat home.  He would hold poetry and music parties and seasonal gathering here, and each room was designed differently with different types of guests in mind.  man oh man was it crowded, but the details were beautiful and I was very glad to be able to take them in.  We ended the day with hot ume honey juice and then took the train home.

Pulling Strings (One Shot)

A/N: Hey ya’ll so I finished watching ep. 18 and holy shoot I got the feels to write a thing. If you haven’t seen this amazing comic by dreamwips, you’re missing out! (and it’s also what this is based off of so you might wanna check it out! Or you can just be a rebel. I like that.) 

This is a little UA (universe alteration) where Ladybug saves the Chat Noir doll instead, and goes on until the end of the episode.

The story begins after Chat’s taken down the wifi signal on top of Marinette’s roof. Everything that occurs before is the same, and I had to remove Evillustrator and Rogercop for the story to work so you won’t see them (I’m sowwy).


Word Count: 2.4 k

Chapters: 1/1

From behind the chimney, Chat saw Lady Wifi appear from Marinette’s window and jumped over his hiding spot and down the rooftop. He immediately sprang into action and began to chase after her.

“Lady Wifi, stop right there!” He yelled out to her.

She turned over her shoulder and when she saw him, a wide smirk spread across her face before letting out an evil laugh. “You can’t catch me, Chat! This time I’m going to win!”

A gleam of a security camera caught her eye and before Chat could try to stop her, she dematerialized and was gone. Chat grit his teeth in annoyance and made his way back to the bakery where Ladybug was waiting by the street.

He slid down his staff to her side and immediately began asking questions. “Did you get the akuma?”

“No, she didn’t have one!” she replied looking distressed. “It was the Puppeteer who’s controlling her, she must have an akuma.”

That’s right! That would explain how Alya transformed right in front of him earlier on the train! “Of course! Lady Wifi is just a puppet!” The suddenly he remembered why they were there.

“Did you get any of the dolls?”

Ladybug suddenly smiled and reached behind her. “I only managed to get this one.” She said pulled out the familiar black suited superhero.

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