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Hello, dear Flickr friends! ♥ Long time no see. I don’t know what happened. I have had a really great summer with my dolls, but I just haven’t had any motivation to post pictures of them here. I’m so sorry for that, really! ;__; Some of you may already know that I’m much more active on Instagram (my account is @annika_alive), and you can find all my latest doll pictures there. ^__^’ I have really missed all of you here. I can’t even describe how lovely it is to look at all your beautiful pictures after a little break! I hope you have had a great summer and that you did all the things you find relaxing and enjoyable <3 I’m going to be a bit more active in the future, I promise! ^_^ *hugs*

Strawberry Moon - (Trixya) - (2/?) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This took a little longer than I expected. Apologies. I’ve still got one or two more chapters in me before it’s curtains. No overt Vatya content this time. (Which, is sad to me, because I’m Vatya trash but…whatever.)

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zycout  asked:

Question spam! Are all the different types called rooks? Are they only real animals, no dragons or unicorns? What about insects or spiders? You mentioned wounds and the cats having bandages because of 9 lives, are they spirits? Is Jock and Hunk the only two-headed one? Don't feel like you have to answer all this 😛


These are all so wonderful, thank you for asking, it’s really nice to get the thoughts I’ve had out in writing for you guys ;v; 💓

1. Yes!!! Rooks are their species. There are obviously different types of Rooks, but they all are Rooks. So take Doll, he’s not a Cat Rook, nuu he’s just a Rook. There’s no division, they’re just one race.

ALTHOUGHHHHH, Fun Fact: When I started working with Doll himself, I was originally planning on making Rooks only feline based! And not only that, the Rooks would have had their types based off of the type of wound dressings they had! Doll has bandaging on his arm, as well as a tail that resemble Ribbon! So Doll would have been a Ribbon Rook :3 Other types consisted of Button, Zipper, Thread, Velcro, Yarn, Needle, and Fabric Rooks! This concept was dropped only because of design issues, and I really wanted to do more than just one animal species omg 💨

and another Fun Fact!!! Rooks were only called Rooks because they were all supposed to have a black base with a pop of color (Like Doll and Stud’s designs) because a Rook is actually a crow! and crows are black :3 The name kinda stuck, so there you go ✨I was too infatuated with lots of colors to really just keep it the same all throughout /////

Anywayyyy to keep going…

2. Absolutely not! All creatures, including insects, marine and avian animals, prehistoric or fantasy creatures, are bases for a Rooks design if you want it too! I haven’t had the moment to make other body types 💦 but they’re feasible as well :3 Rooks don’t have to be just bipedal creatures, they can look like centaurs, have spider leggies or mermaid tails, however you’d like, just as long as there’s an animal like trait that they’re base off of!

 3. Honestly, I haven’t quite figured that one out, but I’d just put it as Felines being the most mystical of the species. Like they’d be the cryptids of Rook culture, but it’s still something natural?? Doll floats around all he wants and no one bats an eye, its just a societal acceptance, Hunk and Jock have two fucking heads, Looker’s got a few more eyes on his face, no big deal. Totally not cause cats are my favorite ///////

But the nine lives thing stands, feline looking Rooks tend to have the most wounds, these wounds come from past life trauma (the equivilant of the human version where scars and birthmarks are symbols of how you died, yada yada). So Doll was beheaded at one point and that doesn’t phase him pff 💨 Jock probably had his tongue cut out and Hunk got an eyeball plucked. But wounds of course are not limited to felines of course, it’s just the pure AMOUNT sometimes.

BUT!!! Bandaging is limited to felines! The bandaging of a body part would refer to the loss of that body part. Doll’s past life could have had their arm and half if their leg taken off, but Doll still acquired those parts when some other Rook who’s not based feline would not have those parts to begin with. 

So kinda going off topic, but I don’t think Rooks ever truly die, they only would when wounds are so extensive that there’s literally no body left to pass on. Then I guess they’d become spirits :3 

and finally 4. Nope!!! But!! Polycephaly is a rare thing, it’s not every day you see Rooks who have a few heads on their shoulders, but again, nothing is shamed or made fun of, monsters don’t give a damn about looks and I think that’s wonderful <3333 So Jock and Hunk aren’t the only ones in the world with two heads on one body, they’re proud of themselves and their past life, whatever happened there gave them each other and that’s all they really care about 🐯🐱

Oh goshhhhh, that was so much fun writing, I really appreciate you asking me all of those questions, bby, it really helps me document things, I love it 💖 Please ask me any more questions if you’d like, I’m all ears 

- Dolly ❤


<3 floating matsuri from early spring in Chiba <3

The live music played from the boats was enchanting and all the period costumes were just lovely. They were dressed to look like dolls from Hina Matsuri, and it was a form of live nagashibina instead of floating dolls in small boats.

im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw

Darkness is your friend now (part one)

I’m posting this on here because why not? Art doesn’t always pretain to drawing or painting~

Darkiplier x Reader


There you were, just sitting in front your computer at your messy desk in your room.

The night was young but you weren’t looking to go out tonight. It was your night to relax and do whatever you pleased.

The computer was your friend tonight along with your favorite youtubers.

Pewdiepie, Game Grumps, Jontron, Cryaotic, RPGMinx seemed rather productive today, but you had no one else on the mind but Markiplier. You finally get to watch the Raspy Hill video you had been waiting to watch. Reason being you decided to wait for October to roll by, tis the season for frights

“I’ve been waiting so long to watch this.” You smiled, clicking the video and made it go full screen. You then noticed how short the video was, but shrugged it off.

“HELLO everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Let’s Play: Raspy Hill.” You smiled at his normal greeting. “So, I got a lot of emails that said I needed to play this because… There were mannequins in this and if you know me, you know I do not like mannequins.”

The game started. It was a bit slow at first but then you found yourself laughing when he was given chase by dolls floating towards him as he panicked.
Then something didn’t seem right, Mark was getting surrounded by those things. his voice becoming static and sounded as if he was over a radio broadcast. You then jumped with a gasp when the screen had flashed with a picture of Markiplier, screaming and holding his head while a loud high pitched sound played. After that, the screen went black.


Then eerie music played

“I don’t feel quite like myself.”

There Markiplier was. staring at you. The screen glitches between that face and him laughing like a madman and the video game.

“I’ve been having strange dreams lately.”

Then it glitched again between him with a growing smile and him looking as if he’s struggling to breathe.

“But now, you’re here.”

You shivered when you realized that ,with every glitch, his eyes never left yours. You just wanted to stop the video but you figured that ’ hey, maybe this was a joke?’

“And I’ll make you feel right at home. . ”

He continued to stare, glitching a bit. Then it showed the game again, glitching between him and it. His smile just growing oh so menacingly.

“Welcome to Raspy Hill.”

Then the stitched up floating dolls came crashing into your screen, to tilt as if you were falling. The screen came back to him, a close up of his face, his eyes looking over his glasses as he smiled.

"Enjoy your stay… (F/N)”

The screen went black.

You saw, in the reflection of the black screen, a dark figure behind you. You couldn’t make out who it was but you felt hot, heavy breathing on your neck. You dare not move, afraid of what may happen if doing so.

“Who…” You started but stopped when you saw pale, kind of muscular arms lightly wrap around your neck, hugging it. The touch was a tad cold.

The figure leaned in closer to your ear.” But, (F/N), you just watched me. .” It sounded like Markiplier, but more distorted and radio sounding.

“You… Can’t be him.” You glanced at his pale, what looked like grey to you, arms as they tightened a bit more around your neck. It could be your imagination but you saw what looked like black smog creeping around you.

Then you saw Not- So Mark smirk in the reflection of your computer screen. ” Oh but I am… But Far more, Dark than he is.” He released a soft chuckle, his right hand lifted up and he placed his finger tips on your chin. It was just a soft touch, a cold one but it made you want to melt none the less. “Answer me this… Why did it take you so long?”

” For… For what? To watch this?“ You bit your bottom lip.” I…uh… had recently become a fan and I wanted to wait til October.“ You answered calmly even though your heart was racing. You figured that as long as you went along with whatever he was getting at that nothing bad would happen…

He slowly released your neck, causing you to sigh in relief but that relief wasn’t for long. He grabbed onto the back of your chair, tipping it backwards thus making you fall down with it.

“AHH!” You screamed, not expecting this. you then looked up to see that the man was staring at you. It was definitely Markiplier’s face but… his eyes and skin were different. His eyes were a handsome, dark bloody crimson and the sclera were black instead of white and it was clear that his skin was the pale grey you saw before.

"Oh, how cute.” his smirk grew as he saw the growing fear in your (E/C) eyes.“ In a way, I’m flattered.” He kneels down onto one knee and placed his left hand upon your cheek, caressing it gently which caused you flinch and your cheeks turning a soft shade of pink when he was inches away from your face. “October is the best month for frights.“

Not-so Mark’s face suddenly glitches into something distorted and creepy. His eyes looked completely hollow, nothing inside but black smog seeping out and his mouth began to look jagged like a scary jack-o-lantern craving, the black smog seeping out of that as well. The noises that he had made were unsettling. Gurgles and maniacal laughing. Black sludge hanging from his jagged lips.

Your eyes widen, pupils becoming small. Your heart raced even faster than before. Your entire body shaking as you stared at the abomination.

You released a scream just before you felt the black smog consume your entire body and entered inside of you.

Everything became black as you passed out.


I wasn’t able to work on faceups yesterday as the humidity shot up just as I was about to get all the supplies out. So instead I lashed and relashed a few dolls (gave them eyelashes). So now Faeris, Arieth, Ellorian, and Tik all have eyelashes. Terellion’s needed to be redone so I did that as well. 

While I had the camera out, I also snapped photos of Fhorbach’s feather wig, and of Aeramin with his wig that’s slightly too big, and green eyes that don’t quite sit right. There’s some stuff to get for him yet.


For Hinamatsuri, we found a nagashibina event to attend in Ibaraki.  For the annual ‘Doll Festival’ or ‘Girls Day’ in Japan on March 3rd, traditional dolls are set out on display in Japanese homes and lots of Japanese museums, schools, and other public places.  

Way back in the day, people used to make straw or fabric dolls as vessels to carry any future misfortunes that might befall their children, and they sent them down a river on rafts, to carry the misfortunes away.  Somewhere down the line, the tradition evolved into owning sets of nicely crafted dolls to display and to offer good luck to daughters in the home, and some towns still floated the dolls as a symbolic ceremony, but retrieved them at the end since they were of such high quality.

I found a garden called Kairakuen in Ibaraki that does a small nagashibina ceremony during their ume blossom festival, and was very excited to witness the tradition firsthand.  It was quite far from Tokyo, but doable in a day, and I was so glad we were able to make it.  The dolls and boats they floated them in were so beautiful, and they even gave out little tiny boats for the audience members to float after the main dolls were set out.  Afterward we explored the rest of the garden, which was filled with thousands of fragrant  blossoming plum trees, as well as a bamboo and cedar forest. but we’ll save that for another post.

Girl floats down melting river
Over the edge of high light
There are stones and jewels incased in ice
In the mouth and ribcage of her known kingdom
With notes
paper blur of song

night bared teeth and held her in a pink opal like shell
Now she walks towards the creamy rose
the carpet with clown faces

sewn dolls smile with dreamy state’s of cakes and castles in the head of children


Isla De Las Munecas (Island Of The Dolls)

Located just south of Mexico, The Island of The Dolls is rumored to be one of the creepiest and most active haunts on Earth. The story begins with Don Julian Santana Barrera, who was the caretaker of the island. He supposedly had found the body of a little girl floating in the canal right off the island and though he tried to save her life, he failed. That very same day, Julian found a doll floating in the canal, and he believed it was a sign. So, he grabbed the doll and hung it up on one of the trees on the island.

After this, Julian found himself haunted by the spirit of the drowned little girl. He became obsessed with collecting dolls to please the little girl, and he did this for 50 years while living in complete solitude on the island. According to his family, Julian was driven by an unseen force to continue to buy the dolls, almost as if he was possessed. 

After those 50 years, Julian was found dead, face down in the canal. People believe that he was found in the same spot that the little girl was found. Since his death, his nephew has taken over caring for the island, although he does not treat it with the same obsession Julian did.

It is also believed that Julian’s soul is trapped on the island.

This island has become quite a tourist attraction and is alight with activity. People have reported hearing children’s laughter, seeing the doll’s eyes following them, and even seeing children run around. Very recently, the Ghost Adventures team investigated the island. During their investigation, they caught several EVPs (including one believed to be from Julian), heard a phantom laugh coming from a doll that had no battery pack, a fire started on it’s own, and several other phenomena. 

Whether it’s a real haunting, or fake, there is one thing we cannot deny: the place is creepy.