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Aopadasdkad. My anan magazine arrived today, but I didn’t realize the images were on one (double-sided) poster. How am I supposed to choose? (´;︵;`) I say that but I’m leaning on the one of them sitting outside of the rink. The images of them skating are in the magazine, too, so I could cut them out… but Victor and Yuuri are on the front and back of one page respectively. Please, anan, why are you making me choose?

On another note, they included information about their stats and programs. I guess Victor really is officially 28 now, and apparently enough time’s passed that Yuri Plisetsky’s 16! Since I think some people are still confused about the timeline, it also mentions that the two Yu(u)ris skated their programs during the 2016-2017 season. Victor skated the Aria of Stammi Vicino during the 2015-2016 season.

corruptapostasy  asked:

Hey, to help kick start more art ideas for NT Story Mode AU, how about this for an idea? YV deciding to milk all of the 'survival' type media by simply wandering around the Wastelands with a floating camera AI documenting all the footage and playing it back on Venus as a TV show? And all of the other mutants basically become huge celebrities in Venusian media when the show starts skyrocketing in popularity?

i love this idea A LOT.



ominous advice for the signs

aries : do not forget to close the doors behind you. things you may not recognize will creep and follow.

taurus : look away from the trees sometimes. they don’t always want to be known.

gemini : a vague feeling of impending doom is normal, but if it’s still there when you turn on the light then hide and lie in wait.

cancer : try to capture the ghosts that float around you. with cameras or your hands or even mirrors if you’re lucky.

leo : rest easy, there will be no wars for you tonight. but watch the crows and listen to their call. yes, they will be talking to you.

virgo : if there’s someone else in your mind, let them talk sometimes. you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do.

libra : sometimes secrets are good things. a burning heart or a pile of bones are not good secrets.

scorpio : you’ll find lots of light switches. not all of them should be turned on.

sagittarius : wrap yourself up in blankets and give the ocean an inch. the caves you’re exploring will still be there when you’re done.

capricorn : do not ever cover your eyes. if you look away, the stars will know, and they will not be able to help you.

aquarius : fold your hands to the sun and listen. find the beautiful thing in closed curtains and sprinkled light shining from a place you cannot see.

pisces : a mirror is not a gateway, so stay awake: old gods are still gods even when they’re silent.

How to Create a Comic - Tutorial Section I

(I’m making this since it was requested of me by @cat-astrophye, so I hope it is interesting for anyone else that wants to learn more.)

First of all, I want to preface this with the disclosure that I am not a professional. I do have some education and experience in art, but my knowledge of the comic process is through reading several books and websites (including other comics/manga), watching many videos on the subject, and my own trial and error. I will do my best to cover the majority of information that is important, but be aware that there could be details or steps I may miss, or techniques that others are aware of that I do not cover. This tutorial will also be quite long so I am making it into a series. I hope my instructions are helpful in teaching others about some of the process that goes into creating sequential art and comics.

Let’s get to work!

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Mystic Messenger Poolside

I lied I enjoy these because they are short. I dunno just the RFA at the pool . I’m making this up as i go along. I am desperate for warmer weather and long pool days where you can just relax, read a book, and try not to get eaten by bugs. Maybe I will do more of these this was relatively painless to write and these are cute little scenarios. I can see the appeal now.


  • he is the typical college male
  • a normal body, not well toned but not chubby either guy is probably self-conscious
  • he has to take out his bobby pins to go into the pool
  • has goofy patterned swim trunks with animals on them, or LOLOL themed
  • immediately jumps into the pool with no hesitation trying to make the biggest splash possible
  • if MC is laying out he splashes her for laughs
  • MC pulls him around in the water as he floats
  • MC and Yoosung attempt to climb into the same raft ending in someone being thrown off the side into the deep end
  • probably hold competitions on who can hold their breath the longest
  • hes not bad at diving off the diving board but he still manages to splash everywhere


  • the pool god himself
  • the best part is watching him peel off his shirt and reveal those chiseled abs and perfect body, and he loves knowing that probably everyone is watching him
  • he could pull off the Speedo if he really wanted to, however that for private time only, he sticks to board shorts like every other guy at the pool
  • if you ask nicely for him to be your pool boy he will gladly put on the Speedo if you wanted
  • probably uses the oil “lotion” by the pool because his body glistens in the sun
  • when you both are in the water he enjoys poking your sides and letting you float in his arms
  • but if Jumin challenges him to a duel via chicken fight you best bet you are getting on his shoulders and are going to win. there is no way he would ever forgive himself if he lost to Jumin
  • as beautiful and talented as this man is, he is a horrible diver off the diving board. He is a fumbling flopping figure dropping into the water. 
  • he enjoys a few pool beers in a raft
  • will casually swim laps as part of his workout routine when it is warmer out
  • always reassures you that you are beautiful even when you feel self-conscious. 
  • its also easier for him to just pull the string to your bikini bottoms to have you completely naked.


  • the one piece bikini, or tank-ini wearer 
  • MC would have to steal all her one pieces to get her to wear a two piece 
  • probably wears a huge hat by the pool
  • would rather read a book in a float than actually swim
  • will probably lose her mind if someone tried to flip her
  • hugs MC from behind in the water
  • always gets out every 2 hours to apply SPF 60 and makes sure that MC uses it to
  • MC helps Jaehee apply those hard to reach places and she returns the favor
  • the most competent and graceful diver into the pool
  • when she is alone she likes to put on her swim cap and swim a few laps when she has time


  • the one who has to put on a crap ton of sunscreen just to sit outside because redheads burn easily in the sun
  • similar to Yoosung will immediately throw himself into the water
  • his goal is to get MC wet 
  • if MC is in a float you can bet she is 100% going to get flipped
  • tries to perfect his cannon ball and measures its effectiveness by MC screaming at him for getting her wet
  • will drag MC into the pool even if she is holding onto the gate for dear life will throw her over his shoulder and drag her into the pool
  • just don’t expect to stay dry
  • when you try to get back at him by holding hands and jumping into the pool you both count to three and neither of you jump. You both laugh and attempt it again counting to three. Neither of you jump. the third time you tell yourself you are going to just push him in. You both count to three holding each others hands, and neither of you jump. You immediately charger after him and he doges your moves and your momentum takes you straight into the pool. 
  • he fell laughing so hard at MC
  • will play little games with MC in the pool
  • MC carries him around the pool when he is more calm


  • hes perfect too
  • SPF 60 does not want to burn in the sun and he brings out a hat to protect his face
  • helps MC apply her sunscreen and allows MC to run her hands up and down his chest and back. Not that MC is complaining
  • he spends a decent amount of time in and out of the pool and under the umbrella
  • MC catches him staring at her a lot while she is sitting on the edge of the pool
  • has a waterproof watch on that he wears around water
  • has a tumbler for wine on the go 
  • buys the best outdoor furniture, rafts, and luxuries for the pool
  • loves to hold MC in his arms and run his hands over her body
  • buys her nice bikinis he thinks will flatter her
  • she rarely wears the scantly clad ones around others but saves those for when her and Jumin are in one of those days where they cant keep their hands off of each other


  • hesitant to get into the water because his vision is failing him
  • it was too hot outside for him to stay indoors waiting around until his surgery date came around
  • MC held his hand as they walked into the pool from the steps
  • both let out a sigh in relief from the hot summer sun
  • MC let V feel his way around the pool and teasing him slightly by splashing him with water
  • hot dad #2 
  • this man was perfect 
  • when V was nodding off in a pool float MC grabbed his camera and snapped a few shots of him in the pool and his blue hair
  • V sound asleep started rolling off of the raft and woke himself up abruptly with cold water
  • V likes to pull MC close to his chest kissing the top of her head as his fingers trail up her back
  • V may or may not have purposely pulled her bikini top strings
  • he was lucky that he was partially blind he couldn’t see


  • Hates the pool
  • will sit under an umbrella with his headphones in listening to his music or reading something
  • when MC comes out in her bikini hes more willing to get into the water if shes going in
  • she makes sure he keeps applying sunscreen so he doesn’t burn to a crisp
  • if his brother visits at the pool they more than likely will get into a wrestling match trying to throw one another into the pool and eventually they both will fall in.
  • probably splash each other to the death
  • he enjoys eating his ice cream and watching MC float around in the pool
  • when he does decide to get in he likes to give MC a ride on his back carrying her around the pool area 
Vlogging Lance


This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • After Letters Home, Lance keeps the little floating “gopro” camera Allura gives him. At first, he only records videos when he’s alone and feeling homesick.
  • But then it becomes a regular thing.
  • “So this is Blue, she’s my Lion! We make a great team - let me show you her interface!”
  • And the others get a bit confused because Lance has started to talk to himself? About stuff they already know?
    • Allura just smiles to herself and lets them be confused.
  • There’s a beautiful confrontation. Keith finally asks what he’s doing, talking about the lions to seemingly no one. He catches Lance mid-vlog.
    • Keith: Alright Lance, what the hell are you-
    • Lance: Oh, and this is Keith! Say hi, Keith!
    • Keith: ಠ_ಠ
  • Lance explains the whole thing, and people are okay with it, so long as it doesn’t endanger anyone or get super annoying. This is good for about a week.
  • Then daily vlogs start.
    • “Shiro says we have to do double training today. Ugh, I don’t know why?”
    • “We get to go to the Space Mall again! Maybe we’ll finally get better food this time.”
    • “So I just rigged up a water bucket on Keith’s bedroom door, he’s gonna get so pissed!”
    • Shit shit shit shit Keith is chasing me right now with his weird glowing purple knife fuck fuck fuck”
    • “Take two of the water bucket prank. This time with Shiro.”
    • “And here we see the Pidge-ious Gunderson-ian in her natural habitat, hunched over a computer-” “LANCE STOP IT I’M TRYING TO WORK!”
  • It goes on for longer than anyone wants to admit.
  • Until the camera breaks.
  • Lance takes it in Blue on a mission, and it gets jostled around. It smashes against the wall into a billion pieces.
    • *cough just like his heart cough cough*
  • At first, everyone is relieved. They feel a bit bad, but it’s nice not to have Lance with the camera everywhere.
  • But then they see how down he gets without it. He’s alright for a day, but he quickly grows quiet.
  • Hunk asks him what’s wrong, and Lance explains how it made him feel like he was communicating with Earth and how it helped his homesickness
  • Hunk can’t stand for this.
  • He pairs up with Pidge and they do what they do best.
  • About a week later, Lance is still down. But everyone consults him after dinner.
    • “Lance? We have something for you.”
  • In a makeshift little gift-wrapped box is another camera.
    • But this one has a reverse screen so Lance can actually see.
    • And they managed to get the memory from the other camera so he can see his past vlogs
    • This includes Keith getting soaked with the water bucket and the subsequent chase scene
  • As thanks, Lance promises to not have the camera in everyone’s face
  • Immediately, everyone can see that he’s doing much better
  • From time to time, they’ll very carefully steal the camera and do their own little videos for him to find later
  • And those small shenanigans help the homesickness the most
Captain America Civil War: The Great Avenger Bake Off

Summary: The Avengers need to do something to help promote a more positive, friendly image. Netflix-obsessed Y/N has the perfect idea: The Great Avenger Bake Off. It’s Tony vs. Steve in a battle to see who can produce the best baked good. Nat and Sam are the judges, Bucky and Y/N the hosts. Wanda and Vision are in charge of the live stream and Clint has the fire extinguisher. What could possibly go wrong? Ready, get set…BAKE!

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 3607


“How the heck are we supposed to pull this off?” Steve groaned as he and Tony walked through the common area. You paused the Netflix show you were watching and turned around on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

Steve flopped on the couch and Tony walked over to one of the leather chairs.

“We need to change our image,” Tony answered. He sat heavily on the chair, and you could hear the faint hiss of air escape the seams. He swung his legs over one armrest and stared at the ceiling.

“What do you mean?” You looked between the two men.

“We need a better image,” Steve repeated. “We break a lot of stuff and get in a lot of fights. Apparently, the higher ups want something a little more positive.”

“But you guys do charity events all the time,” you replied. “Doesn’t that count?”

“You’d think,” Tony grumbled. “But we need something different. Something unique.”

“This is going to be impossible,” Steve sighed, hitting his head back against the cushion.

You paused for a moment to think about how you could help. Your gaze wandered back over to your paused TV show. You let out a small gasp and your face broke out into a smile.

“Guys!” you exclaimed. “I have an idea!”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a reaper x reader that's just fluff involving them and their kids? Maybe like picking them up from school or talking at dinner? Idk anything domestic and fluffy?

((I ran outta steam half way through this. I apologize!))

“Gabi come on, we’re going to be late!”

Your hand grabbed at your husband’s, tightening for a moment before feeling smoke slip between your fingers. You turned on the heel of your foot, eyes dancing over the man as his gaze refused to meet yours. His nervousness was obvious, tendrils of smoke rolling off of his skin in small waves as his eyes danced around the foyer. Your hand lifted up, cupping his face lightly and gently turning his face until his eyes locked with yours. This was the first time that Gabriel was accompanying you to one of the Parent Participation Days your six-month old’s day care.

Gabriel was an excellent father, Isabella the object of his undying love and affection, the apple of his eye. While he had grown used to most children shying away from him due to his appearance, Isabella absolutely loved everything to do with it. Her chubby hands grabbed at the puffs of smoke her father would teasingly hover above her face, the child absolutely captivated by the glow of his red eyes. Bubbling laughter filled the room when he’d play peekaboo in his wraith form, disappearing only to reappear on the complete opposite side of the room. Nothing about the man scared the child, the pure love of the infant overwhelming to the man who didn’t believe he’d ever have a child. This is why he was so apprehensive when involving himself with such a ‘normal’ aspect’ of Isabella’s life.

He was a literal dead man walking, having the face of a dead ‘traitor’ and being one of the heads of the largest international, Talon. Even if the world didn’t know who existed behind the mask, Gabriel couldn’t help the feelings of paranoia that boiled in his belly, silently terrified that his family might be punished for his sins. You and Sombra, surprisingly, had been working tirelessly to ease his discomfort away; Sombra setting the both of you up with hidden identities and a technological invisibility cloak and you soothing away any emotional turmoils the man went through.

“Hey”, you murmured as his eyes finally locked with your, lifting up onto your tiptoes and kissing his cheek. “I promise you’ll do fine my love. No one is going to recognize you, especially not with all this hair.”

You lifted your other hand up and playfully tousled the wavy locks that rested around his shoulder blades, earning a half amused-half agitated grunt from the man. He grabbed your hands in his cooler ones, moving your palms back to your face as he silently soaked in your warmth. You shivered, the smile on your lips growing wider as he kissed at your palms affectionately before the man sighed softly.

“I’ll take your word for it”, he said with a small scoff, releasing your wrists reluctantly.

“You should I am a very smart woman”, you answered matter-of-factly, laughter in your tone as you made a move towards the front door. “It’s only an hour…and then we can take Bella with us and get her some pancakes…doesn’t that sound nice?”

“As long as there’s no syrup this time”, he warned as you walked around him and began out the door.

“No promises!”

“Who’s daddy’s big girl”, Gabriel cooed to Isabella, the infant smiling wide before gurgling her response to her father. “Is it Isabella? That’s right, you’re so smart, princesita.”

Isabella reached out, small fists happily tugging at Gabriel’s long hair and earning a quiet chuckle from the man. He dipped his head down, nuzzling his forehead against her cheek, the child turning her face to leave wide mouth, slobbering kisses against his scarred face. Your nose wrinkled up, trying to thrust the imagined feeling of baby spittle covering your cheek away. Digging into the diaper bag across your shoulder you snickered softly as you watched Isabella leave four or five more kisses, your hands snagging a baby wipe before you cleaned your husband’s face off gently. He gave you a gracious look before wincing once more as Isabella tugged his attention back to her, wanting to monopolize her father’s attention for the time being.

The ‘Parent Participation Day’ had been an enjoyable, if somewhat uneventful hour with the kids, a small purple floating camera capturing the entire affair for the both of you. Even if it was mundane, you wanted to make sure you had every moment of it saved. Christal, the head teacher, was all smiles as she and Zora, the teacher’s assistance, orchestrated a mix of tummy time and tactile time. Most of the mobile infants had lost interest in the activity, babbling or ‘talking’ as they grabbed their parents attention. Isabella had managed to stay next to her teachers, the chubby faced curly-haired girl holding up toys and blocks for both of you to see. She’d wave them for several seconds before the toy found itself back in her mouth, the child gumming at the cloth block eagerly.

You listened as Christal gushed over the girl in a short, personal meeting; silently cheering when you heard she was hitting all of her milestones and beaming with pride when she shared how much she enjoyed your daughter’s presence. The apprehension that had initially swallowed Gabriel when you both had walked in had slowly faded away until a slight smile creased his lips and his hand squeezed yours tight. Despite that ball of fear he had managed and for that, the pancakes would be a well earned reward.  

Is now a good time to mention that i wasn’t actually terribly thrilled by the Wonder Woman movie? Like has it been long enough, can i avoid the backlash?

I just….. i was really hoping that they weren’t going to take the stupid, cheap, offensive route of laying the world’s problems - cruelty, greed, sadism, apathy - at the feet of an external being. Humanity’s evils are inherent. It’s obnoxious to pretend like we don’t have to feel responsible for human crimes. Sure, they paid it lip service. Ares claims that he’s not responsible! But lo and behold, once he’s been killed the fog lifts, all the soldiers blink and the fighting ends. It wasn’t man’s fault after all.

I also was left really cold by the romance. The scene where Steve and Diana interacted while he was naked and the one on the boat felt extremely forced and uncomfortable to me. While i can believe she’d be attracted to him (how much action can she possibly have gotten? She was the only baby the amazons had ever had. All these women were grown when she was an infant) it could have been done better. I felt the chemistry when they were comrades, but the dancing and kissing felt unnatural.

And on a side note, i should have kept a running tally on how many times Diana lept over the camera and floated for a slo-mo moment with her crotch directly visible. Tacky.

Was That A Ghost?

This is a follow up to this post, about how our brains try to make scenarios scary or creepy after using a Ouija board just because we expect something scary or creepy to happen. If something happens to you that scares you, here is a handy list to see if you should be actually worried.

1. What was that noise? Was it a ghost?

If you have to ask yourself that question, it wasn’t a ghost or spirit. Spirits will specifically do things intentionally so you know for certain it was paranormal and not just a coincidence. They will do something in a timely manner to let you know for sure that they are there with you.They won’t leave room for doubt. So if you aren’t sure if it was paranormal, it wasn’t.

2. Something strange happened in the middle of the night while I was asleep. Was it a ghost?

Again, no. If a spirit wanted to really bother you, they’d wake you up first. If you wake up in the middle of the night to see an apparition or experience something truly paranormal, then you know what you have.

3. Something weird is happening in the house repeatedly. Was it a ghost?

Okay probably. First try to debunk what is happening. For example, if a picture keeps falling off a wall, observe it to make sure that maybe trucks driving by aren’t shaking your home and making it fall. And try to put it in a different spot, or do something to prevent it from falling. Debunk debunk debunk.

Second, if you do in fact have a ghost, they could be going about their daily routine like they did when they were alive. For example, if you have a door that keeps opening, there could very well be a confused ghost roaming around their old home, and opening the door like they used to do. Again, do your best to debunk it.

4. I saw floating orbs in my camera/photos. Was it a ghost?

Check for dust. Dust can look a whole lot like floating orbs, as seen in this great video. If your camera is on flash, 95% chance it’s dust. Here are some orbs I filmed in my room without the flash on, and you can see they appear only when I ask them to, and in the last one it comes straight at me.

I’ve written before about the difference between ghosts and spirits, but the message here is that ghosts won’t do anything deliberately to scare you. They’re just doing their own thing. They probably don’t even realize you’re there. If they do move things or whatever, they’ll do it again. They’re not going to do it once and then never do it again. Spirits are aware of you, however, and if they try something they’re gonna make sure you notice and make sure you knew it wasn’t some accident.

So don’t worry guys. Chances are it wasn’t a ghost.

invitation music video concept (pt 1)

as requested by @tami-tami-ka1028 (; 

this better get the boys’ attention and let me direct their music video

intro: (everything is black and white) starts off with the camera pointing at the starry sky with the logo plastered across it, then the camera moving down to the ground, where the boys, wearing tuxedos, sit in a line on the top of a building, the skyline of the city behind them. The pickup starts and it transitions to Corbyn’s scene. A close-up of him laughing and talking to Christina on a bed plays. The camera shows their heads together, gazing into each other’s eyes as “I got the keys for us.” plays. On the nightstand next to the bed, a phone is placed. The camera focuses away from Corbyn and Christina and zooms in on the phone, where a notification from Jack appears. Under the time, a text reads: “Look outside your window.” A girl picks up the phone and views the text as “How ‘bout I pick you up at nine” plays. The camera shows her face and she gets up from the bed, where Corbyn and Christina are no longer sitting, and walks to the window. The camera focuses on Jack, who stands on the girl’s driveway. The camera floats down to where Jack is, looking up towards the girl’s window. The camera turns to Jack and the girl appears in front of him, confused but laughing. He smiles and grabs her hand, leading her to his car as “I can feel the stars, baby, in your eyes.” As “And I can’t wait no more,” plays, Zach’s hand, wrapped around a girl’s fingers is shown, as he leads her down the dark road, with only one street lamp lighting the way, replaces Jack’s position. They walk down the road, hand in hand, and stop under the lamp. The camera circles them as Zach holds the girl’s hand, singing to her. It circles them until the instrumentals (or whatever they're called) play and it stops, the camera showing their silhouettes leaning in for a kiss, but the camera points to the woods beside the houses before they make contact. As the instrumentals play, the camera travels through the woods and makes its way to Daniel, where he and another girl sit on the edge of a water fountain.