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ominous advice for the signs

aries : do not forget to close the doors behind you. things you may not recognize will creep and follow.

taurus : look away from the trees sometimes. they don’t always want to be known.

gemini : a vague feeling of impending doom is normal, but if it’s still there when you turn on the light then hide and lie in wait.

cancer : try to capture the ghosts that float around you. with cameras or your hands or even mirrors if you’re lucky.

leo : rest easy, there will be no wars for you tonight. but watch the crows and listen to their call. yes, they will be talking to you.

virgo : if there’s someone else in your mind, let them talk sometimes. you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do.

libra : sometimes secrets are good things. a burning heart or a pile of bones are not good secrets.

scorpio : you’ll find lots of light switches. not all of them should be turned on.

sagittarius : wrap yourself up in blankets and give the ocean an inch. the caves you’re exploring will still be there when you’re done.

capricorn : do not ever cover your eyes. if you look away, the stars will know, and they will not be able to help you.

aquarius : fold your hands to the sun and listen. find the beautiful thing in closed curtains and sprinkled light shining from a place you cannot see.

pisces : a mirror is not a gateway, so stay awake: old gods are still gods even when they’re silent.

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Maybe the wools and the newly hatched friends should throw a party!

Movie party! They’re watching a cheesy Pokémon romance movie, and Blooper has no idea what’s going on. Like…nothing. 

(You’ll get the reference if you watched the animes or look in the tags)


There’s a little scene in FZZT where Jemma injects the trial antiserum on the second rat. She and Fitz are both hopeful, and then the rat floats and dies. The camera focuses on Jemma’s hopeless face, but if you look in the background, Fitz is literally moving his lips trying to come up with something encouraging to say. 

“That wasn’t very cooperative of him now, was it?” was the best he could conjure. It’s such an awkward, almost annoying thing to say, yet you could tell it was Fitz trying to put Jemma at ease by saying something seemingly asinine to give here a sense of familiarity. He’s insanely freaked out about the idea of her being a literal ticking time bomb. But this very emotional person is keeping his feelings in check to try and keep her focused and help her feel safe.

It’s just a lovely little side note that I didn’t pick up on the first time, having not been as familiar with their personalities/dynamic. Also “You’ve been beside me the whole damn time”, Jemma sacrificing herself for her team, and Fitz on the brink of jumping out of a plane kind of overshadowed all the other moments. 

Eurovision drinking game 2016

Take a shot when…

  • someone makes a corny/bad joke
  • when someone’s outfit resembles aluminium foil
  • you can’t understand what they’re singing
  • when the hosts try to talk in sync, but fail
  • DoUZe PoinTS!!1!1!!!
  • strange dancemoves
  • someone says ”Good morning Australia”
  • someone mentions Lordi (or any other past winner like ABBA or Celine Dion)
  • there’s a singer with a strange voice (too high, weirdly low, unnecessarily breathy or whispering)
  • a background dancer does any unnecessary crawling/rolling/twirling
  • Someone looks like a character from a young adult novel
  • *clenched fist*
  • when someone says “Thank you europe” 
  • Someone sings off-key (be careful)
  • When an act rips-off one of the top 3 acts of last year (it happens every single year)
  • strange special effects (constantly changing the camera angle, floating head, cgi wolf)
  • when there’s a wardrobe malfunction

What Guys In Showers Be Like When Cameras Float In #tobuscus

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A hi-tech camera floating in the cold Canadian Arctic water has captured the inside of a polar bear’s mouth as it opens to bite revealing its huge deadly teeth…
…The curious polar bear also checked out an empty rubber dinghy hoping there might be something edible inside. These pictures of the 70-stone bear were taken by photographer Paul Souders, 54, at the Northern edge of Hudson Bay in the Canadian Arctic.
Picture: WorldFoto/Aurora Photos/Solent News


[ andrew’s lying on his back on his bed, arms
crossed over his chest, staring up at the camera
floating above him. he’s mostly recovered from
his incident the previous day, but his stomach is
still twisting with guilt, thick as tar and heavy inside
him. during his spontaneous flight and subsequent
shower he’d run over the interaction in his head and
cursed himself for reacting so badly to the new lu’s
presence. he just couldn’t help it; the sight of a lucien
who didn’t even recognize him, after the other lucien
had gotten to know him inside and out, frightened him
on some primal level. but he thinks he’s come to terms with
the situation the best he can, or at least the best he can
at the moment. what he needs to do now is fix things.

in the past he’d always avoided his problems and bottled
up his emotions, but all that brought him was isolation, misery,
and a spear through his gut. he’s got to do things differently, this
time. he’s got to apologize and explain. as hard and complicated
and strange as he knows it will be, he thinks interacting with the
other lucien will be good for him, help him get used to the double 
and see him as a separate person like he’s managed to do with
the other doubles that have arrived. because that’s what he is;
a separate person. and he deserves to be treated like one.

a sigh slips from his lungs as he unfolds his arms,
using them to prop himself into a sitting position.
his camera floats down to meet his hand as he
holds it out and the strap slips itself effortlessly
over his fingers. though his heart is drumming
anxiously in his chest and his throat feels tight,
he knows this is what he has to do. he gets up,
opens the door, steps out into the hall. as he shuts
it behind him, his gaze falls on the paper airplane
taped to it. he pauses there, hand on the knob,
and blinks softly at it, lips pressing together in
thought. when he turns to walk away, the plane
unsticks itself from the door and flies after him.

he wanders the house like this, camera in hand
and plane floating behind him, until he finds lu
up on the roof, sitting on one of the chairs set
out there and reading a book. his heart stutters
at the sight of the back of his golden head, so 
familiar, yet alien to him. he takes a deep breath
of the cool outdoor air and steps forward, sending
the plane soaring ahead of him to land on the book
in lucien’s hands, a little paper peace offering to
prove he’s sorry. stopping a yard or so away, he
grips his camera and waits for lucien to recognize
it and notice him, hoping that this will work.