floating balls

Stunned fishermen spotted a gigantic alien-like ball floating off the coast of Western Australia before it was devoured by hungry sharks. Upon closer inspection the pair discovered it was an inflated whale carcass. (Source)

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Austrian ball, my participation for the @menons-la-danse-zine it was a great project. Now this blog is going on hiatus for the rest of the month, because of my vacation. (I will not be able to post regular updates/art/stuff)

But i’ll come back soon, fresh and ready. Thanks !

My love for the Austrian ball was really influenced by the anime Nadja applefield / Ashita no Nadja  when I was a kid


So like, I was talking to a friend and we made a joke how instead of Nicol Bolas being the main villain of Amonkhet, it’s Tibalt in a really poor cosplay and has inexplicably been able to make a tennis ball float between his horns. It devolved to the Gatewatch and Furry Friend making it through some crazy fight, bracing to fight bolas, battle weary and ragged they crash into the throne room or whatever, gaze upon Tibalt sitting lazily, as Jace opens his mouth to speak He gets beamed in the face with the tennis ball.

We’ve had other crazy silly lore ideas like this one but I felt this NEEDED sharing with the world.

Aries: Banshee / a spirit (usually female) whose wailing warns of an impending death.

Taurus: Haunted Object / an object that has supernatural qualities; may have belonged to someone who passed

Gemini: Poltergeist / a ghost or other supernatural being that causes physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.

Cancer: Floating Orb / transparent, balls of light commonly found in photos but can also be seen in person

Leo: Revenant / a person who has returned from the dead to terrorize the living

Virgo: Wraith / an apparition of someone (usually female) that is believed to appear as a sign just before a person’s death.

Libra: Cold Spots / a small, defined area of intense cold that usually signals the presence of supernatural energy

Scorpio: Demonic Presence / an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell.

Sagittarius: Spirit Guide / an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being.

Capricorn: Residual Haunting / a playback of a past event; the apparitions involved are not spirits, they are “recordings” of the event.

Aquarius: Shadow Person / the perception of a shadow as a living, humanoid figure, often a spirit or other entity.

Pisces: Visiting Spirit / an apparition of someone who is deceased (usually a loved one) that often appears in person or in dreams

Andromeda just finished pre-loading and I had to celebrate.

Meet Amara Ryder– idk if it’s possible, but my headcanon is she’s a biotic infiltrator, and when she’s not throwing singularity and sniping a floating ball of bitches from a distance, she’s sitting on Jaal’s face, thinking about how she wished she could have also sat on Cora’s face.  Or that weird but very cute scientist Suvi Anwar.  And definitely Lexi T’Perro. But she’s totally into Jaal though, don’t worry! She’s bi-furious and ready for “action” on all levels.

If I end up being Bro!Ryder, his name is Jacob “Jay” Ryder and he’d be an engineer or soldier.  He and Peebs could be Pee-Bee & Jay. But not romantically– they’re just a comedy duo and really good friends!  He’s gay and totally in love with Gil.

Magic Clutter and Curios

Wizard bric-a-brac is the best. 

  1. A spinning top that stands when it’s still and falls when it spins.
  2. A coat with many pockets whose contents perpetually swap places.
  3. Two marbles which revolve around one another.
  4. A glass orb filled with boiling water. 
  5. A tiny mechanical person who turns to face the nearest person it can detect.
  6. A whistle whose sound is delayed by one full day after it is blown.
  7. A ring which will not lay flat, but rather stands on its edge.
  8. A whistle which bleats like a goat.
  9. Horseshoes that change size whenever they are not being observed. 
  10. A wooden ball which floats wherever it is put
  11. Two spoons whose temperatures are switched: if one it held over a flame, the other gets hot
  12. A knotted rope which can allegedly be used as a map to the universe. It’s possible that it’s just rope.