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DIY Photo Balloon “Chandelier”

This is one of my favorite “romantic” DIY ideas. It’s cheap and super easy.

All you need are pictures of you and your significant other together, cute notes, balloons, string/ribbon, and tape. 

Get a helium-filled balloon for each picture or note you want to hang. Either punch a hole on the note / picture and tie the string of the balloon through it, or tape the bottom of the string to the top of the picture or note. As long as the balloon is full enough of helium (which it should be), the pictures will hover slightly from the ground.
Fill a room with these balloon notes and surprise your special someone by bringing them into the room. It’s a super romantic surprise!

Imagine Waking Up With Cas on Valentines Day

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The sweet scent of roses woke you up slowly, a groan leaving your throat as you sleepily sat up in bed. You opened your eyes and a gasp left your mouth; you needed to blink a few times to make sure you were seeing right.

There were rose petals everywhere, strategically scattered across the floor. Not only that, but red heart balloons floated all across your ceiling, phrases like “Happy Valentines Day” and “For My Sweetheart” written on them. 

And there was Cas, standing in the middle of the room with a bashful smile on his face as he held the biggest teddy bear you’d ever seen. 


“Will you be my valentine?” he asked abruptly.

A breathless, happy laugh escaped your lips, and you stood up, making your way to your angel boyfriend with a wide grin on your face. God, you didn’t think you could love him any more than you already did, but he was always able to prove you wrong. 

“Of course I will,” you grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck as soon as he put the giant bear on the bed. “You know you didn’t have to ask, right? We’re already dating.”

“I didn’t want to be presumptuous,” he admitted shyly. “I wanted to show you how much I love you. I hope this does an adequate job of it.” 

You chuckled, resting your forehead on his. “I love you too, sweetheart. And this is perfect, thank you so much.”

“Happy Valentines Day, my love.”

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John keeps a supply of balloons on hand for days when Sherlock and Rosie are both in a MOOD – he leaves Balloon John floating over his chair and quietly slips out of 221B with the dog.

Where would the 100 be without Raven?

No seriously, I’ve been thinking about this and it’s not a good picture

Abby getting the idea that the hundred aren’t dying but actually taking their wrist bands off and thus deciding to go down to earth to check?


Building a ship that will actually survive a trip down to earth?


Clarke having a radio (a fixed radio) to use to contact her Mum to ask how to treat Finn?


The people on the Ark learning that earth is survivable and that they don’t have to keep killing people off for oxygen?


Realizing that the crash site of the ark ship is actually really dangerous and that they need to get off it (Clarke you were getting a little bit too close there!)?


Blowing up the bridge so the grounders don’t massacre them while they’re all sick?


Getting the dropship open to save Bellamy from Murphy?


Surviving the attack from the grounders by using the dropship to burn them in a ring of fire?


Clarke knowing where to find Camp Jaha by seeing the floating balloon? 


Using the radio communicate with those stuck inside Mount Weather (and eventually Bellamy)?


Turning off the Acid Fog? 


Getting the door open to Mount Weather?


Also, Jasper would never have gotten his goggles back and that would have just been sad

I think we can all  assume that if Raven ever dies the sky people will quite literally fucked 

Plus what would the world be without this golden line?

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