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A team from the University of Cumbria have produced a floating house which can be transported worldwide to any lake or waterway. The designs are flexible, so it can be produced in varying sizes and according to different requirements. Completely self-sufficient, the house can be fitted with a solar-powered motor.

Original source: Dezeen Magazine


Dubai may soon be home to luxurious floating apartments.

Known for a while now as the part of the world where just about anything seems possible with the right injection of cash, it seems the residents of Dubai may soon be able to purchase floating apartments that come complete with underwater rooms. I would say this idea seems completely mad, but if anyone can pull it off it’s the Emirates. 

Hope to see the real thing soon. Anything can happen, right?

Images courtesy of Architecture & Design Magazine


This floating farm could yield 8.1 tons of produce and 1.7 tons of fish annually 

Forward Thinking Architecture, a Barcelona-based group focused on sustainable design, imagined large, three-story farms that float through the ocean. The Smart Floating Farms would house massive hydroponic farms and, beneath them, fish farms, making each barge a nearly self-sustaining, veritable grocery list of items for a clean, healthy diet. And it would nearly power itself.


House refurbishment by OLAestudio, in Baralla, focuses detail mainly on its use of wood, contrasting birch trunks which line the top floor, with a finely cut floating wooden staircase.

Source: Archdaily


This floating house will break in half when your relationship fails

While the concept of a house that splits itself in half might seem bizarre — and may or may not be some kind of publicity stunt, Studio OBA’s website says that the project is “a response to the increasing divorce rates in today’s society.” Here’s how the whole attachment/detachment thing works.

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Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate by Cid Sabaou
Via Flickr:
Torii Gate (The Floating Gate) view from Itsukushima Shrine - Miyajima, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan


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