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The Signs as Michael Faudet Poems


My Girl Who Writes

I watch you write,
my love, my life,
my start of everything.

Each little sigh,
a pen run day,
another painful page

Your fingers bleed,
I do concede,
for a sentence
of your making.

To which you say,
on sunshine days,
it is for words
my heart is breaking.



Do you know what really turns me on?
What I find incredibly sexy? Kindness.


Pressed Flowers

To the quiet one,
the coy,
the wallflower.

Her dark circled eyes
buried in a book.

Hard little nipples,
dusty pink,
beneath a tatty
black singlet.

Those restless legs,
sprawled across
a squeaky bed.

Her secrets kept,
like pressed daisies
hidden by
pages read.



She wore the scent
of early spring
on her delicate neck
and every kiss I stole
tasted of bright yellow flowers
and buzzing bees.



She rode on airplanes and fell asleep in hotel beds. Dreaming of faraway places– writing poetry with her sunset eyes.



There is a certain stillness, when even the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wing feels like a hurricane.

The moment when crashing waves fall asleep, peaceful, lost to the serenity of salty dreams.

When tall tees stand to attention and every leaf pauses, takes a deep breath and holds it.

It is here, beneath the maddening silence I hear your name.

An echo of you.


The Gift

Her eyes were beautifully gift wrapped;
long black lashes of velvet ribbon–
and every time she opened them,
it felt like Christmas.


The Mermaid

She came from the ocean,
this wild girl from the sea,
her hair flowing southwards,
she walked towards me.

A west to east smile,
with eyes steely grey,
like a storm in the distance,
rolling in from the bay.

We kissed with the sunrise,
made love when it set,
a promise by moonlight,
came dawn, my regret.

He left for the ocean,
this boy from the land,
his spirit soars northward,
his heart in her hands.


Pen Portrait

I watched as you reached for the ice cream.

Standing naked, body pressed up against the humming fridge.

A wispy trail of bluish grey smoke spiraling up from a dying cigarette.

Held precariously in the other hand, ash falling to the floor.

A just fucked wetness between your legs.

Your little smile captured in grainy black and white.

By the click of a camera.


Some Days

Some days we spoke about life, other days, we discussed the weather– and whenever we laughed, it was the best sex ever.



Magic tumbled from her pretty lips and when she poke the language of the universe– the stars sighed in unison.


The Apple Orchard

He floated upon a gentle sea of rippling green.

When little yellow butterflies danced drunk pirouettes on the windy stage.

Reading the words written by fluffy white poets who wrote ever changing prose across and endless blue page.

‘Apples are funny things,’ he said. ‘You can never be sure of what you are getting until you take that first bite.’

His hand reaches slowly for the half empty vodka bottle.

‘This afternoon I discovered an apple so wonderfully perfect, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the outstretched hand of a wicked old witch.’

She pulled up her white cotton panties, brushing an ant from a grass stained knee.

‘I’ve been called many things before but never an apple,’ she laughed.

None of these poems are mine. I borrowed them all from Michael’s book Dirty Pretty Things. Go check it out!


( the secret ingredient is love )

Group: BTS


Excerpt: ‘ Fairy lights floated around the table, having been charmed by you not to drip wax, their lights twinkling and the smell of apple pie floated flooded your senses as your eyes widened, “What’s on the menu today babe?” 

Genre: fluff, wizard au

Length: 1k

A/N: this is so self-indulgent like i really really like this au


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“Y/N, stop waiting outside and just come in,” you glared at Namjoon who had opened the door for you, his girlfriend had taught him the basics for reading minds and sensing presences and he loved to use them at the worst times. Instead of being embarrassed you just laughed as you walked past him,

“What are you laughing at?” Namjoon shut the door trailing after you, before you spun on your heels,

“just remembering that mixtape you had me and Jin listen to,” he rolled his eyes, obviously well aware he had embarrassed you but he always enjoyed rising to a challenge,

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1162

My art assignment was handed in
With good cheer and an accomplished grin
For I felt that I’d done rather well,
But my tutor asked: “Explain this, Elle.”
An odd request, for I thought ‘twas clear.
I wondered if she’d been drinking beer,
But I was patient, I took the time.
“The obvious flavour choice was lime,
As it’s green, but I needed some blue
And so I used some blueberry too.
Fish were a must, so I cut some grapes
Into some vaguely flounder-like shapes.
It was a challenge to make seaweed,
But your own instructions I did heed.
'Twas tricky because apple peel floats,
And then I needed some fishing boats-
You gave art license, so I used shell.
Which, as you can see, worked quite well.”
Then with frustration, she did decree:
“I said jealousy, not jello sea!”

Notes on The Wings Tour Trailer

1. Jungkook is shown swinging to and fro on a swing and disappears leaving flames behind. (Cue: Fire)

2. Yoongi appears lying down, surrounded by a broken down piano. (Cue: First Love) The background are trees (Cue: Arboretum: Lie, MAMA; RUN mv)

3. Jimin is also lying down on a grass field, his eyes blindfolded and his hands with untied black ribbons. His hand holds an apple. (Cue: BST, Lie)

4. Hoseok is lying down before the sculpture, Pietà by Michelangelo, among a pile of arrows that have missed their shot. (Cue: BST, he shot and arrow at Taehyung and it splattered paint over the layer that was protecting Taehyung) (Note: the sculpture depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion) - (Cue: MAMA)

5. Jin looks at his own reflection on a pool of water. (Cue: Awake, Jin touches a mirror and created ripples)

6. Jimin lifts off the ground and the blindfold comes off. The background is a colourfully painted background. (Cue: Begin - Jungkook paints, MAMA)

7. Taehyung appears in the same clothes as in BST.

8. Namjoon lies among broken, shattered mirrors.

9. Jungkook is close to putting his black-paint-coated fingers into his mouth. (Cue: BST, Jungkook put green wax into his mouth)

Do you remember during Ep 6 of Rookie King (Commercial break), Jungkook painted “BTS” with black paint?

10. Apple floated up from the water. Jimin dances in front of the colourful background. As his hand lowers from covering his eyes, black paint flows down the colourful background. 

11. Jin is found kissing his own reflection.

(Note: Could this be signifying that the statue he kissed in BST was actually himself?) 

12. Wings start growing from Taehyung’s back. As the Wings develop more and more, Jin’s face and hand starts cracking more and more like a porcelain. When Taehyung’s wings were fully developed, he gave a really creepy smile. As if he was happy to see Jin (in particularly) and the other BTS members fall apart. Jin’s hand broke off eventually. 

Also note that there are scenes where Taehyung seems to be trapped.

13. Yoongi stands in front of the Arboretum background and butterflies flutter nearby. Jungkook reveals a piece of art that resembles a butterfly. A butterfly immediately appears on Yoongi’s lips. (The art style actually reminds me of the Rorschach inkblot test, cue: Lie; Butterfly)

14, Namjoon appears slowly being covered by shadows. (This reminds me of Awake, at the beginning of the video where Jin also got covered by shadows when he was at the dining table.

15. Blue tears flow from Jimin’s eye. Colourful tears flow from Jungkook’s eye.(Cue: Begin, Jungkook’s painting also cried colourful tears)

16. Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok and Namjoon all flew up from their lying positions. Just like how Jungkook did in BST.

17. Taehyung stands alone on a stage (there are curtains), his wings fully developed.

Eric, Brooks, and Erik were all at Dylan’s house for a late afternoon summer night. Dylan’s parents were gone for the night and Dylan was allowed to have them over after he was able to convince his mom. Alcohol was on the table, that they brought out, in his backyard. Cigarette smoke and laughter was heavy in the air.
Dylan pulled his head out of the bucket of water, flipping his wet hair back as he gasped for air. Throwing the apple to the side. A few apples floated to the surface of the water, mocking him.
Eric grinned as he looked down at his watch. “Nice timing, you lasted more than the rest of us.” The others chuckled as Brooks threw a towel over to Dylan. He tried his best to dry his hair, then left the blue towel on his shoulders.
“What now?”
Eric shrugged to Y/N’s question, they were watching Brooks and Erik play hangman at the table.
“Uh..we can race- I don’t know.” Dylan shrugged, as well, to his idea. Crossing his arms as he stared at the two playing hangman. Y/N soon made their way over to them, taking a seat next to the two and trying to help Erik guess.
“Well,” Eric sighed as he had his arms crossed, too, and leaned to one side, almost copying Dylan. “What do we do now?”
“I’m getting more to drink,” Dylan looked over at his cup at the table. Eric shook his head, grabbing the almost empty cup.
“Nah man, I got it.”
Dylan nodded to Eric as a way to say “thanks” and stood where he was, watching the three and waiting for his drink. When Eric came out, he got an idea. First he gave Dylan his drink, and then put the shot glasses down on the table in a line.
They all noticed, getting up and walking over to see what Eric was planning.
Eric had the biggest grin on his face as he explained. “Here we are going to play a game of drinking as many shots as you can until you get drunk, or anything else.”
Erik asked if he could record it, making Eric agree and stare at the others while Erik went off to get his camera. Eric was participating too.
Erik filmed, giggling behind the camera as he zoomed in on them and record the whole game. Dylan was the last one, Brooks was the first one to lose, Eric and Y/N coming in second or third. Eric beaten them in seconds after they quitted, saying how they felt dizzy and didn’t think they can drink anymore.
Dylan was quiet about his win, Eric bragged to Brooks and Y/N on how he beat both of them. He was mostly poking fun at Brooks.

The sun was going down, making them settle down and watch the sun going down. They were quiet for the most part than some short talking between some of them. Dylan thought about having a fire, but decided against it because they all would have to leave soon anyway. Leaving Dylan in the house, alone, until his brother came back from hanging around his own friends.

When they all left, it didn’t feel the same. No more laughter that made Dylan smile and laugh too, the jokes, and the fun they all had. He threw out the remaining cups and took out the apples that were still unpicked in the bucket. He did his best to clean up, to not make his mom or dad mad and to not leave it off until later. It gave him something to think about too than regret them not staying longer, even though it was out if his control. He was thinking of asking Brooks to stay over, but it was too late and his mom already just agreed to having his friends over for a few hours while they were gone.
Sorry anon if this wasn’t what you wanted! I tried my best to make it longer than my recent ones!

askthehumans789  asked:

Your a wizard ethan!

Ethan: Am I!? YES!

*He raises both arms in triumph.*


Chelsea: Reaaally? Turn invisible.

Ethan: Uhhh not there yet!

Chelsea: Summon a dragon.

Ethan: Not there yet!

Chelsea: Make this apple float.

Ethan: No can do.

Chelsea: …Wow. I’m so impressed. 10/9 best wizard.

Ethan: Aw geez, thanks Doc! (Sarcasm)

Chelsea: Yeah suuure, no problem.
*Cough* Lunatic.

STELLAR // a fanmix for the 1980-something space guy


1. Pure Space - Unicorn Kid 2. Night Flight - Perfume 3. Hurricane Venus - BoA 4. aerodynAMic - AJ Orbit, Daft Punk 5. Fiction - Lemaitre 6. Aurora (Meet me in the Stars) - Anamanaguchi 7. Year One, One UFO - M83 8. Floating in Space The Apples in Stereo 9. Daydream in Blue - I Monster 10. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 11. Brainsick - Mystery Skulls 12. Cosmic Horn - Brite Futures 13. Starfriends on Earth - Stepdad

NT/NF Aesthetics - with llamas and stuff

NF Aesthetics - With Stuff

INFP: rainbow paint dripping down a torn-down Berlin wall.

See: dark and passionate. 

ENFP: feathers in hair looking sweet as fuck but ‘bout to fight the man

See: aggressive and passionate

INFJ: teddy bear on a book in the snow

See: loving, soft, with a hint of cold air

ENFJ: hot apple pie floating down a river

See: warm, delicious and free like an apple pie floating down a river

NT Aesthetics - With Llamas

ENTJ: llama organizing logistics of explosion

See: planner and boss

INTJ: llama pressing button for explosion

See: quiet instigator

ENTP: llama building materials for massive explosion

See: loud instigator

INTP: llama eating perfect icy fractal in a bathtub /not involved in explosions

See: doesn’t give a shit, just likes fractals


the boy & the girl: a mix for mal oretsev and alina starkov through all three books of the grisha trilogy {shadow and bone, siege and storm, ruin and rising} ➝ listen

when evening fell, the boy would bring the girl a glass of tea, a slice of lemon cake, an apple blossom floating in a blue cup. he would kiss her neck and whisper new names in her ear: beauty, beloved, cherished, my heart.