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[Balmung 10/29/15 9pm EST] HoD Monster Bash

Come one, come all! Get your fright night on at the
Monster Bash!

Join us for a spooktacular Bash taking place at the Harbingers of Dawn tavern! We’ll be having it outside, with our usual tavern shenanigans coupled with amazing events and spooky themed snacks and drinks! (( It’ll be at the HoD manor, Plot 58 Ward 5 in the Lavender beds! It’ll take place of our normal tavern night, which begins at 9pm EST!))


 Apple bobbing: At our tiny little rock pond, you’ll find all sorts of apples floating and bobbing in the water. Try your best to catch a Mirror apple! Try as many times as you’d like! (( 1-99 rolls are EPIC FAILS and you don’t get an apple, but have fun emoting failing! We’ll have someone on staff to keep you from drowning. 100- 599 gets a Faerie apple, and 600-999 gets a Mirror apple. These are both going to be non-HQ apples. Again there’s no limit to how many times you can try, but to make sure everyone gets a chance after each try you need to go to the back of the line!))

Spooky Story: Gather around the campfire to try to scare the other party-goers! The company is not responsible for any soiled undergarments.

~Costume Contest~

This year, it’ll be just a bit different from last year. First thing you’ll notice is categories! Second thing is there’s going to be a sign-up with a cut-off date. Thirdly, you can only enter ONE category. These are to ensure that everyone gets a chance to enter, while not bombarding judges with how many of you there are! We’ll also be asking for two judges that are not from Harbingers of Dawn to judge alongside our own judge. Judges will remain secret until just before the judging begins! Contestants and potential judges are encouraged to contact Arrelaine Fashonti! (( As far as entering the contest goes, all you have to do is make a post with your character’s name and chosen category. Remember, you can only enter one category! I’ll include a contestant post in a reply under this one! Or contact me by tumblr mail! As for judges, please send me your character name, FC name (this is to ensure we’re not getting multiple judges from the same FC!) through in-game mail, forum PM or tumblr mail! The cut off dates for judges and contestants is the 28th!))

Costume contest categories:

Spoooooky/Scary: Enter your spookiest costume! Whomever scares or creeps the judges out the most wins! The winner gets a Book 64 minion!

Funny: Got a costume that will leave the judges in stitches from split sides? This is the category for you! The winner gets a Mummy’s Little Mummy minion!

Cosplay: ((We realize this might go a bit into the realm of OOC, but it’s meant to be fun!)) Have a costume that’s the spitting image of a legendary character or famous person/celebrity? The one that looks the most like a double of that person wins! The winner gets an Ugly Duckling minion!

Couple’s/Group: Got two other friends or a significant other who just makes a great costume group? With a limit of three per group, the ones who wow the judges wins! The prize is a bag of three hundred thousand gil to be split amongst the group.

~Spooky food and drinks~

Along with our usual selection of drinks, we’re adding some horrific cheer to our usual menu! You can find the following being served by our bartenders: Lady Fingers! Topped with an almond, these cookies are sure to keep you fingering them all!

Dirt Cake! And it wouldn’t be Dirt Cake without some juicy, delectable gummy worms!

Witches’ Brew! We’re not really sure what’s in it, it was made by a bone-afide witch! And much, much more! We hope to see you there!


The Titan's Curse "Nuts" Appreciation Post

You don’t know how many times they used the word nuts in ttc. It’s nuts.

  • Weird thing about military schools: the kids go absolutely nuts when there’s a special event and they get to be out of uniform.
  • “Okay,” Bianca whispered to me. “He’s completely nuts.”
  • “Oh, super idea. You’re completely nuts too.”
  • “Bianca, you can’t do this,” I said. “It’s nuts.”
  • “You’re nuts,” said Thalia.
  • “Nuts and berries,” Grover said dreamily. “Yeah.”
  • It must’ve been driving him nuts.
  • “She was nuts about monuments,” Thalia said.
  • The apple floated and spun right above the bear, and the boar went nuts, straining to get it.
  • “That’s us,” he said. “Those five nuts right there.”
  • All around us, the manticore’s minions were still acting completely nuts.

the worst thing happened we decided to watch asip for the first time in years because of january 29th and it was full of too much and things i never knew and we screamed for hours and then joolia died in my arms from the sheer trauma and now she ded I’m sat here staring blankly at the tiny gorilla pic that keeps floating around on Apple TV screen saver and grace is somewhere headed towards us and that’s what you missed on gLee