Practicing moving angle shots and rotating backgrounds!

So yeah I got inspired by @rubberninja and @studioyotta‘s incredible stuff once again, and decided to give rotating surroundings a shot!
Pretty happy how it turned out, except for the animation of the character itself, a little too fast and not floaty enough..

Well, hope you like it!~

listen, there are a lot of things I want from pacific rim 2 but the one thing I truly want is like a sanrio character (ala gudetama) of a lazy kaiju who hangs out in a pool floaty who’s too lazy to go on land and just stays in the ocean. like, just a little world building easter egg character in the background. that’s all I ask. a small world building detail…that may have made me cry when I first thought about it.

anonymous asked:

Do you agree with Rapmon's Hogwarts Houses sorting choices? Gryffindor (RM, JN); Hufflepuff (JH, V); Ravenclaw (JK); Slytherin (JM, SG). I can see them all in those houses, although I find it funny where Rapmon placed Jin and Jimin. I would switch them.

I see them as

Gryf: JK (loves his bros, really loves his bros, will do anything for his bros, brave, determined, though definitely on the RC border because of his competitive nature)

Huff: V, JH (hard work, loyalty, generally brightness of demeanor, grounded but floaty at the same time)

Slyth: JM, Jin  (Jimin is 1000 percent slytherin–ambitious af, sly, fluid and flexible, epitome of an overthinker; it’s harder to explain Jin in my brain, but the way he grabs attention, his self-preservation, and his clerverness make me think Slytherin)

Raven: SG, RM (for constant striving for perfection, savage roasts, problem solving, originality, philosophizing, deep thinking and consideration)

But tbh I’m apparently bad at this because I’ve always thought I was Slytherin and Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor.

Power Level Stat Floaties (Free to use)

I made these and anyone can use them if they like. Just credit me and stuff (o.o)b

They’re little graphics you can put on character profiles to say how strong your character is. 

 They go from one to five and I can alter them slightly on request. (mostly talking about changing the color or motion speed but if you want something just ask and I’ll see what I can do)

There will also be some gag ones in the future. (Power level 666 and 9000+ have been requested)

some variations I made under the cut in case anyone wants those. 

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Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs