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I feel like the onslaught isn't over they're just taking a break...how are your boobs? Do they feel anything?

My boobs are predicting rain for tomorrow also they don’t appreciate my tour costume and Tayvin aren’t done yet I refuse to believe there is no floatie selfie so they’re multitasking rn

Redux theme.
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/ Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Preview 3

+ One column (big or small) or two columns
+ Custom floaties included (flying little images)
+ Optional small banner
+ Optional post and sidebar borders
+ Optional post and sidebar shadows
+ Show links when hover
+ Options for solid, dotted or dashed borders
+ Custom border radius (rounded sidebar and post corners)
+ Optional opaque sidebar and post background
+ Sidebar at top or bottom
+ Optional fade effect on images when hover
+ Optional bigger images effect when hover
+ Custom colors, fonts and links
+ Fixed sidebar
+ Endless scrolling OR pagination
+ Show/hide photo captions
+ Reblog button in posts
+ Optional background picture (pattern or maximized)
+ Notes and tags in the permalink pages