My fiance just accidentally sent me a message saying it costs five “doll hairs,” to get in to the pool.

Now all I can imagine is some voodoo witch doctor or warlock or whatever, standing at the front counter of the local pool, accepting potion ingredients instead of money as an entry fee.

“Yes, ye may rent some floaties, my dear, but only in exchange for five doll hairs and the skin of a single rat. If ye bring a pint of ox blood that was drained under the light of a full moon, I’ll throw in some goggles as well.

Redux theme.
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+ One column (big or small) or two columns
+ Custom floaties included (flying little images)
+ Optional small banner
+ Optional post and sidebar borders
+ Optional post and sidebar shadows
+ Show links when hover
+ Options for solid, dotted or dashed borders
+ Custom border radius (rounded sidebar and post corners)
+ Optional opaque sidebar and post background
+ Sidebar at top or bottom
+ Optional fade effect on images when hover
+ Optional bigger images effect when hover
+ Custom colors, fonts and links
+ Fixed sidebar
+ Endless scrolling OR pagination
+ Show/hide photo captions
+ Reblog button in posts
+ Optional background picture (pattern or maximized)
+ Notes and tags in the permalink pages


so i have a ton of folders with background, borders and pixels in that i have collected and i thought i should share it with you guys cause i always spend way longer than nescessary remaking my theme. i’ll also include some useful links to help y'all change your theme.

i do not own anything here i literally just dragged anything that looked cool onto my desktop so creds to everyone else. if you reblog this i will be super happy!

everything is under the cut! enjoy!

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