Azurite bow tie

A lovely spray of blue copper carbonate crystallised in what is now the mined out source of Touissit in Morocco. Crystals like these are called ‘floaters’ because they formed in a pocket without contact with the rock walls when carbonate rich water altered a primary copper deposit made of sulphides. The piece measures 5.0 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm.


Image credit: Spirifer Minerals

Algebra again

well it’s been a while since I’ve had an algebra story for you guys but today’s is interesting. So as soon as we got into class my teacher was like I have a meeting I’m gonna go now, so he left us with one of the teachers that just kinda floats around and this poor lady. So it started with the competition of wall sits first everyone was seeing who could go the longest but it soon escalated to how many people can sit on the smallest guys lap while hes doing wall sits before he falls. After that this kid brings out duct tape his eyebrows got partially ripped off they waxed my arm and this other kid put a piece of duct tape down his pants and waxed I don’t even want to know what. Then we started taping each other up seeing who could get out and the floater teacher got in on this and kept telling me I may need this one day since I was the only girl participating and I learned how to get out of a variety of hostage situations. Over all it was a successful math period.