I’m sorry that I hadn’t posted any work for months.

I had to stop doing digital artwork for a while because of my eyes conditions (eye floaters and flashes in my eyes).

But now I’m back!

And I’m going to focus on drawing Overwatch characters, especially McCree and Hanzo…

because I’m a Mchanzo fan!!!! lol!!!!

And yes! I purposely drew this Hanzo to looks kinda “beautiful.”  (^_<)〜☆

y'know what I can’t be the only person who experiences small auditory hallucinations. like not regularly and nothing crazy but just like if you get really used to a sound, you sometimes think you hear it even when it’s not being made. when I was little I played a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis and I got really used to that noise the rings made when you got them. I remember one day distinctly hearing (or thinking I’d heard) that sound just randomly. not while playing the game. please tell me other people experience that. and if you do, please join me as I explore the somewhat horrifying realization that there is a chance you have these little misfires/glitches in your other senses as well. like, man, who’s to say that some of that shit you see that no one else saw or just didn’t make sense isn’t the same kind of glitch just visual instead? that would explain the short, random tickles and pains and shit we get like on our skin and stuff, like a tactile hallucination. idk man I’m spitballin here. what about the buzzing in our ears? y'all experience that too, right? like even in dead silence you hear something really high pitched that doesn’t seem to be coming from any direction like it’s IN your ear? is that the high pitched hum of a Brain Machine™ at work? as you get older and unable to hear high pitches, does that go away? does life get quieter then? is that considered hearing loss? is the buzzing necessary for us to hear in the first place? well duh yeah because it’s the Brain Machine™ at work, making the ears do the thing. so as we age and the Brain Machine™ starts working less and less (idk maybe it works the same our whole lives I don’t know the hard scientific facts), we can’t hear as much and since we can’t hear as much we have a hard time hearing the high pitched buzz but we also are having a hard time hearing it because it’s getting softer and softer independently of how easily (or not) we can hear it. is this why like pretty much everyone actually really does lose their hearing to some degree as they age? is this just how humans work, like that’s just the process of extended wear of the body? as you get older do you have a sudden realization/epiphany where you understand that your body is going to age no matter what but your soul will always be lively (may also be inaccurate)? I saw that in my dad last night. his hair is gray and his shoulders are bad and today is his 51st birthday. last night he got his team uniform for the City’s golf tournament, which he finally made it into (it is the oldest local amateur golf tournament in the country), and he unwrapped it and held it up and was smiling and I could see his inner young self being so proud of himself for doing this in his life and my mom went over and hugged him and said she was so happy for him and I could see their young selves as they must have been in the prime of their love (not that they don’t still love each other). it’s like our souls are parked around 20-25 years of age and as a kid you know your fully formed self is out there somewhere but you don’t know when you’ll hit it. and then somewhere around 20-25 (when people tend to “settle down”) you have a moment of extreme romantic bliss and that’s when you fucking run full force into your soul. and now the soul just IS. you know your soul and you continue onward with your soul parked at full strength and even at age 51 you can share that 20-25 year old soul with each other, knowing that that is where you started and you are the exact same people you were then. idk I’m definitely not doing it justice man but it was cute as shit. I can’t wait for that.

goodnight my friends