float boat

It’s not about controlling the waves, it’s about keeping the boat floating
—  warriorpact

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Pets name: I had a cat called Hamish. He was ginger and lazy and stole my dad’s peanut butter sandwiches frequently.

Chinese zodiac: Rooster

Hair/eye color: just dyed it ‘ice brown’ but it has been many colours. Eyes are green/blue

Orientation: I have no freaking clue anymore. I am here for cuddles.

Fave junk food: Pizza, nachos, singapore noodles

Fave season: I like the cusp between autumn and winter

Fave flower/plant: oriental lilly

Fave scents: cedarwood, rain when it just starts when it’s been hot as balls

Fave animal/birds: cats and robins

Fave movie: Aliens 

Fave cartoon: Family Guy

Fave book: Salem’s Lot

Fave fictional character: Eruri. They come as a package.

Fave classical artist: I have never been a huge fan of the classics. Giger, Ralph Steadman, Rob Sheridan. They float my boat.

Dream trip: I have discovered that flying is not for me so anywhere I don’t need to fly to would be good!

Blog created: March 2016. Hung around on ao3 for a couple of years and eventually ventured here.

Number of followers: just hit 1900 today

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anonymous asked:

do you have any suggestions for the best doc marten's to get and anything i should know before buying them? ive never worn them before so im super nervous but super excited lol. thank you ✌✌✌

Well I firstly reccomend to get vegan ones. Ones made in UK are more quality usually. And idk whatever floats your boats from there. Maybe don’t get super high ones right away till ya get used to the feel of them or something, but you can go ahead with that too if ya want, man

~ mod Petar

I mean I love all kind of ships so much ??? Like I don’t care if it’s two women two men or a man and a woman and anything in between, if it’s cute and healthy I’ll probably ship it I just love reading about two (or sometimes more) people just loving and caring for each others, it warms my heart

thebattricycle  asked:

I can't wait to see the finished Rick & Morty piece you're working on as I am completely in love with your art style! Also, is there a Miami Rick to go with your Miami Morty somewhere? x

Thanks, mate! Here you go

There was a serious lack of Bones in St:ID. Please have some Jim wandering off AMA and having to be retrieved  in the ONE YEAR POST DEATH THAT THE FILM GLOSSED OVER. (I’m having some very random st:id feels rn)