Night Changes || Zouis

Louis was having a hard time. It had been only a few days since had Zayn left the band and Louis knew it would take him some time to get over it. He couldn’t believe one of his best friends did that kind of thing and seeing all the tweets about it floading his Twitter wasn’t helping the situation at all. He was so mad about it and had unfollowed Zayn immediately and stopped checking his social media as he couldn’t take it anymore. After some stupid event he and his now three band mates had attented to, they went to one of the local bars in London to have some drinks together even though they had nothing to celebrate for. It turned out that was Louis sitting alone as he didn’t want to talk to anyone as he was so tired of all the shit he had been through lately. He’d talk to Harry, Liam and Niall whenever he’d feel like it again. Just the thought of Zayn made him so angry and upset and he looked quite intimidating to all the people as he glared  at the wall while occasionally taking a sip from his drink.



(F/dm) = Favourite Disneymovie

‘‘So, what do you want to watch first?”‘ You asked, as you put the enormous pile of Disney Dvd’s on the table. ‘‘We have got… let’s see… Aristocats, Robin Hood, the Fox and the Hound, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, Lion King, Jungle Book, Pochahontas, Toy Story, Huncheback of the Notre Dam, Mulan… oh, and Frozen of course.’‘

Steve merely blinked at the fload of names that you just said, but Bucky smiled and said: ‘‘You chose, you are the expert (Y/n).’‘

You grinned and picked up a dvd. ‘‘(F/dm)’‘ is is than!’‘

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" Flood of Tears "

My heart is bleeding,my heart claims for you ,my heart demands you and yet i cant reach you…

where are you my lost soul? missing you its like a hole in my breast,why do you do this to me?

im lost in my desert,thinking about our moments of madness,of caring of that whole moments that we enjoy in life,that only us can share….why are you so silent? why do you leave me in this dispair?

Are you feeling the same? i need one word from you,i need your voice,your hands to make me sure you arent a vision,a dream to keep me warm forever….take me to you once more,let me breath together,let me be yours all the time,let me be inside you ,let me fload my tears against your body to rest once again….please my heart and soul give me a sign from your mountain and make me yours in our world …..