Last one. Wild con everyone,

1 Ruby Rhod - Fifth Element

2 Maui - Moana

3 Desert Punk

4 Flo with a Money body pillow - Progressive commercials

5 Rainbow Quartz - Steven Universe

6 Garnet, Elsa and that Sansa Stark from earlier

7 Casca, Judeau, Guts when he still had friends, and Guts when he lost all his friends - Berserk @shwit @tuskactone, and @biodude18 they’re all in there and stuff.

8 Griffith, their boss who did nothing wrong - Berserk

9 Mah bois with Baby Metal @billysterriblecosplay, you’re in a lot of these pics


//AU where Flickthanleo are a boyband and Freddy is that one member who leaves halfway through a successful career.

I decided to make this… For some reason.

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i was tagged by @danisnotonfirewhiskey thanks dude :)

Rules: Basically, put your music on shuffle and put down the first ten songs, then tag ten more people.

1. message man by twenty one pilots

2. good feeling by flo rida

3. wild life by jack and jack

4. novocaine by fall out boy

5. mama by my chemical romance

6. la la latch by pentatonix

7. death of a bachelor by panic! at the disco

8. we are sex bob-omb from the scott pilgrim soundtrack

9. know who you are from the moana soundtrack

10. little game by benny

tag you’re it:

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To add my two cents on this: not only should we be tweeting team SG about how much we love karamel, as well as ahowing support to Melissa and Chris, it’d be great if we could share the link to the Karamel tag? There’s also the idea of even tweeting links to your fanart/gifsets, etc. because y'all are such a creative and talented bunch of people!

It is a shame that the primary mode of communication to SG is through twitter because it seems so dull and only represents a fraction of us, while also limiting our creativeness and appreciation for the show. It’s a little heartbreaking to think that maybe Melissa, or Chris for that matter, aren’t getting the kind of support and love that maybe Chyler or Flo are getting for their tremendous work. I just hope that we aren’t being overshadowed by the antis and that the writers or cast think this the consensus :(

anonymous asked:

ahh please tell us your homer and french/buck songs !! and i agree, flo + the machine fits the oa so well

omg omg omg omg ok so im all messed up over here.. my Hoamer songs are really songs i listen to while writing about them, so they don’t really “remind” me of oa and homer, but the pain in the songs do… does that make sense??

Hoamer = Lots of Coheed and Cambria…
1. The Hollow (for the start of a fic I wrote)
2. Iron Fist
3. CAROL ANN (not all caps but its cause holy fuck this song is so painful)
4. Evagria the Faithful (i heard them play this live once and cried)
5. Mother Superior
6. The End Complete
7. Ghost (listen to the 4th st demo one)

then, there’s the regina spektor side of my hoamer music…
-Chemo Limo
-Pavlov’s Daughter

ffs im sorry ill stop now but i dont even think i can MAKE a post for french and buck songs cause its that painful (im crying rn so)

with love,

your out of control buddy,