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what's your opinion on the floriana discourse?

ok first and foremost, before i answer you pls keep in mind that my opinion literally does not matter i am white and i dont wanna ever speak over anybody else and also if u have any problems w what i say please please let me know i wanna know how to not be shitty if i’m shitty

i think it’s horrible that the role of a latina is being played by a white woman, no matter how ethnically ambiguous she may look. it’s shitty and the whole industry needs to fucking stop white washing characters.

i do think, though, that the casting call wasn’t restricted to any ethnicity or race. it was open, and i think this bc dichen lachman also auditioned for the role. i think that some producer probably saw floriana and was like ‘she’s latina’ bc that’s how it was first announced, no? by some producer being like ‘maggie is latina’

i also think that separating a character from its actor is an important thing to do. it fucking sucks that maggie isn’t played by a latina actress but that doesn’t diminish how important a character maggie is and continues to be, the more complex she gets.

casey affleck can fucking choke though. she needs to sort out her fuckin priorities dating that man.

Bad Bad Thing Part 2

Author: MelBelle45

Word Count: 3,373

Triggers: alcohol consumption, oral (both receiving)

Author Notes: This is the second part of what started as a challenge written for @girl-next-door-writes Celebration Challenge. It got away from me and there’s still a ways to go. As always, beta’d by the beautiful @avasmommy224

The trio found itself at an all-night diner, one of those places with throwback bar stools, vinyl, and a jukebox in the corner. A place where you expected the waitresses to be named Flo and the cook to have some nickname like Stretch or Greasy Jim. Y/n was trying her best to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Since she’d actually looked into the mesmerizing green eyes of the man who looked both dark and dangerous, yet gentle and caring…those eyes would not leave her notice. She felt drawn to them; drawn to him, inexplicably.

           “First names?” she cocked an eyebrow at the boys as soon as they had scooted across the vinyl into the booth.

           “Sam,” he shook her hand.

           “Dean,” he too shook her hand, lingering a bit longer than his partner. There was something there…something she couldn’t quiet place her finger on. The way his eyes delved into her soul, she knew he felt it too. The waitress came by to take their orders, interrupting the invisible conversation.

           “Okay, level with me,” y/n said once their coffee was served, “You’re not FBI.”

           “And your hair isn’t pink,” Dean reached over and snatched the wig off her head, revealing y/h/c hair in a messy pixy cut.

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Floriana Lima sent me a DM. 














  • new mesh by me
  • 38 swatches
  • standalone
  • custom thumbnails
  • found in t-shirts
  • base game compatible
  • disabled for random

Thank you to @cestiny and @erinthesimmer for helping me testing this mesh in game! All jeans in the screenshot are by @inabadromance.


For real though, seeing the girls in these outfits, in person, almost killed me. You don’t even know.

Kendrick kept having to fix her boots because she’s so tiny and they kept sagging. She also kept taking off her jacket and the crew kept telling her to put it back on, but she would stick out her tongue and yell (more like squeal) “noooo”.

Camp literally slipped on the stairs and almost busted her ass, which is why she doesn’t have her heels on in this pic. She kept taking them off.

Rebel made the girls laugh so much, which made the audience laugh. I’m sure that’s why we ended up doing 20+ takes.

Ester and Kendrick’s dance moves gave me so many feels. Kendrick kept dancing in between takes bc they would play music while setting up the cameras. But when Can’t Stop the Feeling came on she was like “really guys?! come on!”

Her interacting with Snow made me scream EVERY time bc honestly, I live for Sendrick and Bechloe

I keep remembering different pieces of the day. I loved every second of it.