no but you know what i would love to see in season 2 (even though i know it’ll probably never happen)? for joyce and hopper to have a heartfelt conversation about everything that happened in their lives up until the point where the show started.

they are sitting next to each other or across the other on the table, nursing their drinks and each left to their own thoughts and then somebody breaks the silence

hopper starts talking about sarah, things he never mentioned to anybody else, not even flo (bc lbh flo’s like a mother figure to him and she probably knows him better than himself most of the times), about how his marriage fell apart, about how he felt when his ex-wife got married again, and then got pregnant again, and he was there, stuck in this… limbo, just navigating through life not even trying to pick up the pieces because he felt everything he’s even been had just melted away, vaporized, gone, just gone forever.

and joyce listens, she really listens, not saying anything but giving him the comfort he needs, even if it’s silently, because they too are still testing the waters, they’re just back into this camaraderie but they trust each other anyway.

and joyce talks about lonnie, about her marriage, doomed from the start but how she believed she and lonnie could have made things works (she doesn’t know how she could’ve been so naive). how she used to feel worthless and never good enough for her sons and for her husband, even working her ass off to provide for them all, trying to make sure her boys knew she loved them, gathering all the strength inside her to finally let go of the hell she lived in, learning not to care when the whole town started talking about her behind her back (thick skin, joyce, you always had it) and how none of these matter anymore because she would go to the end of the world for jonathan and will (and he knows it, he whispers so softly he’s not sure she’s heard him - she has).

and it’s cathartic for them both, it’s all they truly needed to finally turn these pages, finish those chapters, start fresh with their strengths renewed.

(side by side, yes, but that’s a realization for another night.)

Dakari’s old teams consisted six equals each. Because that was the limit.( the bolded ones were the ones he favored like kids of his own lmfao.)

Squadron Red:

  • Himself- commander
  • Klaine- Red
  • Genji- Green
  • Willow-Orange
  • Demarco-Purple
  • Phaedra-White
  • Asriel-Red

Squadron Clover

  • Floris (flo)-green
  • Astrum-Red
  • Morael-pink
  • Iaoth-white
  • Xander-purple
  • Mydra-orange

Squadron Astro

  • Cathetel-pink
  • Cerviel-red
  • Yaho-orange
  • Mira-green
  • Tabris-White
  • Nanael-purple
and lastly Squadron Blue
  • Orio-Blue
  • Gzrel-white
  • Virgil-orange
  • Rhamiel-red
  • Tedriel-blue
  • Seraphiel-pink.

Already missing my gal 😪 But omg these pizzas last night were out of this world 🚀🌍 Flo got the marinara with potato & broccoli and I got the margarita with cherry tomatoes 🍕 🍕🍕 @fedbywater we’ll be back 🙌🏽✨

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thecowboyarthistorian replied to your photoset “Ed 2x22 - Last Chance”

That duck looks like Lucky. Lol. Next Ed needs to win Snap the turtle and Carol can win Flo the hippo and then Ed and Carol can sing the ‘Friends Will Get You Through’ song!

Clearly Lucky wound up in a good, loving home in Stuckeyville.

Speaking of “Friends Will See You Through” why isn’t there a Harry / Team Flash version yet?

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This time by the lovelies @kelskora and @aniwissenpai thank you sweethearts! ^o^

Last movie you saw: I re-watched the Last Unicorn~

Last song you listened to: m-flo - Tripod Baby (Shadow the Hedgehog mix)

Last show you watched: Nanatsu no taizai/The seven deadly sins

Last thing you ate: a sandwich with cheese and ham~

If you could be anywhere, where would you be right now?: I don’t know, there are so many places x3 probably at the beach, I like the sound of the waves, plus at night it’s so…peaceful~ (sometimes xD)

Where would you time travel to: Hmm, when dinosaurs still existed xD I’d like to go back to my childhood, enjoy a little more those good old days

First thing I would do if I won the lottery: “Mom, we can finally fix my glasses and move”

What fictional character would you hang out with?: There are so many characters I’d love to hang out with x3 why aren’t they real :‘3


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Requested by @sheniqua, @elizabitch-taylor, and @moony-potatoe. You can make your own hair retexture request here!

  • 64 colors
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Correct color tags
  • Unnatural colors disabled for random
  • Mesh not included

Credits: Pooklet, Hallowsims.


my retexture // mesh (you need the mesh)

  • weekes has said he was against what happened to Thane Krios in ME3 - that is, players having no choice over their LI’s fate in Mass Effect 3 (Thane dying no matter what)
  • he wrote Mordin’s story in ME3 - AND THERE IS A WAY to have Mordin live, even tho that character DID things most people find horrible, & Mordin was having a redemption arc. (ok, there are huge consequences, but we can’t expect no less!)
  • if there’s more dragon age content, he wants to give closure to solavellan!
  • he’s now LEAD WRITER of dragon age
  • i’ve read his personal books series… and having read it, I TRUST HIM EVEN MORE to give us a CHOICE in the end (the consequences may be tough though) (read the book, btw, they’re awesome)
  • there’s SO MUCH HOPE, PEOPLE!
  • consider these tweets: