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Just FYI

Dear followers,

as some of you already know, I have some computer’s issues at the moment.

Indeed, I have two computers in my life. The first one is my main computer, which I have since 8 years now. But the fact it’s old as fuck prevent me to update my browsers so it’s gonna be hard for me to go on tumblr on that computer. The second one is a small pc I used when I was at University but I thought now I have some troubles with the first one, I still could use the second one in waiting.

But that fuckers decided to give me feels as well since it doesn’t want to work correctly.

Hence the lake of strips/fanarts those last days (I’m really frustrated because I have so many ideas and I have to wait to be at work to post ugh).

Anyway, until the moment I’ll have a new computer (or something which looks like to a computer, TO GO ON INTERNET above all), I’ll do my best to post stuff, but I can’t promise you to post everyday. I can’t do that, nope, even though I would like to.

Hope you understand that a curse is on me (as in OUAT *gross sobbing*).