flo drawing

Reference For Echoesona / Gaidensona Raflion

I know that sacredsona, fatesona, awakeningsona etc have been a thing and since a remake of Gaiden is coming out soon, I thought about making a gaidensona/ echoesona~! Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything. I’ll add more information as soon as I can.~

Since I’m not sure whether Echoes will be exactly the same as Gaiden, I’ll only put information about his personality, etc under the cut.

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HEYYOOO!! So I have been doing a bunch of commissions lately, and here is one of them!

This Character’s name is Kit Ruthven, and he’s from one of Christy Carlyle’s novels (which you can pre-order on amazon waaahhht!!) Christy writes fancy romance novels, so if you’re into that, definitely check her out. Her website and amazon for her books are linked below.


Minette, a gijinka or humanization of my cat turned into a Fates OC put into the fatesona verse!
(this is an actual thing, there is a small group of people who do that with their fav animals, animals of their choice or their pets as well and it’s rad)

It was difficult at first to figure out how tp convert her multi-colored fur into a haircolor but I kind of managed it?

Either way, I’m happy about how she turned out haha~

(also in addition im taking her with me to the echoesona verse B)c)

Anyways, Happy Late Birthday Flo~!! <333 You’re such a sweet cinnabun, I hope you had a great one! 

It’s still the 21st where I live so it’s technically not late right?

Practice sketches and more character exploration for Flo.

I’m seeing her as being more of an introvert who prefers working in the comfort of the garden than having to deal with other people. While she is capable of being pleasant and sociable towards customers, it’s very exhausting and takes a lot out of her mentally. She drinks nectar for comfort but also to give her some extra pep during shifts. Flo can also get a bit pushy when trying to make a sale out of pressure.

Would you guys like seeing more sketchdumps like these in the future? I do like the idea of making these in between finished drawings.