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Blooming Peonies

Originally posted by yo-seokjin

Pairings: Kim Seokjin x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Genre: fluff

Words: 3076

Warnings: It could be cute.

Summary: You are visiting your friend in Seoul- South Korea and see a beautiful strager, wishing to see him again.

A/n: I worked on this story the whole day, I really hope that I am getting better at writing. I put everything into this storie to make it interesting! Hope you enjoy it

You are in Seoul for a while, visiting your friend you know from high school. You two haven’t met each other since you graduated and your friend moved back to Korea. The last time you saw her was 6 years ago and you have planned your stay for a long time. The past years you always promised each other that you will meet, but it never worked out – until now.

You are in Seoul for two weeks, living in your friend’s apartment. She is showing you around this big city, presenting you all its secrets a dress beauty. You loved it, for you, it was a wonderful city with its flaws and perfections. It is different from what you know. You live in a small town somewhere in America. Your hometown has only farms, a small supermarket, where you can get the most needed things for a living, a school for the kids living there and that’s it. You love it your town, too, but seeing all the great things you can do here in this big city makes you think that you need to move somewhere bigger than what you know.

You and your friend were enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee in a coffee shop. The place was wonderful. It is a small coffee shop, your friend comes by regularly, the coffee here tastes great. The atmosphere there is chilly with the wooden walls, chairs, tables and red cocktail chairs as a contrast. At the end of the room is a small shelve stocked with many books. From the big panorama windows, you have a great view on the view streets of Seoul and their little shops at the other side of the street.

You stare out of the window holding your cup of coffee in your hands, only half listening to what your friend is talking about. You are observing the people rushing their ways over the street in front of the coffee shop, ask yourself what they might think, do and where they are going. These people outside are like hidden tales, every one of them has their history and secrets no one knows about, they all are their own mystery. It fascinates you, seeing them and not knowing about them.

You get torn out of your thoughts when a young man with flowers in his hands passes by the window. He was by far the most handsome man you have seen, at least what you could see. He had a grey shirt on, embracing his slim body with broad shoulders. His shiny hair was in a dark hair and what you could also see, were his full plump lips.

But then he was gone. You don’t believe in love at first sight, but it seems like you are already missing this stranger. You want to know him, learn from his life story, get to know all his mistakes, everything he does as a living, in his spare time and his likings. You want to see him again. He has affected you.

„Fell in love-hm?“ Your friends glance at you with mischevious eyes, as she noticed that you paid your full attention to someone else than her.

„Uh… I … You know that i don’t believe at these things, like love at first sight. That’s ridiculous… .“ You mutter into your cup not daring to look into her eyes since you are fully aware that she knows you in and out. You can not fool your friend, she knows when you are telling the truth, lying and she also knows when you are falling in love. You have that specific behaviour. Staring at someone in awe and not denying it.

„Your face shows otherwise“ she laughs at you.

„Ah… shut up,“ You tell her, also letting a small laugh slip out, but as soon as you stopped laughing your friend received a call from her boss, telling her that she is desperately needed and has to come to the office now. You tell her that, she should not worry about you. You are fully capable of getting back home on your own. You know that she feels sorry, for leaving you alone, but for you, it is no big deal. After paying your coffee and saying your goodbye to your friend, even if you see her later in her apartment, you walk around the street you have observed earlier. It was a wonderful sunny day, with a soft summer breeze and no too hot temperatures. It was perfect for you, you liked it.

You kept on walking around when a flower shop gets in your sight. It has a few flowers and plants of different colours and shapes outside. Through the window, you can see a lot more flowers. You can see the colours of pink, blue, red, yellow, green and purple. It was so beautiful.

You decided to go in there, but the door of the shop does not want to open. The shop must be closed. There is a small note. You try to understand what was written there. The note was written in hangul though. Your friend has often tried to teach you her mother tongue and you respected that. That’s why you tried to study it even more with learning videos on youtube and sometimes attending a Korean language class. Your Korean wasn’t that good, but you could understand a few things. You try to read over and over again until you come to the conclusion that the note says „I’ll be right back.“

„Should I wait… or….?“ You mutter to yourself and look up to see the name of the shop. The name of this lovely flower shop was written in big Roman letters, which you luckily can read without problems. „Jin’s little flowers“ You read out loud. „How cute“ You smile and looked around. The street is beginning to clear, many people are starting heading home since it is getting late. That’s why you decided to go back to your friends home. While heading back, you try to memorise the way to the shop, because you want to visit it again.

Later that evening, you sat on the sofa in your friends living room, waiting for her return. Unfortunately, she returned back home late at night, telling you that the next days she need to go to the office since there are issues she needs to deal with. Working as the assistant of a bank CEO must be really stressful. You feel sorry for her since you planned the vacation with her for a long time. She has told you that she needed the time off, but now it does seem like, she won’t get any free time.
Your friend also told you, that she feels sorry for you since she will be leaving you alone, but you tell her not to worry about you.

„I can go by myself, exploring the streets Seoul. It’s okay.“ You tell her, so she will stop apologising to you.

The next day you made yourself some breakfast, took a shower and did your makeup for the day. You kept your outfit simple, with a crop top and some jeans.

At noon you make your way into the city, excited what you might experience. You walked through many little shops, watched clothes, makeup and observed, once again, the people on the street. It was, like yesterday, a beautiful sunny day. You enjoyed it a lot. With an ice cream in your hand, you walk around without a destination. You walked past the coffee shop where you drank coffee with your friend and immediately remembered the flower shop.  You quickly walked to the spot where you found the shop, wondering if it’s open. And success As you get to the shop, you see an open door.
Quickly, you eat your ice cream and enter the flower shop.

The room was filled with many table and shelves with hundreds of flowers and plants. The air filled with a beautiful and decent odour from the flowers. As you roam through the tables, you see a pot with rosy flowers shaped with deeply lobed leaves and larger blooms, with a strong fragrance. It was so beautiful, you couldn’t take your eyes of this flower.

„Can I help you?“ A voice from behind asks you. You get startled, not knowing what’s going on. You try to mutter a sentence. You did not expect that someone might talk with you, so you also did not prepare any sentence. Before you entered a shop, you always made up sentences in your mind, so you won’t get into any embarrassing situation, but now you are here.

You turn around to answer the voice but stop immediately as you recognise the one who was talking. The man from yesterday. The slim body with broad shoulders. The brown hair and the plump lips. Even in the few meters between you and the man, he is by far the most handsome man. Now you could fully admire him. His large eyes, his perfect nose and his lips. Oh, his lips. They were wonderful, kissable as if they were asked to be kissed by you. You kept staring at him, taking his presence fully in.

„Excuse me?“ He asked you once again, it seems like he gets impatient, since you are not answering him. He must think that you are ignoring him and disrespecting him.

Oh… am sorry. M-my Korean is not good, I need some time to think about what to say.“ You stutter an apology, hoping that he will understand you. He stared at you for a few seconds and started to laugh.

„It’s okay, I don’t mind. First I thought that you were ignoring me. Your accent is cute by the way.“
He was the first person to acknowledge your accent. It was one thing that you hated the most – your accent. You did not like it how you pronounce the words, but there is nothing to do against it, but practising. A shy and embarrassed smile crept on your face.

„You like these flowers?“ Jin took a look behind you, glancing at the pink flowers behind you. You quickly nodded, turning around to face the flowers now. They were so beautiful, you wanted to know their name, so you try to ask the man, who now stands right beside you. It took you a few seconds before you could ask him.

„What are they called “ You speak in your almost broken Korean, getting slightly embarrassed by how you speak. The man chuckled at you, his lips forming a cute smile.

„Peony, they are my favourites here. There smell is beautiful and they bloom in the most beautiful colours.“ Hearing him talking about flowers was so fascinating. He seems like a very romantic person, it fits his appearance. A beautiful man talking about beautiful flowers.

„Peonies embrace romance and prosperity and if you give them as a gift, you wish the person a good fortune and a happy marriage. The peony was named after a physician who was saved by being turned into the flower. It’s a really romantic story…oh, I am sorry, I always talk about my flowers too much. It’s just that I am really fascinated by flowers.“ He told you.You tried to follow him but could understand everything he was talking about. You smiled and nodded at him, trying to signal him that it is okay, which he replied with a smile, too.

You were like under a spell. He was so beautiful, his words, his presence, he was like a dream for you. A beautiful dream between many flowers. The two of you kept staring at each other for a few seconds.

„What’s your name?“ He finally asked you. This kept you off guard, quickly trying to remember your name.

„(Y/N)“ You answer him.

„A beautiful name, it could be the name of a blooming flower.“ He told you which got you blushing.

„I am Jin.“ He gave you his hand to skake, which you returned with your own. That means he is not only working here, he is the owner of this store. Quite unusual for a man to own a flower shop, but you think that this is cute. It makes him even more interesting.

„Nice to meet you, Jin,“ You told him. Jin offered you to show you around his while he told one of his workers Jungkook to keep an eye if someone else enters the shop. Jungkook seemed to be unpleased with the idea of him standing at the counter and waiting for people to come in. He was actually supposed to clean the shop. Jungkook works in this shop because he needs the money as a college student. Jin told you that he is a very shy kid and that it would be good for him to stand at the counter and interact with people. It will get him out of his comfort zone.

As Jin showed you around he taught you a lot about the flowers he has, their meanings, the care you have to take for them and more. Jin knows a lot about them, he is really passionate about flowers. You can see it by the way he is talking. With so much exciting his eyes he kept on talking for hours. Here and there he cracked a few jokes, which got Jungkook only to sign and shake his head in disbelieve. But Jin got all cracked up by his own jokes, that’s why you laughed along with him. You had to admit that a few of them are really funny and you were really happy, that you could understand most of them.

„I can’t believe, that someone is laughing at his jokes, I never thought that someone will step into this store thinking that these old man jokes are good.“ You hear a disbelieved Jungkook roam in the back of the room.

„Kid, pay some respect!“ You heard Jin rail against the young boy. A little fight started between them. The two boys seemed like they were brothers. The younger making fun of the older one. It was a sweet sight how they treated each other. For a moment it seemed like Jin forgot you. You looked around the room, observing every flower, table, shelve and the walls with many cards with prizes on it and a clock, shaped in a flower hanging. That’s when you noticed how late it actually got and with that, you remembered your friend, whom you were actually visiting.

„I need to go.“ You said in a rush, which got Jin confused. He did not understand why you suddenly wanted to leaf. „Someone is waiting for me, who I am visiting right now. I am very sorry.“ You explained him. Jin somehow seemed sad, as if he was disappointed that you are visiting someone else.

„I didn’t know that you have a boyfriend here. I am sorry, I wasted your time.“ He told you with a low tone, which ached your heart.

„No no no, I don’t have a boyfriend. I am only visiting my friend from high school, that’s all.“ You said shyly, exposing yourself as a single girl. Jin’s face lit up immediately but he caught himself.

„If that is the reason. You should go, don’t let your friend wait for so long. Maybe we will see each other?“ Jin asked you with you pleading eyes. You couldn’t say no at this sight.
You told your goodbyes to the two boys, as you made your way to your friends home.

She was already waiting for you in the living room with some takeout food. While eating you told her about your day, where you were, what you were doing and of course about the flower shop owner, Jin.

„I knew it, you fell in love“ You playfully slapped her arm, the two of you laughing.

„Are you going to see him again?“ She asked you curious. You wanted to see him again, you also promised him that you will see each other again. But how? Should you just come by again? Wouldn’t that be a bit clingy?

„I want you to buy me flowers for tomorrow!“ Your friend demanded you. You looked at her with big eyes, trying to understand what she just said.

„What? What for? Which ones? Where?“

„You know where Flower Shop owner Jin’s girlfriend.“ You blushed hard at her mentioning Jin and girlfriend in one sentence. You haven’t imagined being his girlfriend until now. Thinking about how he would bring you flowers every day, helping him in his shop, seeing him every day at any time, spending the spare time with him, going on romantic dates. By these thoughts you started to squeal, making you friend laugh hysterically.

„There is still the teenage (y/n) inside your heart. He got you wrapped around his fingers real hard. You have to see him again. Don’t deny it.“ She laughed at you even more.

„But wouldn’t that be clingy?“ You asked her.

„I think, that he is interested in you. Why should he show you around his shop? It is obvious that he has a crush on you, miss flower name.“ You started to thought about her words. She might be right, why should a stranger show you around his shop, explaining you the world of flowers and asking you to see him again.

In the nest morning, you made your way to the flower shop, once again, buying the flowers for your friend and also seeing Jin again. You were nervous. Really nervous, your heart pounded really hard with every step closer to the shop. It took you good 15 minutes to get there. You soon found yourself right over the way of the small shop. You could see him through the windows. Jin was watering some plants, with a smile on his face. He looked pleased and you liked what you saw there. Jin got up to get him new water, as he looked out of the window he saw you standing there at the other side of the window. He immediately smiled and waved you excited, signalling you to come in. 

And you did.


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