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4, 27, 43?

4. What got you into league in the first place?

     I saw my sisters played the game and it looked easy to pick up and fun.

27. Favorite special game mode?

     Poro King! I hope it comes back soon 8′D

43. Favorite lore champion?

    Kindred. “A Good Death” was amazing to read.

Ah, my love, I’ve shouldered burdens with you for so long it took awhile to realize
They were all yours and all mine resting on my shoulders
I’ve so many of my own, and I love you so much, the excess was not excessive
Until I realized, in my slow silly way, that I carried all the heart break
So much I didn’t cause, so much you don’t care about, so much I carry alone
So…I’m laying it all down, yours, mine, the our’s you never shared, all of it
From this day forward the only burdens these shoulders will carry are mine
And I intend to incur so few
In my slow, silly way


flarrow ladies meme: [3/5] female dynamics - Sara Lance & Nyssa Al Ghul 
↳ “She bore witness to a demonstration of his power, one that inspired terror in all who had came before, but Sara laughed. It was so innocent, so genuine. That was the moment I fell in love with her, I think. All I knew, all I craved was to hear her laugh once more.” 



Monday is always super difficult to deal with and it’s the start of the week so why not start off with something good right?

FLM basically just means sending love to all blogs you think deserve it.

-send in a compliment or what you like about their favorite blog or them in general!

-can be anon or not

-I’ll publish it and tag them

-others can comment on what they also love about them!

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of lack of self worth in this fandom and I want everyone to know how valued they are.

-SO! This will start tomorrow!!

Please reblog to spread the word!