Ah, my love, I’ve shouldered burdens with you for so long it took awhile to realize
They were all yours and all mine resting on my shoulders
I’ve so many of my own, and I love you so much, the excess was not excessive
Until I realized, in my slow silly way, that I carried all the heart break
So much I didn’t cause, so much you don’t care about, so much I carry alone
So…I’m laying it all down, yours, mine, the our’s you never shared, all of it
From this day forward the only burdens these shoulders will carry are mine
And I intend to incur so few
In my slow, silly way

So Smart

So smart, they always said, but her broken heart always made her stumble.
So smart, she needed to know how that drug would change perspective.
So smart, would this boy fill the void left by being defiled?
So smart, gave her heart once then locked it in Pandora’s box.
So smart, marry badly a few times just to learn the lessons.
So smart, learn everything including how to be ignored for years.
So smart, pour heart and soul into those she made to ensure love endures.
So smart, she never gives all to anyone because of memories.
So smart, love unreciprocated just to keep the heart broken.
So smart, they always said, but her broken heart always made her stumble.

Dark Shadow

The mirror of my need sheds light on the dark shadow of my character

The length I’ll go to satisfy my desire shows the depth of my deprivation

The abyss into which my heart dives following love is indication of broken

The fault is never with you who has been what you are from the beginning

The fault has always been with me who has alway been what I am

A broken being of deprivation and love’s eternal dark shadow