had the most amazing heart to heart with my RA and a bunch of girls in my hall last night.

We talked about everything from school to family to body image. It’s sooo ahmazing to feel that I’m not alone.I let a couple of people in on a big secret that i’ve only told my very best friends and trusted confidants. It took a huge weight off of my chest and I'mso glad I did it. 

See my hallway is called fllc (flick), it stands for freshman living learning community. It started out as 28 girls (the boys live downstairs) but the numbers have dwindled to about 23 and we consider ourselves a family. Sure we have our drama and whatnot (there are 20 something 18 and 19 year old girls) but we love each other and whenever one of us is in need we know that theres going to be someone there for us*. 

When non-fllc people come in and hear us yelling profanity down the hallway they kinda freak out. but after a little explaining the see that’s how we communicate. We always have a new phrase or name we call each other (right now our mottolis talk shit get hit - it’s a long story). 

We’re all different people, we’ve got cheerleaders, bums, potheads,jocks, smarty pants,video game nerds,super Christians etc. but we mesh well lately there's been a little inter-floor drama that everyone’s been in a rut about but in the middle my roommate got sick and now she’s in the hospital (where i’m writing this blog btw) everybody stopped arguing and instantly started freaking out. She's been here two days and the nurses are already talking about how many visitors she’s had. Us fllc girls stick up for each other and I’m dreading next year when we all split up into different dorms.

*Note we do have a couple girls on the floor who don’t care about anyone but themselves, its not perfect,but we’re working on them.