Mystic Messenger blogs to follow in 2017~

there have been so many amazing mystic messenger blogs contributing to the fandom this year, and these are just a few that I think you should check out! (not all are exclusively mystic messenger)




@neighborhoodtom (also art)




Gather round children
It’s SG AU time with Nerd

To preface this, I would like to say that I did have a kind of superhero au thing for the crew a while back??? But when Hero House happened, I kinda gave it a makeover (and added Boze)
Because of that, some of these hc’s are more based off of the crew’s HH personas than others.
Finally, I actually couldn’t come up with names for some of the members? So for the ones I point out, I would REALLY appreciate some suggestions of names! As funny as the ones from HH are, I kind of like to have cooler/more relevant names for this au.

(So this isn’t as fleshed out as HSAU but roll with it okay)

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Finally got around to watching Ripper Street today. It starts out a bit slow and confusing, but then it just grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. I stopped halfway through the first episode to go tell the husband that he had no choice but to watch it, because it was ABSOLUTELY FRAKKING BRILLIANT.


DI Edmund Reid (middle of the pic) is steady, calm, dedicated to law and order, and a fucking genius. DS Bennet Drake (to the left) seems rough and crass, but he’s hiding a gentle side and secrets. The American army surgeon-turned-Pinkerton-turned… some guy who lives in a brothel (on the right) is just full of secrets, but he’s got a sense of honor and he’s just as clever as the DI.

Do whatever is necessary. Take hostages if you must. Watch this.

(Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the one episode. Now I’m waiting for the husband to catch up so we can watch the rest of them together.)