• Joven: (reading the card) The one person I would not wanna spend hours sitting besides on a plane.
  • Flitz & Sohinki: (laughing)
  • Joven: It's TOO BAD that Sohinki is not on this card.
  • Sohinki: Ok, can I say this... One time we were on a plane on this particularly bumpy flight and I asked him [Joven] if he would hold my hand and he actually did it.
  • Wes & Flitz: AWWWWWW.
  • Joven: I'm gonna let you die on the plane next time.
CRAZY CARNIVAL GAMES! (Maricraft: Block of Live Pt. 4)
  • Flitz: Is this a Smosh Games carnival? Are they here?!
  • Joven: I used to be subscribed to that channel.
  • Sohinki: No, it used to actually be a reputable video game channel, they had like reviews and stuff, now they're just fuckin' dumb.
  • Lasercorn: Where's Ian and Anthony?