Hey guys! Look! Some original artwork! This is a gift for FlitterChaser who was the only one to give EB’s and Rockafilly’s mods a Sky High Five! So as a special reward, I drew her a picture c: She requested Flitter and Cloud Chaser! They’re high-fiving each other XD 
And this is my first attempt at humanizing ponies! I think I did a good job c: 

Oh, FlitterChaser, I know I said chibis, but they weren’t working out so I made them half-body instead XD


(( Wow, designing clothes is HARD. Especially on ponies. I tried not to make them too fancy. Looking at the mane six’ gala dresses and Princess Cadance’s wedding dress helped me understand that pony dresses are, in most cases, more like capes and rarely have sleeves. The gold stuff is fake of course, as the girls aren’t very rich. Flitter did their manes <3 ))

(( This picture has no context whatsoever.

Somehow, a wild let’s-ship-everypony orgy started in my livestream’s chat yesterday and it ended with Fuselight being paired up with both my girls. I objected, stating that if I were to ship them with his OC, it would have to be the genderbent version. And then this happened.

Stupid sexy Fuselight. ))