flitter flutter

there’s a man and he’s looking for a fairy girl to love 

as all do 
and men are tall and they have big arms and strong hands 

and little pink fae girls rained from the clouds 
all around him, 

flittering and fluttering
 he could catch as many as he wanted in his hands 

 just find one to cherish 
 and there he sees something tumbling, doing 

something intriguing

this one is not pink but she is gold and she is doing something different 
ahhh how fascinating the man observes 

he holds out his giant palm to catch her
“Ahhh what is that?” He asked 
and wrapped his fingers around her gently, t

o take her home 
to make her his own 

but this golden fairy started acting strange 

she wasn’t like the pink fairies, she didn’t like being held or contained  

 she even had a temper and started acting sour, 

she wouldn’t be held

just wanted to fly freely, to twirl around him 
and not be bound. 

and he scratched his head confused… 
‘whats wrong with you?’ 

he reprimanded, ‘why are you doing this?’ 

that fascinating golden fairy that he saw as special 

was really not like the rest, and for all of his rationality he just couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t submit faithfully in his hand 

and she started getting frustrated and trying to writhe her way out 

but it made him squeeze her harder to make sure she couldn’t 

‘what’s wrong with you?’ he kept asking, ‘why can’t you be…normal?’

and the longer she was held in his hands 

the more disturbed she became 

and it only made him squeeze her harder and harder, so she couldn’t get out, 

she was his now, and he had to keep her safe  

 but he squeezed her golden heart so much it stopped beating 

he waited for something special but didn’t know how to manage 

 the qualities that come with special

anonymous asked:

Summer time Drabble at the pool or the beach with Genji, Hanzo, McCree, and Reader (all platonic) with noodle dragons? Like going to get popsicles, doing tricks off a diving board/dock stuff like that? Thanks love!


You kicked your feet up high, sand shooting up with your steps. Genji walked next to you, mask off to revel in the sea breeze brushing up against his face. 

You smiled up at him with an eyebrow raised before sprinting away, bolting to the ocean. He quickly caught up and the two of you leapt into the waves, laughing the whole time. 


You lay on the cool floor, hearing the chirrup of insects just outside. Hanzo raised an eyebrow at your groan before handing you a popsicle. 

You absent-mindedly licked it, enjoying the cool fruity taste that greeted you. You have a grumble at how put together he was, pointing the fan towards your sweaty body. 


He poked the fire, flitters of embers fluttering up through the air. The air was heavy with the smell of smoke and you are comforted by the heady smell. 

He slid a marshmallow onto the end of a stick, handing it to you. You held it over the fire while Mccree prepared his own stick, you watching the white puff turn brown. 


You had warned him, seeing the mischievous look on his face as he cornered you onto the dock. He stood there intimidatingly, you unamused. 

His arms were around your waist before you could blink, lifting you into the air. With an easy flick of his arms, you soared into the air, a large splash of water as you hit the water

Being surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains resets my soul.

The immensity of the natural world puts my life in perspective.

I stare in wonder, my eyes never tiring of the majestic vista.

I inhale the enticing scents of pine and sweet wildflowers.

The roar of the river obscures all sound, but the cries of the birds, and the flitter flutter of hummingbird wings.

I gorge myself on this sensory feast, and emerge renewed.

©Cee Hunter, June 2016

Rain's Solace Sonance

flower petals
From ivy
Tree tips,

In feathery rain’s
Like waves
At salty
Distant shores.

A reason
For the

To the Zodiac Signs,

Dear Leo, if your body is aching and your lungs are exploding I promise you are not alone. We all must grip ourselves to keep from falling apart, as though every atom in our body has suddenly chosen it would rather be elsewhere. You will live you will live you will live. 

Dear Virgo, fly free little bird. If you are determined to move forwards then you must allow the ties that tether you to the past to break. Know that you will be missed if you do decide to go.

Dear Libra, the ground is not such a bad place to find your footing. Even the most beautiful of skies gets boring when you’re flying alone.

Dear Scorpio, your honesty is refreshing and needed. Don’t allow anyone to push you away because of your ability to speak your mind.

Dear Sagittarius, it’s so hard to gain traction amongst unsure ground. Keep fighting, keep climbing, you’re almost there.

Dear Capricorn, what is linear to you may not be to those around you. As a bird you flutter and flitter where you please, but to some this may seem like flakiness or even toying with emotions. Be patient and try explaining your process to those interested. 

Dear Aquarius, time is a gift, do not squander it on people who fail to treat you right. You’re worth so so so much more. 

Dear Pisces, I’m so sorry that they left you. I hope you know they never meant you any harm and still love you dearly. Sometimes people must run away in order to see what was right in front of them. 

Dear Aries, hold the summer in your heart and it will carry you through the icy winter ahead. Do not let yourself grow heavy because the rest of the world has frozen over.

Dear Taurus, I’m so proud of you, do not let radio silence make you believe otherwise. Validation is not the measure of your success, but rather your own sense of progress.

Dear Gemini, how long can you keep this up? At some point the words you’ve been choking on will bubble to the surface and you’ll have to face the truth. Do not shy away. The air will be easier to breathe once you come clean. 

Dear Cancer, feel safe in your happiness. This is no trick and you’ve earned a bit of peace of mind.

There is a sacred calling on your life, and the question is: Will you spend your life flittering and fluttering about or take the time and really heed that call and create your own path to your highest good?…You cannot let other people define your life for you. You are the author of your own life…Real power is when you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, the best it can be done. Authentic power. There’s a surge, there’s a kind of energy field that says, “I’m in my groove, I’m in my groove.” And nobody has to tell you, “You go, girl,” because you know you’re already gone.
—  Oprah Winfrey

Twas Halloween evening
And through the abode 
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a toad.

Jack-o-lanterns are hung 
On the gallows with care
To guide Sister Witch 
As she flies through the air.

Drawn by eight beautiful bats. 
And she calls out to them:
Come Flitter, come Flutter
Come Flapper and Flier
Come Chitter, come Chatter,
come Vicious Vampire.

—  The Addams Family
LotF High School- Jackass-Merridew

Simon sat at his desk, which was tucked away to the side of the room, by the windows. His homework, neatly written and pages numbered, lay out in front of him. He rested his head on his hand, elbow propping up both. The eyes of the boy traced the path of a butterfly, watching it flitter and flutter this way and then the other. It was then that the teacher called for everyone’s attention. 

“Children- Children, please, settle down! Today we have a new student!”

anonymous asked:

I need your help. People around me have been refusing to take me and my personal evil abilities seriously, despite my numerous as assertations on the contrary. Is there anything I can do to restore their faith in me and show that I am indeed the very essence of the things that go bump in the night? Much appreciated.

Give your cares to going bump in the night and this alone will set your path will right. Let people flitter and flutter and spit and sputter as they will – none of their petty concerns or gossiplings have any real effect on your blackened heart and its ethereal chill.