Lipstick on Your Collar Gifset. Small Valentine’s Day gift for my favorite German gals Mimi, Hanna and Feli, i.e. people I annoy all day everyday and who still want to talk with me. Endless smooches! <3

Featuring also a bb Douglas Henshall for the lovely Liathgorn whose taste in men and Pianist Friday posts is unrivaled. This adorable man.

afascinatingparadox-deactivated  asked:

Hi! :) Your PBSbatch post inspired me to look for the video of the event (somehow I always forgot to watch it), and now I wondered if the one on youtube with about 47min is the right one, or if there exists a longer tumblr internal version? Have a good night!

Oh you’re in for a treat then :)

The 47 minute version is the official edited version, but there was also the live stream version which many recorded. I don’t have it uploaded, but YT has several videos of that. There are some differences so it’s definitely worth checking both versions imo.