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What I think of Dee? Hmmm... Well, when I first met Dee, I thought she was rather arrogant because she never really spoke to me (I have terrible first impressions) but when I took a class with her, I still thought that and I stayed away. But when out classes moved and I sat next to her, I saw tumblr. And text posts. And a beautiful friendship blossomed! Dee got me into rping and rping makes me happy! And we can talk about online stuff and I can confess to her abt aything and she will listen. Ily

((I KNOW WHO THIS IS BC THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON HERE THAT I GO TO CLASS WITH AND THAT IS TASH <3 Hahahaha is it fair to say that I first thought you were pretty snobby to begin with too? I’m so glad I put that impression behind me though~ I’m so glad we bonded over Tumblr that day cus then I would’ve missed out on this awesome friendship with this cutie-patootie~ Ily too man <3

To those wondering how she found me, this is literally what happened:

Tasha          Friend             Me

^Sees me scrolling down my dashboard on my laptop.

"GASP. You have Tumblr??"

Me: “You have Tumblr too??”

Both: “EEEYYYYYYYYYY~” *highfive*

And that was how strangers became friends. My friend in the middle was so weirded out by us xD