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amy acker | “James kept telling me he thought we would be love interests.”

james marsters | “I kinda hoped Fred and Spike would have a relationship, but it never happened. I thought it would be a great counterpoint because she’s so wholesome and wonderful and he’s so not. Yeah… I thought that they were gonna go that way from the very beginning when I was a ghost and she was being nice to me… but then they decided to go elsewhere. I don’t know why.” (x)


“Pretty please with a cherry on top do a cute George X reader imagine! I love how you write the boys, especially Georgie”

“Just a quick question sorry I don’t mean to annoy you no pressure or anything just there going to be any new George and reader stories coming soon? Love you xxxx”

“I don’t mean to be rude just a bin fan of yours here wondering if you could maybe write something cute for George and the reader?”

“Have you got another Georgie baby story writing things coming soon? I’m craving georgie so badly atm 😍😍😇😇”

“Can we hoping for or expecting any more reader X george writings coming our way soon? (Love you and your writing ily)”

“…Do you have any other George X readers coming soon and could you maybe tell us what it will be about and maybe when you think it will be up? No pressure I just love your writing!!!”

“Could i have an imagine where you have been dating george for a while and he is super protective of you and yah. protective george is all i ask for”


(Specific) Request: I have no idea if requests are open but can you do a George imagine where he gets badly hurt during a quidditch match and has to get a surgery. After that surgery he’s still druged up and asks the reader who she is. When she tells him that she’s his girlfriend he can’t believe it and keep asking weird but cute questions about their relationship😂 idk i think it would be funny! Hope you will write it because i’m a big fan of your writing❤️

AN/: I’m posting three Imagines today since I won’t be on tomorrow because I’ve got cheer competitions coming up, so here’s 1 of 3 :)

“Gryffindor in possession of the Quaffle!” Lee’s voice echoed around the stadium. You were watching your boyfriend and his team play against Slytherin, happy that we were taking the lead,

“The scores sit at 130 - 60 in Gryffindor’s fa— HARRY POTTER HAS SEEN THE SNITCH!” Lee suddenly shouts halfway through his sentence. The stands filled with green boo’d and shouted, while the stands of red and gold cheered and applauded.

“Malfoy is hot on Potter’s tail, trying to get to the Snitch first” Lee continued, “COME ON HARRY!”

“Lee…” McGonagall warned,

“Sorry Professor… Katie Bell scores for Gryffindor, bumping the scores up to a whopping 140 - 60, Gryffindor’s way!”,

The Slytherin crowd begin to boo again, and now their team was getting mad. They started to swear and swing their fists in the air in frustration.

Flint said something to Crabbe and Goyle before they both flew off with a wicked grin on their faces.

“George Weasley smacks a bludger away from Alicia Spinnet” Lee commentates. Moments later, George had Crabbe on his left, bumping him forcefully every chance he got. George turned his broom around to fly the other way when he ran straight into Goyle, waiting for him with his bat held high.


“NOOOO!” you screamed out.

Goyle had swung his bat at George, the bat whacking the side of his head. George fell off his broom, falling towards the ground at an increasing speed.


“Georgie… George are you alright?” you say looking down at your boyfriend, his eyes beginning to flutter open. “George had suffered a minor concussion,” Madam Pomfrey had said,

You, Lee and the rest of the Gryffindor team had followed George into the hospital wing.

George’s eyes were open now, taking in his surroundings and eyeing everyone curiously. He had a bandage wrapped around his head, with blood seeping through,

“He may have also suffered temporary amnesia,” Madam Pomfrey said before leaving the room.

George looked around at everyone who were huddled around him, until his eyes stopped on you. He gave you an interested look, staring at you intently.

“Hey there,” George slurred in a flirty tone, causing Fred to laugh and facepalm at George’s attempt to hit on his own girlfriend,

“Uh… hey there Georgie, how are you feeling?” you ask, trying not to draw attention to his flirtiness, trying to save him from embarrassment,

“Much better now that I’m looking at you, sugar” George says with a wink, prepping himself up on his elbow to get a better look at you.

Now everyone in the room were turning away and laughing at his flirty comments, trying to make it as less obvious as possible how funny this was to them,

“You gave us a bit of a fright Georgie, do you remember much, babe?”

“Babe? I could get used to that,” George says with a cheeky smile. Now the others weren’t even trying to be discrete, exchanging looks with each other while laughing,

“You should already be used to it by now, I’ve been calling you that for the past year and a half,” you say to him, now not being able to hold back your laughter either.

George gave you a bewildered look,

“George, I’m your girlfriend!” you laugh, and so do the others. George looks at you with complete astonishment,

“You’re my girlfriend?” he says with wide eyes, “Wow… Go me” he says with a goofy smile, not being able to believe his luck, “How did I ever manage to get such a stunning girl like you?”

You blush and hide your face behind your hands while the others roar with laughter, Fred wolf-whistling.

“You’ll remember soon enough, Georgie,” you say as you put your hand in his.

He looks down at your hand and puts his other on top, looking back up at you and smiled,

“Oh my god, you’re even more beautiful up close,” George says, causing you to blush even more. The girls all “aaaaaaw” while the boys all groan at the sappiness.

“Have I told you I love you yet?” he asked, genuinely wondering. You laugh at the sudden question, the others laughing at his clueless state,

“Yes George, you have” you smile, shaking your head.

George looks away, his expression of amazement coming back.

“Good, because I do,” he says, as the “aaaws” and groans get louder, along with a couple of vomit sounds from Fred and Lee.

You sit there for a few moments, seeing George trying to comprehend everything, while the others behind you make jokes and talk quietly about George,

“Have we had sex yet?” he asks,

“WOOOOOAH” everyone choruses at once, not wanting to get involved in the answer, let alone not wanting to know the answer, nor think about it for that matter. You immediately go crimson red and pull your knees up to you and hide your face from embarrassment,

“We’re gonna just leave you two here, because I’m afraid I may just vomit at any moment,” Fred says in a disgusted voice.

Everyone walked out the door, still howling with laughter and re-quoting the things that George had said.

When the two of you were alone, you looked back up at him from behind your knees, trying to hold back your laughter,

“I so did, didn’t I,” he said as he punched the air with his fist, screaming ‘WOOOO’ as he did so.

my-unique-mind  asked:

Fred x reader, the reader is a ravenclaw and is good friends with Ginny but she is two years older than her. The reader loves reading but also sports and partying. She is invited to Bill and Fleur's wedding. She comes in and the twins see her, Fred particularly interested, she hang out with Ginny for a while then Fred and her starts flirting. In the attack she fights good but get hurt and she gets taken care of at the burrow by Fred, lot of fluff!

A/n: So sorry this took so long to get out. I had some stuff going on the day you sent this and yesterday. Plus we lost Carrie Fisher and it was a very hard hit. 

Warnings: None

You closed your book and placed it on the table as Ginny walked towards your way. 

“Hey Ginny!” You greet her as she pulls up a chair. Your eyes left her and went over to the Weasley twins who were walking in the library now. You then quickly looked back, giving your attention to Ginny. 

“Hey Y/N,” Ginny greets. “You know my brother Bill right?” 

“Not personally but I have heard you mention him once or twice,” You reply. 

“Well he is getting married to a French girl named Fleur and I wanted to know if you would like to come to the wedding?” Ginny asked. You thought for a moment. A wedding would be fun, lots of food and music. 

“I would love that Ginny!” You tell her. “Weddings are always fun. Are all your brothers going to be there?” 

“Oo, does Y/N like one of my brothers?” Ginny asked. “Wait. Ew no, you wouldn’t.” You laughed at Ginny’s comment. 

“No Ginny, not yet,” You joked. 

“Y/N!” Ginny exclaims. You laughed again. 

“I’ll see you then Ginny. Have a nice summer,” You tell her. 

You sat alone in Ginny’s room, she was probably off snogging Harry but you didn’t mind. You twirled around in your dress, it was a muggle dress but you didn’t mind. The dress was white at the top with long sleeves, then purple from waist down, it went to your knees. There was also a cute purple bow tied on on your left hip. 

“Well that’s not a very witch like dress,” says a voice. You turn yourself around to see Fred and George standing there. 

“My dad is a muggle, said I can only go if I’m in the dress,” You tell the twins. “Well quite staring! You’re acting like you’ve never seen a girl in a dress before! Besides there is a wedding to get to.” You walk out of the room and to the Wedding tent. 

After Bill and Fleur finished marrying they began to dance. As much as you loved parties and Weddings, you could not dance. During the Yule Ball, you were dancing round and spilled punch all over yourself. 

“Miss Perfect isn’t a dancer huh?” You hear. It was Fred.

“Why Miss Perfect, Weasley?” You ask. 

“You are a Ravenclaw, meaning you must be really smart, your captain of the Ravenclaw Qudditch Team, and everyone likes you,” Fred says. 

“Is someone jealous?” You say, flirty like. “I didn’t expect you to be the jealous type Weasley.” 

“Who said I was jealous? Why can’t I just be admiring your traits?” Fred teases. “Lets not forget Miss Perfect spilled punch all over herself.” 

“Shut up Weasley,” You say with a small laugh. All of the sudden it got really quite and a blue ball of light came through the tent. 

“The ministry has fallen. The minster of magic is dead. They are coming,” The blue ball whispered. “They are coming!”

Everyone screamed and began to apparate. Harry rushed to grab Ginny as Death Eaters came into the tent but Lupin pulled him away. You grabbed Fred’s hand but then let go as two Death Eaters caught your attention. You stuperflied one of them, sending them back, out of the tent. You turned to Fred to see if he saw that, which cause the second Death Eater to easily fire at you, literally. 

Skurjihfiy!” The Death Eater yelled. Luckily the Death Eater was pointing at your shins, so it was only your shins that got burned. It hurt very bad, it was like rubbing a hot steaming rock up and down your legs. You couldn’t even stand anymore because of the pain. Tears were streaming down your face but that wasn’t going to stop you. 

“Stuperfly!” You cast. The Death Eater went flying back. You dropped your wand and wenced in pain. Fred rushed to your side. “Is it over?” 

“Yeah its over,” Fred mumbles. “It’s alright, you’ll live.” Molly rushed over to you along with Ginny. 

“Fred carry her inside, George help make a spot on the couch for her, I’ll be there shortly,” Molly orders. You felt Fred’s hand under your back as he scoops you up. 

“Even when your injured you kept fighting,” Fred says to you. “You are brave Miss Perfect.” Tears were still streaming down your face. George took all the pillows off the couch expect for one. Fred carefully laid you down on the couch, making sure you were comfortable. He then started combing through your hair, trying to distract you from the pain.

“She’ll still be able to walk,” Molly says. She puts a wet rag on the burns, you screamed in pain. 

“Shush, it’s going to be all right, you just rest,” Fred says, still combing through your hair. Your eyes fell shut, and the last thing you saw was Fred, wiping off your tears. 

You woke up on the couch, your legs were all wrapped up but you couldn’t feel any pain anymore. You gave a small sigh, you were happy the pain was gone. 

“Hey Miss Perfect,” You hear a soft voice say. It was Fred. You looked down at your clothing and noticed you were in a jumper and muggle leggings. 

“Hey Weasley,” You greet him as you re-position yourself. 

“You’re really cute when your sleeping you know that? 

“And you’re really cute when your pretending to care,” You reply. 

“Who says I was pretending?” Fred says, flirty like. He leans in and kisses you lips, you then smiled. 

“Its about time!” Ginny says. You couldn’t help but to laugh. “I wanted you two to work out from the beginning but Y/N here was just too shy. Didn’t know a Death Eater attack could bring two people together.” You glanced up into Fred’s eyes, this time you kissed him. 

“Neither did I.”