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bnha x mysme crossover!!!! i want a bnha dating game 

I had a hard time thinking of who to put as Seven, but ultimately I decided on Shinsou for the following reasons:

  • I am biased
  • I, like many others, hc Shinsou as a techy kinda guy
  • They both like cats
  • They’re both perpetually T I R E D
  • They’re both suffering on the inside

٩(●ᴗ●)۶ Haha some Klance for Today ! ❤

(I used a reference but I don’t know who is the original artist of this reference, so~)

Do not repost without my consent~


@skeletorific thanks for a message that absolutely made me laugh - and woops, you may need to work on that poker face ;D

anonymous asked:

Jiminie~~! Youve been getting more beautiful with each passing day 💕 i was wondering how kookie handles it? Do you ever just catch him staring at you for an absurd amount of time? Do you ever purposely make yourself super cute to make your cute giant baby flustered??? -jikook trash (yess im back admin 😂 how was your day??? Mine was...a little less than okay😔)

JM: well i do try to act cute everytime and everytime he gets flustered hihihi ;^)

(( my jikook trash anon <33 well im doing ok?? i was a bit unmotivated for these past days… just idk.. but im good now, tho lotsa school works… AAAA WHYY WHYY U CAN TELL ME ANYTHING OK?? I’LL DO MY BEST TO OFFER SOME HELP )) - kila