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bnha x mysme crossover!!!! i want a bnha dating game 

I had a hard time thinking of who to put as Seven, but ultimately I decided on Shinsou for the following reasons:

  • I am biased
  • I, like many others, hc Shinsou as a techy kinda guy
  • They both like cats
  • They’re both perpetually T I R E D
  • They’re both suffering on the inside

Dr. Iplier.exe has stopped working.

@skidspace Look at these boys being cute I love them so much.

A little random short animated picture. Nightmare caught a good Sans, but he was not expected what kind of Sans, soo diffently the wrong one. 😂
Nightmare, handle this!😅
UL!Sans looks thirthty so, Nightmare better run…😆

Hope you like it.

Nightmare!Sans by @dreamtale-au / @jokublog….. (by joku)

UL!Sans by @nsfwshamecave