The Signs When They Have A Crush:
  • Aries: laughs too much
  • Taurus: looks anywhere but at them
  • Gemini: *starts a debate*
  • Cancer: plays "hard-to-get" and subtlety flirts
  • Leo: becomes their best friend
  • Virgo: asks them out
  • Libra: is flirty and gives nice compliments
  • Scorpio: takes pics when they're not looking
  • Sagittarius: *drops all the hints*
  • Capricorn: waits for them to initiate a convo
  • Aquarius: makes them stuff and shares their food
  • Pisces: stares at them longingly from afar

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Jocelyn seeing Magnus after being awoken and remembering him as the High Warlock of Brooklyn, so dark and mysterious and perturbing, and then seeing him all flirty and fluffy with his Alexander iS THAT MARYSE’S SON OMFG EVERYTHING IS SO ABSURD-

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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 12.29.16

theme thursday: NYE party dresses

floral minidress by nelliuzun

this fun and flirty floral dress is made from comfortable and thick poly fabric with excellent twirl. see the pics?! so fun!

Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Sagittarius, out of no where: I love you
  • Pisces, stares at her:
  • Sagittarius, covers mouth: I'm so- sorry
  • Pisces, smiles softly: That's okay, ma'am. Your total is $16.89, plus the discount for being cute