like a shsl president
  • saihara: mr ouma, thanks for coming to your performance review.
  • ouma: no problem.
  • saihara: so your shsl title is president, is that right?
  • ouma: absolutely, im the boss.
  • saihara: well take us through a day of the life of "the boss".
  • ouma: well the first thing i do is...
  • ouma: solve crimes (like a boss)
  • ouma: talk to people (like a boss)
  • ouma: tell lies (like a boss)
  • ouma: drink fanta (like a boss)
  • ouma: flirt with people (like a boss)
  • ouma: get laid (like a boss)
  • ouma: fuck amami (like a boss)
  • ouma: pretend im dead (like a boss)
  • ouma: act like komaeda (like a boss)
  • ouma: plot my own death (like a boss)
  • ouma: get crushed (like a boss)
  • ouma: now im dead (like a boss)
  • saihara: so...that's like an average day for you then.
  • ouma: no doubt.
  • saihara: you got crushed and died.
  • ouma: hell yeah.
  • saihara: okay, this had been interesting for me.
  • ouma: im the boss.
  • saihara: yeah, i got it. you said it like 11037 times.
  • ouma: im the boss.
  • saihara: no, i heard you, see you later!
  • ouma: *dabs* LIKE A BOSS

‘You should get to know me.’

Evil kara is smoking hot like - red kryptonite removes all inhibitions so imagine her just shamelessly flirting with coworkers, acting like the boss bitch she is, all while walking around like she owns the place.

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I can’t be the only person who thinks Deacon and the Survivor flirt.

Deacon’s like, “Damn, boss. You rock that outfit like it’s your god damn birthright.” and the Survivor’s like “Nice jeans, D. They’d look even better on my floor.” but they’re still just buddies. Buddies who compliment each other’s asses A.K.A. the best kind of buddies.

anonymous asked:

I'm really upset with my coworker. He likes to flirt with female customers a lot, and my boss has written him up multiple times. But one of my favorite customers stopped coming in and has been driving an extra 20 minutes to another store to avoid him because he makes her so uncomfortable. I had to transfer some items from that store, and I ran into her while I was there. I'm sad to see her go and not my coworker.