I think the biggest reason I enjoy Reyes romance is not just because Reyes as a person is super interesting and attractive to me (though it is a factor) but because Reyes feels a lot more dynamic than the squad mates.

Reyes’ life doesnt revolve around Ryder. When we meet him and when we leave him, he always has his own shit going on. He doesn’t drop everything at the end of his quest to join your crew because he can’t. Even the romance itself felt like an inversion of biowares usual romances because whilst most flirting usually comes across as Ryder hardcore flirting with someone like a boss awkwardly hitting on their employees, Flirting with Reyes felt more like allowing myself to be seduced: like I was letting him I was interested and giving him a chance to impress me.

And, of course, you can’t romance Reyes and also work against his plans which is something I wished happened more in Bioware games. Using Liam and Peebee as examples: their loyalty missions involve them being super irresponsible and shit, and even though you have a chance to call them out on it nothing really comes of any disagreement other than a few harsh words. You still earn their loyalty and romances are unaffected on any meaningful level.

It should be possible to ‘fail’ more relationships and dialogue in these games because it’s an rpg and story is part of the game. It should be treated as part of the experience and it makes the relationships and interactions more interesting because of it. The games should emphasise the fact that you simply can’t please everyone all of the time.

How you know each personality likes you.

(Source: This is (loosely) based on situations I’ve seen around me. Please don’t take anything personally, this is solely done with the purpose of being fun. Nothing scientific. ;).)  But if you relate to any of this or want to share your own experience please Repost and share it. I’m very interested in hearing more about it.

  • ENFP: ENFP’s will smile even more than normally around you and seem starstruck and even shy when they are near you. They seem to pop up everywhere you go. Warning: Do not confuse this with them just being nice or talkative to you. Sometimes them being overly chilled around you is not a good sign. That may mean that they like you as a friend. They are nice to everyone and like pretty much everyone (as a friend) so think twice before you decide they’re actually flirting. ENFP guys might be a little more forward than the females (societies fault). Conclusion: if an ENFP finds you interesting enough to focus on you doing your thing - you’ve caught their interest. They love someone who can stimulate them and feed up their extroverted intuition. There should be no doubt when you’re interesting them for real. 
  • ESFP: The ESFP will be very quick to figure out they like you and will be quick to make a move and they will know exactly how to turn on their irresistible charms. They will most likely not talk about their feelings to anyone even though they will think about them non-stop. Beware that the ESFP might get bored after a while and may change their mind and see someone else who gets their attention. But if you’re the one they might just be able to focus only on your sexy ass. ;)
  • INFP: The INFP will idealize the crap out of you and have probably talked to their best friends about how wonderful and perfect you are (only very close ones). They might even have imagined whole scenarios where you might or might not have been giving them signs - like looking intensively into their eyes (read: soul). They will probably remember every word you’ve said and studied you to the inner core and will take everything about you and fit them to their own personal world. Let’s say you hate cats but like to read sometimes and the INFP loves cat’s and loves to read. The INFP will throw the cat thing out of the window and imagine you reading all the time.  The INFP will that way come to the conclusion that you fit perfectly together. Look at their Facebook page. They might be posting quotes or stuff that fit perfectly what you were talking about yesterday. Also if you keep getting anonymous poems sent to your phone, you know where they came from.
  • ISFP: The ISFP will probably not make any move. You will need to make a move on them. Most ISFP’s like being chased - at least that is what frequently happens. It’s very hard to see whether they actually like you or not until you’ve chased them for a while. Then they might open them self up. Or not. They might have a great crush on you but still reject you a few times. You never know.


  • INFJ: The INFJ will seem to be completely unaware that you exist until a friend (Who has probably figured out that you’re having a crush on the INFJ) talks them into making a awkward move. Beware of adorable bad puns. When you’re alone they will tell you that they’ve liked you long before you noticed them. They were just too awkward to do anything about it. If they’re spiritual it’s very likely that they have prayed a lot to get to know you. Remember that on the inside the INFJ can be very logically thinking. Even though they like you they might hesitate to do anything at all until they’re sure they’re doing the right thing. Relationships are serious business for them and they want to be sure they’re not going to hurt anyone. Breaking up is not something they’re planning on doing. It’s also a good sign if they take time to talk with you and even counsel you or teach you about things that interest them.
  • ISFJ: ISFJ’s are going to be very awkward and shy around you and can barely talk about their crush to anyone. They will at most act like their usual sweet helpful self around you and might offer to do something helpful for you. They might even give you something sweet. But don’t expect them to make a move.
  • ISTJ: The ISTJ will basically find you attractive, choose you and then professionally flirt with you. They will probably do this on Facebook and/or face to face. They will also most likely dress irresistibly. When you’ve been “chosen” by the ISTJ they will not stop until they’ve either gotten what they want or you’ve rejected them. In that case they’re quick to move on to the next target.

  • INTJ: The INTJ will basically notice your existence. That’s a big step of knowing whether a INTJ likes you. They will also listen to you without constantly interrupting you. You feel like they are actually interested in YOU (talking about things that interest you or apply to you.) It’s a plus sign if they take time to explain intellectual concepts to you. Also try to keep your ears open. If they seem to know things you’ve not told told them they might have googled you. If that’s obvious - then that’s a very good sign that they are actually interested in you.

  • ENTJ: Figure out you like them. Kiss you. Figure out they rushed into things and take four weeks to make a rational decision about whether to keep pursuing a relationship or not. Decide that it’s a good decision and invite your confused ass to dinner. Ask you too marry them in 3 months.

  • ESTJ: ESTJ’s are, like ISTJ’s, very direct. If they like you they will probably talk to you a lot and actually show their interest. ESTJ men will most likely be more direct than the women (again, society’s fault). If you’ve read the book “He’s not that into you” - that might fit an ESTJ very well. The women are also most likely direct but not as much as men. But they will show that they like you - flirting and bossing you around a bit. ESTJ’s are very rarely scared to just do it. It either works or it doesn’t. That’s life. ESTJ’s are also often very service oriented and if they have feelings for someone they will often show love through service. “Actions speak louder than words” is a definition that fit the ESTJ very well when it comes to love.

  • ESFJ: ESFJ’s can take a long time to figure their own feelings out. They are great understanding other people’s feelings (Srong extraverted feeling) but it can take them a while to figure their own feelings out. In the meantime they will probably act very motherly/fatherly around you. They will worry a lot about you and become very jealous if you’re hanging with someone of the opposite sex (assuming that you’re heterosexual). After they finally figure out that they like you they will probably panic and be very emotional nervous wrecks around you and finally just talk to you about it. Then you know for sure. Hopefully you’ve not given up on the wait by then.

  • ENFJ: When the ENFJ figures out they like you they will actively seek you out. They will invite you to every event they’ve planned on going to, along with other friends. Like the ESFJ they are better at understanding other peoples feelings than their own (Strong Fe) so it might take a while for them to actually do figure out they’re crushing on you. Like the ESFJ they will most likely panic when they figure it out and might even figure it out too late or after you have moved on with your life and given up. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  • ESTP: There won’t be any doubt that they’re after you. The only thing you have to worry about is whether they’re after ONLY you. ESTP’s are very adventurous and they like looking around. This doesn’t mean that they do this all the time. But before anything serious has started be sure not to take anything too seriously until the ESTP makes it clear it’s ONLY you he/she wants. If you’re the one the ESTP will make that clear to you and do all he/she can to keep you.

  • ENTP:  To an ENTP love is a game. If you catch their interest they are going to go all over you really fast trying to win your heart.They might be cautious at first (until they know the person likes them back) and will make moves that are not that obvious but might win you over. They can be very flamboyant but not as much as the ESTP. Sometimes they might even pass as introverts. But they will not easily give up on a “game” they’ve started. They have to win!  If an ENTP gets what he/she want’s he/she will keep it. 

  • ISTP: If an ISTP is not withholding information about themselves from you it’s a sign they might actually like you - but being as mysterious as they are it’s hard to tell. But it’s a really positive sign f they actually care enough to tell you about their day and life. If they miraculously share ANY of their feelings with you then you can at least be sure that they like you in some way. How serious it is is another matter. Also don’t take it too personally if they don’t seem as interested in you as in the new Cadillac their friend purchased. Even if they forget that they’re on a date and leave you without letting you know to try the car out out (true story).

  • INTP: Similar to the ISTP the sign of an INTP taking the initiative to talk to you is a very positive sign. Especially with deeper, more complex, and probing conversation, he or she likes you and wants to get to know you better. And if he/she seems to be actively seeking you out for these beyond-small-talk conversations, then he or she probably already has a crush on you. If he/she is getting really nervous around you it’s very likely that his/her feelings are getting stronger. INTP’s along with ISTP’s have a hard time handling strong emotions and sometimes don’t know what to do about them. 

Hi! I’m back! :D

You know how much I love poly!ships so… Let me tell you about IwaOiSuga Mafia Au… where Suga is the Boss and IwaOi his loyal bodyguards. They would do anything for him.

Also DaiSuga as archenemies in this au bc WHY NOT. They hate each other. Daichi want to rule the business so IwaOiSuga are a menace. He actually tried to kill Suga once(?) and IwaOi wasn’t happy about that bc NOBODY TOUCH THEIR BOSS

Suga will take care of Iwa’s injuries <3333 and Iwa would act like it was nothing bc “it’s my work to take care of you”

Mainwhile Oikawa like the big baby he is ;) “Suga-chaaaan~ what about a kiss to make the pain go away~?” He is just teasing but Suga kisses him anyway


IwaSuga get along just fine but SOMEONE has something to say xD


‘You should get to know me.’

like a shsl president
  • saihara: mr ouma, thanks for coming to your performance review.
  • ouma: no problem.
  • saihara: so your shsl title is president, is that right?
  • ouma: absolutely, im the boss.
  • saihara: well take us through a day of the life of "the boss".
  • ouma: well the first thing i do is...
  • ouma: solve crimes (like a boss)
  • ouma: talk to people (like a boss)
  • ouma: tell lies (like a boss)
  • ouma: drink fanta (like a boss)
  • ouma: flirt with people (like a boss)
  • ouma: get laid (like a boss)
  • ouma: fuck amami (like a boss)
  • ouma: pretend im dead (like a boss)
  • ouma: act like komaeda (like a boss)
  • ouma: plot my own death (like a boss)
  • ouma: get crushed (like a boss)
  • ouma: now im dead (like a boss)
  • saihara: so...that's like an average day for you then.
  • ouma: no doubt.
  • saihara: you got crushed and died.
  • ouma: hell yeah.
  • saihara: okay, this had been interesting for me.
  • ouma: im the boss.
  • saihara: yeah, i got it. you said it like 11037 times.
  • ouma: im the boss.
  • saihara: no, i heard you, see you later!
  • ouma: *dabs* LIKE A BOSS