anonymous asked:

how would the matsus act when jealous? or maybe like if they see somebody flirting with their crush?

You got it boss.

Osomatsu: literally goes up to them and socks them in the face. He starts a big fight and ends up begging you to clean his wounds. He ends up being pouty for hours if he can’t fight the problem.

Karamatsu: Clingy, he tries playing it off that he just wants to hang out more. If he sees someone flirting with his crush. he talks to them normally but when the crush isnt there, he regards the flirter as a “love rival”.

Choromatsu: He gets a lot more naggy and frustrated with his crush. In the presence of the flirter, he doesn’t hide his dead inside look. He knows he has the upper hand because you have his Twitter handle.

Ichimatsu: He ‘tch’s a lot more. He doesn’t think he’s good enough anyways, but this chode near you? He glares and scares the flirter away.

Jyushimatsu: jealousy??? Noooo! What does his crush mean he snapped his bat in half? They’re flirter is going to be one of the few people to see Jyushimatsu’s angry face.

Todomatsu: he’s pouty and bitter. Lots of back handed comments on sass. He knows what you hate, and this person flirting with you is full of those things you hate.