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You know how much I love poly!ships so… Let me tell you about IwaOiSuga Mafia Au… where Suga is the Boss and IwaOi his loyal bodyguards. They would do anything for him.

Also DaiSuga as archenemies in this au bc WHY NOT. They hate each other. Daichi want to rule the business so IwaOiSuga are a menace. He actually tried to kill Suga once(?) and IwaOi wasn’t happy about that bc NOBODY TOUCH THEIR BOSS

Suga will take care of Iwa’s injuries <3333 and Iwa would act like it was nothing bc “it’s my work to take care of you”

Mainwhile Oikawa like the big baby he is ;) “Suga-chaaaan~ what about a kiss to make the pain go away~?” He is just teasing but Suga kisses him anyway


IwaSuga get along just fine but SOMEONE has something to say xD


‘You should get to know me.’

I can’t be the only person who thinks Deacon and the Survivor flirt.

Deacon’s like, “Damn, boss. You rock that outfit like it’s your god damn birthright.” and the Survivor’s like “Nice jeans, D. They’d look even better on my floor.” but they’re still just buddies. Buddies who compliment each other’s asses A.K.A. the best kind of buddies.

(SPOILERS) What if it was possible to flirt with Flowey?

Like during his Omega boss battle. I know he erased all options beside “fight”, but hear me out.

Flowey is about to rain down another round of bombs.

Pacifist!Frisk, in a fit of desperation, blurts out: “Are you a rose? Because you make me so thorny!”

The bombs freeze mid-fall, close to hitting Frisk. They uncurl from their cowering position and slowly look up.

Flowey is giving a deadpan stare with both his screen and lower face. Suddenly, he bursts into laughter (unsettling, layered laughter that never seems to stop).

“Oh, oh, think I have an even better one!”

Frisk perks up.

“You’re one hell of a BOMBSHELL.”

[cue obliterated Frisk]

Evil kara is smoking hot like - red kryptonite removes all inhibitions so imagine her just shamelessly flirting with coworkers, acting like the boss bitch she is, all while walking around like she owns the place.

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