flirting with the teacher

College AU Shance where Shiro is still older than Lance (maybe he went to the military out of high school and a few years after the “accident” he decided he was ready to attend college), but Lance is the funny first year gen ed teacher with a buff attractive male student with a prosthetic arm and a cool scar across his face sitting in the front row, smiling at him. All semester said student sends him looks while he’s teaching and Lance thinks he’s gonna die from embarrassment every time he starts stuttering because of it. After the final exam, Shiro stays late so he can finally ask out Professor McClain (not that he hadn’t tried a few times before, but Lance was very strict on his “I don’t date students” rule - mostly just because he was scared of getting fired on his first year - though he’d definitely expressed interest) Lance accepts the date now that Shiro technically isn’t his student anymore. They end up going on a date (and maybe a little more than that), Lance quickly finds out he has a thing for Shiro calling him “Professor” in a low voice.


“Takashi?” Lance asks, taking roll on the first day.

“I actually go by Shiro. Takashi makes me feel like I’m in trouble.”

“Okay, Shiro it is. I’ll make sure to only call you Takashi when you’re in trouble,” Lance says, perhaps a bit too flirty.

“I’ll try to stay out of trouble then, professor,” Shiro winks, flirting back.

Lance realizes he’s got a long semester ahead of him.

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can u do a haikyuu teachers au??

Oikawa Tooru

  • the Spanish teacher
  • talks with a Spanish accent 24/7 even if he’s not actually Spanish
  • flirts with every single male teacher
  • prides himself to be the school fashion icon
  • winks all the time
  • knows all the school gossips
  • “Is he gay or European?“

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • the history teacher
  • thinks he’s friend with all his students
  • gives his lessons while sitting on the desk
  • he takes a student failing his subject as a personal defeat
  • “Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them”
  • every male student’s icon
  • very emotional

Tsukishima Kei

  • the math teacher
  • “Now remember, if you multiply a number by zero, the result will always be zero which is, unironically, the number of fucks I give about you”
  • never bothered to learn his students’ names
  • gets offended when corrected
  • gives a lot of homework 
  • enjoys giving bad grades
  • “ahahahahah right, as if”

Sugawara Koushi

  • the art teacher
  • looks like an angel
  • is actually the devil personified
  • gives surprise quizzes on last year’s program
  • tired™
  • loves his students very much but he doesn’t show
  • “You don’t have to worry about the test, it’s easy for people who actually studied :)”

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • the science teacher
  • wears the lab coat with rolled up sleeves
  • “No, I’m not teaching you how to make crystal meth. The chemistry course is next year.”
  • gets drunk with his students during school trips
  • gives free condoms
  • everyone thinks he’s the coolest
  • he’s not

Akashi Keiji

  • the English teacher
  • so fluent everyone wonders if he’s a native speaker
  • he purposefully adds fuel to the mystery every day
  • points out during class if a student has a love bite
  • weirdly into Oscar Wilde
  • “It’s fine if you don’t pay attention to me, as long as you don’t disturb the class”
  • “I’m getting my revenge when I’ll grade your test anyway"

Bokuto Koutarou

  • the physical ed teacher
  • calls his students “monkeys”
  • “there’s no such thing as bad weather"
  • his warm up consists of 100 laps around the school building
  • personally challenges every single student in every single sport
  • sulks when someone beats him
  • gives surprisingly deep life lessons

honestly hustling strip club customers and sugar daddies is GREAT but don’t forget about them smaller guys in your life, like:

-that restaurant you visit all time time? flirt with the waiters = free drinks
-the pizza shop next to your apartment? flirt with the cashier= free dinner
-in school? flirt with your male teachers = teachers pet/ good grades
-that guy that lives next door? flirt flirt flirt = he’ll shovel your steps, rake your leaves
-that store you visit all the time? flirt with the manager= you’re golden on returns or discounted clothes

Be a smart hoe. Focus on them little guys that can give you small shit. These guys love attention from hot girls and even if he ain’t given you stacks of cash, a free meal or small gift goes a long way sometimes.

How to flirt Shakespeare Style:
  • write sonnets for your beloved
  • disguise as a teacher to be near to your beloved
  • elope with your love in a fairy wood
  • shame her in front of the wedding party
  • murder Duncan
  • kill your wife’s cousin on your wedding day
  • kill her husband and say you only did it cause she’s pretty
  • kill your wife
Zodiac Signs as High School Clichés

Aries: Detention kid always getting into trouble

Taurus: Random kid who’s friends with everybody

Gemini: Social butterfly

Cancer: Teacher’s pet

Leo: Drama Club president everyone likes

Virgo: Shy kid with good grades

Libra: Flirt who’s always in a relationship

Scorpio: Weird loner who nobody likes

Sagittarius: Popular jock

Capricorn: Quiet nerd no one talks to

Aquarius: Hipster

Pisces: Anime Club member

Assassination Classroom Characters In 3 Words
  • Nagisa: gay smol snek
  • Karma: edgy meme lord
  • Kayano: boss ass bitch
  • Okuda: nervous train wreck
  • Nakamura: writes gay fanfic
  • Isogai: perfect but poor
  • Maehara: far too thirsty
  • Chiba: WAKE ME UP
  • Hayami: what's an emotion
  • Itona: family issues trademark
  • Terasaka: college frat boy
  • Ritsu: vocaloid on screen
  • Sugino: times for baseballs
  • Karasuma: seriousness is important
  • Irina: fLIRT WITH HIM1!1!!1
  • Korosensei: best teacher ever
  • Gakushuu: orange karma akabane
  • Gakuho: middle age dad
  • Takaoka: your creepy uncle
The DDADDS in Highschool

Craig: Probably flirted with literally everyone including the teachers. Had beef with the baseball coach, though he was a phenomenal shortstop.

Brian: Student council member, competitive in academics and a total teacher’s pet. Was on the bowling team and probably destroyed the competition. 

Damien: Was totally a band geek and played the clarinet. Got stuffed in a trashcan twice. His baby bat emergence started his freshman year. Wore fishnets under ripped jeans before it was cool.  

Hugo: Always showed up to club meetings. Somehow was able to grow a full mustache by the end of sophomore year. Joined the wrestling team but broke his arm halfway through the season. Also got stuffed in a trashcan. 

Mat: Also a band geek, played some funky sax. Was in a lot of art classes and took photos for the yearbook. Was never really bothered by anyone but he was just as shy as he is currently. 

Robert: We don’t talk about high school. He actually did surprisingly well in school in part to his upbringing at home. Despite that he was still a bit of a trouble maker at least outside of school and swooned many with his traditional bad boy looks.  

Joseph: Jock with a good reputation. Wasn’t as religious as he is now and he hot boxed the locker room once and got away with it. Earned the nickname Kush Christiansen cause he rolled the best blunts.

Falsettos Teachers AU !!!!!!

I love teachers aus !!!!!!!!!!! so !!!! much !!!!!!!!!! so here’s a falsettos one! au where the tight knit family are all teachers at a high school. I love these characters so much goddamn it. I’ll call the school McKinley High bc it sounds good (I did not intend for this to be a glee reference but it happened. oops) 

- he teaches english lit. 
- he gives out loads of hw so a lot of students complain about him, but none of them actually HATE him. 
- bc his classes are pretty interesting. 
- all of his classes end up turning into a huge debate about the themes of whatever book they’re talking about. 
 - obviously Marvin n e v e r backs down abt his opinion. 
 - so his classes are always vv heated, and it always ends up dragging on (and Marvin receives several complaints from the teachers w/ classes after him)
- for some reason he’s the coach of racquetball club, a fact that is considered one of the biggest mysteries at McKinley High, because he is absolute shit at it, members of the club will vouch for it.
- BUT despite his lack of talent in racquetball, he is quite buff (I’m imagining Christian Borle as Marvin here so…. y’all have seen his arms, right????? Marvin is totally super buff)

- obviously he’s the young PE teacher 
- that came to the school recently 
- all the students love him 
- he’s super chill and the Cool Teacher™, he has loads of cool stories about past hookups and things, reeeeeally lax about rules and everything
 - he becomes coach of the baseball team as well
 - and he’s the ya know the hot young fit PE teacher, so all the female teachers were all flirting with him at the beginning, and he made it V E R Y clear that he was not interested.
- but yes he flirts with the male teachers a lot (he flirts with Marvin too, and Marvin just gets annoyed, although secretly he enjoys it)
- he definitely complains to his students about his love life (which leads to the revelation of Marvin’s sexuality, will write more abt this later) 
- the students are the biggest marvin/whizzer shippers & tries to set them up together
- Takes the students out for ice cream during class sometimes, bc who the hell cares? 

- music teacher music teacher 
- she oversees choir club and drama club too :)
- she acts like a mother to all her students :’)))))))
- when she doesn’t have classes to teach (which compared to esp Marvin and Charlotte, she has way less) she goes out and gets coffee for everyone. (or donuts. they all love donuts)
- She visits Mendel a lot bc they’re bored a lot, the rest of tkf have more classes than them. 

- obviously the school counselor!!!!!!! my god
- right so he has a cat (THIS IS CANON) and he brings her to school sometimes, it just sits with his in his office and students just swarm his room during break times to see the cat
- it becomes the Official Mascot of McKinley High
- the tkf eat lunch together in his office sometimes bc its v cozy and he keeps loads of snacks there (also the cat)
- students get sent to him if they cause trouble but they end up playing board games and eating snacks together and cuddling the cat
- students love him and would go visit him even when they have no reason to (mainly its cuz of the cat, but the students love Mendel too don’t worry)
- has had a massive crush on Trina forever, and he thinks he’s being really discreet and everything but actually literally everyone knows

- teaches science !!!!! most likely chemistry 
- “does loads of experiments and gets more excited about it than the students” type of teacher
- always has the white lab coat on
- close with Marvin, complains about their students together, and also marks papers / tests together over unhealthy amounts of coffee and red bull

- home economics :))))) 
- all the students love her 
- she’s supposed to be the teacher but she burns SOMETHING every time they have to cook
- (the students always have the fire extinguisher ready just in case)
- no she is a good cook and everything it’s just,,,, she’s also hella clumsy
- The students try to set her up with Mendel at first (they’re both rays of sunshine and literally the sweetest people ever,, hear me out) but then she comes out to them
- and then they decide,,,,,, Ms. Dubois was saying she needed an assistant for her chem classes 👀 👀

other things!!!!!!!!

IMPORTANT FACT: the students play matchmaker for the teachers omfg

- whizzer’s students were the first ones who told him that Marvin was gay (he’s not the type to go around yelling about it, although he’s out of the closet) when whizzer was complaining about the lack of attractive gay men in the school 

“They’re all either old, or married, or straight! Why did I decide to work here again?”

“What about Mr. Richards though?”

“the WHOMST” (secretly whizzer had his eye on marvin but assumed he was straight) (but now he thinks about it OBVIOUSLY he’d be gay)

- ALSO, Whizzer’s going home for the day when he walks past the racquetball court and sees Marvin trying to teach and failing horrifically, while the students are just laughing.

“God, have you ever heard of form?” 

and Whizzer ends up becoming coach of racquetball team. Marvin is demoted to “assistant coach” aka sulking as he loses every game to Whizzer. 

pls add more !!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see y’all’s headcanons about this :)))))

Dean||Cas||Flirting With The Teacher

Dean was in a hurry Mary was not cooperating for her first day of school and he had to get her there then get to the damn shop. Dean got her into the car finally after dressing her in a little dress and putting her hair in pigtails and feeding her breakfast. He drove towards her school more nervous then she was, she was excited to be starting school and Dean well he was a nervous damn wreck for it.  Dean pulled up to a parking spot and got out, grabbing Mary’s bag and lunch box.

He walked her to her classroom and her teacher was there already greeting the parents. He stopped in his tracks and just started at him because Mr Novak well he was damn hot. He had this sex hair that’s the only way Dean could think to describe it, and he had these piercing blue eyes like Dean had never seen before. He walked up when it was their turn and smiled. “Hey this is Mary I’m Dean guess she’s in your class this year”


Low-key flirting
  • The teacher: Guys, please put everything away, that crackles.
  • Person A: *looks over at Person B with a serious expression*
  • Person B: *looks back at Person A in slight confusion* ...
  • Person A: *sighs* I think I need to change seats with someone else, since it crackles between us.

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*raises hand* How would Grillby, UF!Papyrus and US!Papyrus react if they found out through youtube that their crush is a professional hip-hop choreographer/teacher?


Well, it certainly explains a bit. Like how graceful you are, or how easily you seem to physically react to things that would otherwise catch people off-guard. If there’s anyone he knows who’d enjoy it, it’s Fuku, so eventually you end up with a plucky fire elemental in your classes. It’s also his excuse for constantly having a chance to talk with you, with his relationship with Fuku acting like a doorway for the two of you to spend more time together.


Really? This is how you choose to spend your time? Whittling away the hours prancing about, when you could be doing much more productive things with your time?? He’s just salty that you’ve got hobbies cooler than his. He makes a big deal out of attending one of your sessions in-person just to see “how you can spend so much time doing such a preposterous thing!” but you can tell he enjoys it. Even if he’s not he best at it, he likes it. It’s only then that he concedes on “allowing” you to pursue what you wish with your free time, & he secretly keeps up with your channel on the regular.


Looks like a fun time. He’s pretty chill about it. But he does let you know that he’d love to see some of your moves sometime, if you’re willing to show him. He might show up to a few of your classes/sessions, but he’d mostly just hang in the back, watching your lesson & possibly freaking out a few of the trainee dancers in the process. Also there’s the possibility that Sans could find out (& subsequently Alphys) & join the both of you, which is another issue entirely.

Sign Superlative
  • Aries: "Best School Spirit" "Most Accident Prone"
  • Taurus: "Best Hair" "Most Musically Inclined"
  • Gemini: "Most Likely to Laugh in a Funeral" "Wittiest"
  • Cancer: "Most Likely to Have The Perfect Family" "The One Who Always Needs a Ride"
  • Leo: "Sassiest" "Most Creative"
  • Virgo: "Most Likely to Succeed" "Teacher's Pet"
  • Libra: "Prettiest" "Class Flirt"
  • Scorpio: "Most Likely to Work For The CIA" "Most Changed"
  • Sagittarius: "Class Clown" "Most Likely to Live in a Van by the River"
  • Capricorn: "Most Likely to be a Millionaire" "Most Dependable"
  • Aquarius: "Most Intellectual" "Most Likely to Win the Nobel Peace Prize"
  • Pisces: "Most Likely to Be Late to Their Graduation" "Worst Case of Senioritis"
renaissance high school AU
  • michelangelo: the angsty gay art kid who hates literally every other person even though everyone respects him.
  • machiavelli: honors student but still rollin in the hoes and always in trouble. makes really long political posts and gets into fights on facebook. gets expelled for his schemes.
  • raphael: the chill art kid that smokes a lot of weed and is loved by everyone. gets even more women than machiavelli.
  • leonardo da vinci: jack of all trades nerd who smokes even more weed than raphael. loves animals. actual genius.
  • lucrezia borgia: queen bee. owns every boy in the school. uses them for test answers.
  • isabella d'este: the other it girl. has it all: style, grace, gets amazing grades. fucking hates lucrezia for stealing her man.
  • julius ii: angry alcoholic football coach. may be a huge dick but gets results and the school worships him. bisexual art hoe also somehow.
  • lorenzo de'medici: the sugar daddy principal. knows how to run the school and keep people in order. talks big game on expanding art and science programs.
  • rodrigo borgia: that one sly fucking math teacher. knows when you're cheating (because his class is too hard) and exacts punishment swiftly. flirts with other teachers in the lounge.
  • savonarola: the puritanical disciplinarian. convinced the entire student body is evil and does everything in his power to stop their debauchery. hates rodrigo in particular. would light the whole school on fire if he could.
  • cesare borgia: school drug kingpin who put every other petty dealer out of business. spiked the punch at prom. has a knife fetish.
  • caterina sforza: silent freak. everyone's afraid of her. bookish. could probably kill cesare if she tried but she gets her weed from him.
  • leo x: school secretary who constantly embezzles money to buy weird exotic pets at shady conventions. never seen without a literal buffet on his desk. kinda creepy.
  • martin luther: disgruntled student who talks a lot of shit and writes graffiti in the bathroom stalls about all the fucked up shit people are doing.
“It’s them, but it’s not them !” 2/2 -Bruce Wayne x Reader

@m-fairbank also asked the same thing, things happening on Batmom’s point of you, and also some of the batboys…and I kinda planned something like that anyway. So here’s a sequel for “It’s her but it’s not her”, and I hope you’ll like it (and hope the “mixed feelings” were still good ones ;-)) AGAIN felt like I could write something better, might re-write everything…I rushed a bit writing it cause I’m in L.A but I also wanted to write something and…I guess it’s this kind of time eh. 

Summary : Batman and his kids accidentally got send in an alternate dimension, and Batmom has the displeasure of realizing that her Bruce from this other world is…not hers at all. 

(My masterlist blog here :

PART 1 !


When your husband and kids came home with Diana and Clark, you didn’t think too much of it. It wasn’t unusual for your friends to come over to the bat cave and work, or even just chill. 

But when you went to kiss Bruce, and you felt him stiffen under your touch. When he didn’t kiss back, and even moved away, his head moving back and forth between you and Clark, stunned. When your sons stared at you with wide eyes and open mouthes…you realized something was wrong. 

-Wh…what is it ? 

Bruce didn’t say anything, he found he couldn’t say anything. The Hell just happened ? Clark’s wife just kissed him ! And…What was she doing in the bat cave anyway, at this hour ? 

Under your husband’s gaze, you felt uncomfortable for the first time in your life. Usually, he had the opposite effect on you, you were always so relaxed around him. Even during charity balls or such obligations you had as Waynes, when your introverted self felt awful, his mere presence calmed you down and helped you get threw the night. 

But right now, the way he was looking at you made you shiver. You didn’t recognize his usual look…In his eyes right now, there were no love, no relief to see you well and alive, no joy, no slight impatience to finally get to bed with you. Instead, there was confusion, embarrassment, and a slight touch of curiosity maybe ? 

And your children…None of them rushed to hug you first, or to tell you who’s ass they kicked this time. 

Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. 

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The 8 Types of Gryffindors
  • The Stereotype: Confident, proud, loud, TURN DOWN FOR WHAT type, always seems to be going somewhere, hates Slytherins
  • The Know It All: Practically a Ravenclaw, never studies and somehow can still pass, kinda lazy but very very defensive, loves wizard chess
  • The Hard-Worker: Cares for friends, always seems to be studying, has very little common sense, top of the class, could definitely fail every subject if they didn't study, always referee in lunch time quidditch matches
  • The Sleeper: Always complains about being tired when they've slept for 10 hours, loves coffee, hates care of magical creatures because it requires going outside
  • The Athlete: Tries to flirt with teachers to get out of trouble, loves quidditch a bit too much, MVP, has way too much Gryffindor pride, either great or terrible at time management
  • The Shy One: Literally does not give two shits about quidditch, just wants to pass Potions, loves the library and Honeydukes
  • The Debater: Extremely vocal, confident to the point of narcissism, argues with literally everyone, savage 24/7, may actually bite you
  • The Lucky One: Answers questions in class correctly when the teacher doesn't think they're listening, finds Galleons on the floor, wins competitions, crushes always like them back

Percy finds it difficult to speak in only one language when he gets emotional. One day in Math, he gets frustrated that this girl won’t stop flirting with him.

This is how he found out his teacher was a son of Athena.

Fuckboy! Ong Sungwoo

Check out my Masterlist for other Wanna One fuckboy! au

“You are meant to help me, not make my bedsheets smell like you.”

  • Sungwoo is the resident fuckboy of the high school you go to 
  • the type of fuckboy who flirts with someone and then dumps them when they are into him
  • rumours are that he flirts with the teachers to pass his grades & pretty much dated’ ¾ of the female population in school
  • On the other hand, you are the complete opposite of him, being the student council secretary, the one who aces every single paper & everyone’s favourite classmate
  • Sungwoo has been trying to get your number after being your chemistry partner cause HEY it takes a skill to not laugh when he pulls his ears back and pops it out again
  • But bro you ain’t falling for those lameass pickup lines cause you had something more important to do: ace that chem quiz next week
  • While Sungwoo liked a challenge, your heart seemed to be made of goddamn steel and he was in the midst of giving up until he was given the opportunity of you having to tutor him
  • To be fair, you only accepted it cause your best friend who was supposed to do it wanted to spend time with her boyfriend instead & she promised ice cream
  • Tutoring Sungwoo was actually really fun, he made puns on the equations & drew really shitty doodles of your professor 
  • Slowly & surely, you definitely didn’t view him as just that dude who everyone wants to sleep with
  • He was actually pretty smart and you had no idea why he still needed a tutor for god sake, if he actually studied, he could easily surpass you 
  • He was also really sweet, getting you coffee each session & borrowing your his jacket if it was too cold 
  •  But of course you were sceptical if he was trying to flirt with you for the sake of keeping up with his reputation
  • Sungwoo was sort of dying on the inside each time he met you cause you seriously made him feel a lot happier & he always looked forward to your tutoring sessions
  • He liked the fact that you honestly just wanted him to learn smtg and wasn’t trying to make use of him
  • One evening, you were locked out of your house as your parents were outstation & forgot to inform you to take the spare keys 
  • You were already stressed out your upcoming finals & student council elections that were coming that you just broke down, crying with your files & books just scattered around the ground 
  • On the other side, Sungwoo was worried cause you were late for the tutoring session and you were NEVER late
  • He got your address & number from your best friend (who was at a competition) and freaking ran to your house after you didn’t pick up his call for nth time
  • Upon seeing you, he just gave you a huge hug with no words being exchanged
  • At the moment, it was just a comforting silence between both of you 
  • He phoned the locksmith for you and brought you to his house where and his best friend, Daniel, live together (both of them were not from Seoul) since you had nowhere to go until your parents were back the next day with the keys
  • On the way, he made you rant to him while he listened to all your struggles on trying to maintain the image of yours 
  • He pat your head after everything and told you how strong you were and wow your heartbeat just accelerated and a blush crept to your cheeks as he continued to compliment you saying that things were going to be okay now that he was by ur side 
  • At his place, he made you sleep on his bed while he slept on the couch, promising you that it was just as comfortable 
  • The next morning, you woke up feeling a lot better & energized after the talk & you knew ur feelings for him wasn’t just a friendship sort of thing
  • Sungwoo greeted you with a smile before asking you if you could return the favour by going with him for brunch today
  • That’s when you knew he wasn’t playing around cause Ong Sungwoo never did the asking ;)

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