flirting with boys

BTS as your boyfriend

Sounds odd, but I don’t know how to word it 


  • Would take such good care of you, oml
  • Spoiling you with food
  • Buying you whatever you want, because he ‘feels’ like it
  • Kisses your forehead and cheek when out in public
  • Plans the sweetest dates
  • Rubs your back when cuddling 

“I love you so much, and I really hope I can make you the happiest person.”


  • Likes it when you listen to his music
  • Asks for your opinion on almost everything
  • You bring out the softie in him
  • Always ends up sleeping for 10 hours or more when you cuddle
  • Always taking pictures of you/ the dates you go on 
  • Kisses you on the lips no matter who’s around making you blush

“You’re so adorable when you blush, you know that?”


  • Loves to be close
  • Always smiling and happy around you, and its contagious
  • Likes it when you play with his hair
  • Kisses your forehead
  • Both of you like to mess with the younger ones
  • Does his famous dance when you are sad

“Come on princess, no one can be sad with this beautiful dance!”


  • Breaks a lot of things, but you forgive him
  • Raps for you expensive girl starts playing
  • Loves showing you off
  • Talks about you a lot
  • You two would stay up all night talking about whatever
  • Constantly listening to music together

“Do you think bugs have feelings?”

Jimin: aka the cutest thing ever

  • Blushes and gets shy when you kiss him
  • He FaceTime’s you a lot when he misses you
  • Rests his head in the crook of your neck
  • Always has an arm around you/ super cuddly
  • Takes you on dates away from everyone else
  • Loves you worth all of his heart

“I love you, so, so , so , so , so, so , so, so, so, so much.”


  • You two are always silly
  • Annoying the older members, especially Suga
  • Kisses your nose
  • Knows how much you like his deep voice
  • Loves to cuddle, almost as much as Jimin

“Why won’t you cuddle me back? I’m sorry for whatever I did.”


  • Wont admit it but he loves spending time with you
  • Kisses your jaw
  • Super competitive, and you have to put him in his place
  • Possessive and gets jealous easily
  • Goes all out to get a nice photo of you, like will lay on the floor
  • Doesn’t like it one bit when you ignore him

“What did I do? Is this because I snapped at Jimin hyung? He was flirting!”

bakka boys share flirting methods
  • yousef: how did you get him interested?
  • even: waited for him in the bathroom and took all the paper towels
  • yousef: nice
  • even: you?
  • yousef: showed her how to peel carrots and said i wanted 12 kids
  • even: nice

Jungkook and Jimin during 21st Century Girl was literally something else