flirting tactics

- James placing bets with Peter on how long until one of them walks in on Sirius and Remus

- James using Sirius’ flirting tactics on Lily and failing

- James feeling the need to have “the talk” with Sirius because he knows no one else will

- James being supportive of Remus and Sirius’ relationship

I absolutely love this because it’s like Thorne is trying to use one of his old flirting tactics of picking up girls, but Cress doesn’t fall for it. She doesn’t even notice. And Thorne just laughs it off because he realizes it isn’t gonna work on her.

Another gay story

So today we played this game in my drama class called ‘I love you but I just can’t smile’. The premise is a person in the middle of a circle chooses someone in the circle who they have to try and make laugh. They then say 'I love you baby’ and without laughing the person in the circle has to say 'I love you but I just can’t smile’. If you don’t laugh or smile throughout the whole thing you win, basically.

So… This girl (a cute girl) is in the middle, and she turns to me and I’m like 'great,,, I’m awful at not laughing’. And then, I realise what her tactic is: flirting/ being sexual. And I’m like 'shit’. So I’m sat here, in a drama class, with a teacher, while a girl is all over me and I she whispers in my ear 'I love you baby’ and I was just…

I won tho,,, so

More Than Friends

Request: Im tempted to ask for a Kihyun one AGAIN, but can I request a Yoongi fic with prompt number 3 & 6? Thank you lovee <3

3) “You should learn to lie better.”

6) “I never realized how much of a coward you are.”

Member: BTS Suga x Y/N

Type: Angst

The argument started out as simply as most did with Yoongi. He had awoken from what seemed like a day’s worth of sleep and you had mentioned grabbing a bite to eat. You understood his crazy schedules and advocated for him to get as much rest as possible, so you had offered to pick food up. You were his best friend and therefore wanted the best for him. That was until he found his feelings and quickly jumped within them. 

“Do you think I’m not capable of getting my own food?” he grumbled moodily from the depths of his blankets. 

You readjusted your stance against the door frame and rolled your eyes. “If it’s an argument you’re looking for…”

“Not looking for an argument,” he muttered. “I’m looking for a burrito. Possibly a lamb skewer.”

“There’s a place around the corner,” you nodded. “I can-”

“Why do you insist on treating me like a child?” Yoongi groaned, sliding his feet from his bed and rubbing a tired hand through his hair. “You aren’t my mother.”

“I wasn’t aware that the only person who genuinely cared about your well being was your mother,” you mumbled. “Not the worst comparison.”

“No, you nag,” he sighed, looking up at you. “It’s not like we’re dating or something. Why do you care so much?”

You closed your eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. You tried to give your friend the benefit of the doubt, assuming he knew when to stop himself.

“I’m just trying -” you began again, looking over to him, but were instantly cut off. 

“You let people walk over you and then offer to do more for them,” Yoongi clucked, standing and shuffling to his dresser. “Even after they break your heart.”

Your breath caught as the words came from Yoongi’s mouth. You both didn’t have the best track records with each other, but in general knew of the lines that you couldn’t cross. You were aware of each other’s boundaries and knew when enough was enough. Yoongi had just chosen to break down the barrier you had both painstakingly built with one short sentence. 

You and Yoongi had never begun as friends. You had started out as acquaintances as you were close with members of his group, but quickly fell for his cold ways. He had a strange tactic for flirting that captured your interests immediately. You fell hard and fast, confessing only a month after meeting. He had turned you down, settling for being your friend rather than anything more. 

And you both quietly agreed to never speak of it again. For your dignity’s sake.

Until now. 

Yoongi turned around, narrowing his eyes as you attempted to regain your composure. “I…”

“I think you’ve said enough,” you said quietly, biting your lip. You closed your eyes in an attempt to trap the tears from falling onto your cheeks. “Thanks, I get it.”

“Y/N…” he whispered, turning to face you and lean against the dresser. He moved as if it physically pained him to look at you, and you made note of it.

You backed up slowly and gripped the door handle as you exited the room, pulling it as quickly as you could manage. You flinched as the door to the bedroom slammed, a perturbed Yoongi on the opposite side. You hung your head, quietly whispering to yourself a confirmation that things would be alright, even if they seemed like they would never be again. 

Yoongi should have known better, but so should you. Maybe he had a point. Maybe after your initial rejection, you should’ve let go instead of insisting of holding on. 

You shook your head, shuffling down the hallway and out of the door, thankful that none of the other members were around to witness your hurt feelings. Almost as soon as you had the front door of the dorm closed, it was yanked open from your palm by a gasping Yoongi. 

“Do you love me?” his voice rasped, barely higher than a breath. You blinked slowly, trying to fathom how he could have the audacity to ask such a question.

“No,” you said, your voice cracking with only one syllable. The words stung as they left your lips, a fallacy you had fooled yourself with for years. 

“You should learn to lie better,” he hissed, stepping outside into the hallway as well. He let out a deep breath and leaned against the door. 

“You should learn to respect unspoken promises,” you muttered, glaring at him. 

“What do you mean?” he asked, tilting his head. 

“You know exactly what I mean Yoongi,” you groaned. “I confessed to you years ago and when you said no, it was you who wanted to continue our friendship. When you saw I legitimately cared, you had no problem throwing it back in my face. Why? Why are you still friends with me?”

Yoongi cleared his throat and looked away. “Because I love you.”

You furrowed your brows, your jaw springing ajar. “Like…as a friend though?”

“Like…more than a friend,” he groaned, looking anywhere but directly at you. 

“How could you…what do you even?” you stuttered, looking around wildly. A moment ago Yoongi was busy resurrecting the heart he had already broken to break it again, and now he was trying to show he had really cared all along? 

“When you first confessed…our careers were only beginning,” he sighed, running a hand through his bangs. “I’m fundamentally selfish, I’ll admit…so I didn’t want to lose you completely. I was hoping somehow I could keep you here and wait for-”

Your smack was swift and hard against Yoongi’s cheek. You hardly recognized your own hand as you pulled it away. 

“Alright,” he nodded. “I deserved that.”

Yoongi looked toward you, his eyes meeting yours for the first time since the entire argument had begun. “I was afraid to lose you…so I thought…maybe if we became friends.”

You shook your head, biting back the years worth of dejection. “I never realized how much of a coward you are.”

“Y/N,” Yoongi said with a wince. He pushed himself off of the door slowly and crossed the small space separating you both. You continued to shake your head, distancing yourself from him until your back hit the opposite wall. “Please.”

“No,” you choked. “I’m not doing this to myself Yoongi. You said it, I let people walk all over me and then offer to do more for them. You’ve lied to me…for years…just so you would keep me around for when you were ready. Maybe I’m not ready anymore?”

You let a sob rip through your chest. The constant contact with Yoongi had kept the wound fresh all of this time. What you had attempted to cover up with bandaids really needed stitches. You realized you would have never been able to move on while he was still such a permanent fixture in your life. 

“Y/N,” he repeated. His hands hovered in midair, frozen with indecision. He finally swallowed an audible gulp and grabbed your arms, attempting to pull you into his chest. 

“No,” you groaned, smacking him with closed fists. What first began as an attack to push him away slowly cascaded into a futile attempt of weak punches and crying. 

“Shhh,” he cooed, pulling your face toward his sweater. You hiccuped as your ear pressed against him, his heartbeat sounding so foreign. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” 

“Yeah,” you whimpered, your emotions numb. “Me too.” 

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I absolutely agree with the headcanons I’ve seen floating around about Yuuri being overall better at English than Viktor. He’s got a more rounded grasp of the language and its subtleties due to his time living in Detroit. But he and Viktor still have their specific areas of linguistic expertise that developed as a result of their respective lifestyles.

For example, Viktor is an expert on all things romance thanks to consuming the complete oeuvre of Nicholas Sparks during his many hours spent waiting around in airports. You can only read so many pulp novels before you start to believe that remarking on the metaphorical resonances of a person’s collarbone to jaw ratio is just natural flirting tactic for English speakers. Yuuri will often wonder while flipping through his English to Japanese dictionary where Viktor picked up the nuances of meteorological lingo and how it applies to the various functions of the heart (“Love is like the wind, Yuuri, and my pulse is a tornado whenever I’m near you.”), though he doesn’t get up the nerve to ask until months later when he is drunk and mentally exhausted from trying to work out whatever the hell “quivering” means.

“A misunderstanding,” Viktor will claim years later, when Chris is teasing him for an old love note found while digging around Yuuri and Viktor’s cabinets for a wine glass, “I’m much less demonstrative in Russian.”

(a blatant lie. Yuuri can verify after a few years of living in Russia and becoming mostly fluent in the language that it has nothing to do with the source of a greater chunk of Viktor’s English education and everything to do with the fact that his husband really is just that Extra™)

Yuuri’s area of expertise centers mostly around slang, drinking games, and generally anything to do with university/fraternity life. He ends up translating tweets for Viktor fairly often–allaying his fears that, “no, your fans aren’t struggling with high sodium intake. They just think you were underscored at Europeans.”

He also possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of American fast food restaurant menus. Something that Phichit argues is more trivia than language but Yuuri insists is an engaging topic of conversation. Who wouldn’t want to know which Taco Bell combo pairs best with late night bouts of self-loathing and the taste of tears?

(he has also inexplicably memorized a plethora of random phrases like “brown-eyed angel” and “beautiful mystery boy” that he’s heard whispered around campus. He has yet to ascertain if this is some kind of weird American trend or obscure song lyrics. When asked, Phichit only rolled his eyes and patted him on the shoulder. “Never change, Yuuri.”)

Make Me Jealous

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, a few guys in bars 
Warnings: Jealous!Sam, fluff, swearing, implied smut
Word count: 1865
Tag list: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @spectaculicious @bambinovak @spnfanficpond @writingthingsisdifficult @rocksalts-and-winchesters @aliensdeservebetter
Summary: The Reader realizes that she’s making Sam jealous and decides to roll with it. 

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The Bold Ones [Part 2]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 


A/N: Hello! This part is kinda long and focuses more on Peter and the reader’s relationship. I wanted to write more about them before shit hits the fan!! (The next couple of parts are gonna be crazy and low-key terrifying)! Thank you all for reading! Feel free to message me constructive criticism, suggestions, or love!!  

Warnings: Some swearing, kissing, and a short mention of violence 

(not my photo)

Part 2-

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy. And everyday, the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest!”

The room full of children was soon full of laughter as the kids crowded around you became highly entertained with your animated expressions while you read the classic children’s book, The Giving Tree. Many of the children that were gathered around you sat in wheelchairs, wore scarves over their heads to hide their terrifying journey of chemo, and overall, were in serious pain. It killed you inside to know that such beautiful souls were hurting, but seeing their precious smiles and hearing their endless giggles made you feel honored and touched to share this moment of happiness with them. As you continued reading the story, two little girls began to cuddle up against you and started to braid your hair, making you fall into a deep state of relaxation. You loved children, and they loved you. You wouldn’t want to be doing anything else on this Friday evening.

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X reader Part 4

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

Lily’s POV

I got out of Sirius’ dorm room, still in search for an answer. I have all these questions flying around in my head. I mean everything was fine a week ago but now, things are falling apart. Y/N was so happy. I was relief that she was. I was worried about her. She seemed down for weeks and I didn’t know why. I wished she told me about it especially now when things are different from what it used to be.

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anonymous asked:

Aaaaah I love your blog sm, especially the headcanons!! Can I have some nsfw + sfw headcanons for Daishou and Terushima with their female s/o? Thank you!!

YAAAAAS! More headcanons! Hope you enjoy, Anon!


Daishou Suguru

  • Child will always be into showing her off and gloating about how great and wonderful his girlfriend is. It doesn’t matter how many times that person has heard it or how well they know her, they will be getting an earful of how perfect she is from Daishou on a daily basis.
    • “Ya know, [First Name] is–” “WE KNOW.”
  • While it’s obvious this boy is madly in love with her, he will never admit that he is completely wrapped around her finger. He’ll try to be all macho about it and everything, like “no, babe, men don’t wear nail polish” and next thing you know he’s got sparkles on his toes so that she can practice her designs before working on her own nails.
  • This boy will have trouble with remembering dates - anniversaries and birthdays and such - especially while he’s so focused on volleyball. He doesn’t mean it, and surely he’s got it marked on his calendar, but there are times where his mind is preoccupied with everything he needs to do for his team.
    • He’ll try and come up with an excuse for this rather than just apologizing and saying that he’ll try harder. Despite how much he loves her, he’s still stubborn and has a hard time admitting when he’s wrong, so give him some time to calm down and sort things out and he’ll get around to apologizing.

Terushima Yuuji

  • Okay, seriously, this boy is perfect boyfriend material. Outside bad boy appearance, but really a HUGE softy on the inside. Hear me out, he uses his pushy flirting tactics to get her, right, but then all of a sudden they start dating and he has this brand new side where he’s just a giant puppy dog!
    • Cuddles and head rubs are welcome - seriously, she could spend hours running her fingers through his hair, even scratching lightly at the buzzed portions, and this boy will be putty in her hands - and more than likely asleep on her lap.
  • Gah! I can see them roaming around the halls together or even just out and about holding hands. And then he just brings her hand up, fingers still interlaced and kisses every single one of her knuckles!
  • Lol, for her birthday or maybe just because, he probably bought her a custom shirt that says “MY BOYFRIEND IS THE HOTTEST CAPTAIN” and it’s in the school volleyball colors and everything.
    • Duuuude, she probably wore it to a game and got his number and last name put on the back of it! Holy, this boy would be soooo insanely stoked, he’d be all over that court and all over her when the game ended!


Daishou Suguru

  • I feel like this boy would be all excited for the first time they decided to get down and dirty, but then ended up being totally flustered about it. He’d all like, “yeah, I’ll eat you out, baby” and then he’s sitting there staring at her with a red face like, “how do I do this???????”
  • After the initial moment of getting used to the illicit acts, this boy will have trouble diving right in and begin exploring every inch of her body. It won’t take very long for him to become an expert on just what to do to make her scream his name.
    • I feel like he totally gets off on begging. Like, things will get all heated and then he’s right there, ready to push inside and just… stops. Little shit will make her beg for his dick before he gives it to her.
  • Pull his hair. Grip it tight and pull it hard. Baby boy will be a moaning mess as he’s got his face shoved against her heat or his hips tight against her own. 
  • OH! Shower sex. There’s nothing better than having a wet sexy body pressed between him and the wall. Chances are, Daishou gets hard on the way to them getting into the shower, so don’t plan on getting clean anytime soon.

Terushima Yuuji

  • Okay, okay, I like to think that Terushima is waaaaaaay dirty and good at the things he can do with his tongue - I mean, have you seen his tongue piercing? - and I also kind of apply this to him in general when I think of his during sexy times. But consider this too, like, he’s nasty in foreplay - fingers know all the spots to work, his tongue it magic, and his kisses are intense - but when it comes to the actual act of sex, things slow way down.
    • It’s an important part of their relationship, he knows, and he treats it as such. So while the foreplay and maybe mood is this desperate, lustful, and even primal thing, things take a different turn when he’s finally inside her. He takes his time, he’s careful, and it’s filled with passionate kisses.
  • But, god, is this boy LOUD. There is nothing that can be done to keep this boy from telling the world just how good he feels in that moment, whether he’s getting head or shallowly thrusting inside her, this dude is moaning.
  • Really wanna hear him moan; ride him. Ride him hard. Like, she just needs to pin his hands down and give him a show. The boy will lose all sense of anything and will be a MESS.
  • Legit, one of his favorite - and most wanted - things to do is to have sex on the volleyball court (or the club room, but the court is more exciting). He probably always just talks about how hot it would be but doesn’t actual expect it to happen. UNTIL IT FUCKING DOES. It’s a miracle the didn’t get caught honestly, lol.
I’ll Be With You

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Summary: Bucky has a chance meeting with the granddaughter of the last dame he dated before going to war on the street, then again and again. How will she handle falling in love with James Buchanan Barnes?

Warnings: Swearing

Word count: 1.7k

Songs: Shoo-Shoo Baby- The Andrews Sisters

    The air was sweeter in the morning. The sun was still hiding as you laced up your running shoes. It was always easier to run in the morning than in the hot afternoon air. The air was heavier in the afternoon and so were your shoulders from the added stress of the day. You ran from the stress. But the early mornings gave you some relief. Letting out a sigh, you shook your head and plugged in your headphones.

You’ve seen him up and down the avenue…

Shoo-Shoo Baby started to play. You smiled as you started to hum along. You didn’t notice the super soldier running past you. His ears perked as he slowed down to a normal run, allowing you to follow him, as he listened to you hum. You continued to run past the same brownstones as you did every morning. The path was beautiful and you enjoyed your time alone in the morning. You would eventually reach the end of your path and the end of your Andrews Sisters CD, your favorite ever since your grandmother shared her collection with you. You hummed along with the melody of Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy, catching the ears of the brunette in front of you again.

What you didn’t know is that James Buchanan Barnes was running in front of you. Sleep was aloof to him so he decided to run to Brooklyn. It sounded ridiculous at first to run from Manhattan to Brooklyn but he needed to feel the old Bucky again. It was a peaceful run so early in the morning and a bit of a break to run so slow with you. He could see you stumble a little and you tripped over rough concrete in front of your apartment.

“Ow!” You stumbled and rolled, not wanting to brace yourself with your arms. He stopped and rushed back to you.

“Are you okay?” He knelt down to you, his blue eyes full of concern. He held out his flesh hand to help you up.

“Uh-uh, yeah. Yes. Thank you.” You stumbled over your words, blushing from his stare. He was so handsome. His short hair stuck out a little bit under his ball cap. There was a dust of stubble on his chin. You could feel your mouth drop a little as you were staring.  

“You always run so early?” He smiled, noticing your blush.

“Yes, before my shifts at the hospital.” You smiled back, still holding his hand. “Speaking of which, I need to get ready for work.” You regretfully dropped his hand. “Thank you again.” You waved a little as you continued to jog on. He decided to watch you until you were home safe. He knitted his brow as he watched you walk up familiar steps.  

    As you closed your door behind you, you let out a sigh. “That was so embarrassing…” you mumbled to yourself. You shook the memory from your mind as you walked towards your side of the apartment. Your apartment shared the same structure as your grandmother’s. You had recently moved into the apartment to be closer after your grandmother’s health took a turn for the worst. She had a stay-at-home nurse, bought by your father, but you would never have forgiven yourself if you couldn’t help out, even if it was after your shifts. It was a tiny meow that brought you back to the present.

“Hi Tikiboots!” You picked up your tiny, one eyed rescue kitten. “Mindy? I’m home!” You called out.

“Hello Miss L/N! How was your run?” Her smile was bright as she turned the corner.

“Good. I’m going to go shower now. Is Nan up?”

“Up and waiting for you, Miss.” You giggled. She was getting feisty in her old age.

“Nan?” You called out as you walked up the stairs.

“Y/N! In here!” She called you into her bedroom. She hadn’t changed much to the room since your grandfather had passed away. The quiet hum from her vinals welcomed you as you walked in. “You have a lot of explaining to do, young lady.” You huffed and rolled your eyes.

“What did I do now, Nan?” You folded your arms across your chest and popped your hip to the side as you smirked.

“You didn’t tell me you knew Bucky Barnes?” Her words were sly and she chuckled.

“Who?” But then you thought, “the man I ran into this morning? Have you been spying on me again out the window?” You rushed to her side, seeing the perfect view she had of the sidewalk in front of your apartment. She started laughing again.

“Sergeant James Barnes, sweetheart.” Her Brooklyn accent was thick as she continued.

“Nan, what the hell would he be doing in Brooklyn? He lives in Manhattan now.” Now your accent was coming out as you two continued to bicker. You recalled the very prominent Avengers tower on your last trip to Manhattan.

“You heard me, kid. I know what he looks like.” Her eyebrows waggled.

“Oh yeah? You meet him back in the day?” You rolled your eyes again.

“Honey, I was the last girl he dated before the war.” She waved her hand at you.

“Oh great, Nan! Now I can’t even look at him!” You huffed again. “I gotta get to work.” You bent down to kiss her on her cheek then left the room. She was still giggling behind you. You shook your head. Even if he was Bucky Barnes, an Avenger wouldn’t even look twice at you, you thought. Little did you know that you were the only thing on his mind as he was running home.

“Steve!” Bucky called as the elevator brought him down to the training room of the tower.

“Yeah? Oh there you are Bucky. You alright?” The blond questioned Bucky’s absence.

“Do you remember the night I got shipped out?” His eyes were wide with energy.

“Uh-yeah? Why?” One of Steve’s eyebrows popped up.

“Do you remember the girls we took out? What were their names?” Steve chuckled as he remembered that night.

“Oh, you mean the girls you took out because that blonde was obviously not on a date with me!” Bucky shook his head, laughing now.

“But what were their names?”

“Bonnie and Connie, why?”

“Bonnie! That’s it!” His eyes lit up again as he ran back to the elevator without saying a word.

The next day you laced up your running shoes again. The late night that you had yesterday was making it harder for you to get up but you put in your headphones headed out the door again. Not even a half a mile in, there he was, handsome as ever. You noticed him before he noticed you. You sighed keeping your head down. He can’t be Bucky Barnes, you thought to yourself, as he looked right at you and smiled.

“Hi! You again.” You smiled back.

“I thought we could run together today? You know– to keep you from falling.” He sheepishly asked, rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled and nodded. His smile was so bright as you started running. “How far do you go?” He didn’t even sound out of breath.

“I just have a path.” You said between breaths. You weren’t use to talking while you ran. “You?”

“I like distance.” He joked.

“Are you from Brooklyn?” You questioned, trying to investigate if the man beside you was really Bucky Barnes.

“Yeah, you?” You grunted an acknowledgement, out of breath from the run.

“I’ve never seen you run this way before, where do you live now?”

“Manhattan.” You stopped suddenly, feeling the rocks under your feet roll. You stared at him.

“Are you Bucky Barnes?” You were done dancing around. He only nodded, expecting you to be afraid of him. Really you were just thinking about what you were going to tell your grandmother, she was right.

“Dammit.” You mumbled.

“What?” He looked concerned.

“Well, my grandmother is going to hold this over my head…” you trailed off, not expecting him to understand but your brow furrowed as he started laughing.

“Jesus, you are Bonnie’s granddaughter.” Now you were laughing as you walked over to a bench on the sidewalk. He huffed down beside you.

“Yeah! Y/N L/N! God,” you huffed out. “You remember her?” You turned toward him, pulling one of your legs to your chest.

“Yeah! Have you and your family lived in Brooklyn since?” You nodded, laughing at the strange connection you made.

    “Nan lives in the same apartment she grew up in. When her and Pop-pop got married after the war, they moved in with her parents. They started a small business but now my father owns it.” You continued to grin, remembering your grandfather. “I’m old school-Brooklyn.” You looked up at him, your grin turning into a smirk.

“You don’t see many of those around here anymore. We’re slowing becoming extinct.” He joked.

“Hey, I’m not a hundred, you are.” You winked at him. You had no idea where this confidence was coming from. He stared at you for a moment, making you rethink your flirting tactic, until he started laughing, hard.

“Ow, doll! I wasn’t expecting that.” He nudged you with his elbow. You pushed back with your hand, leaving your hand to graze over his sleeves slowly. Your touch set his arm on fire, making him want more.

The two of you sat there talking about Brooklyn, past and present, laughing and shamelessly flirting with each other. You tried to recall all of the stories your grandmother told you growing up about Brooklyn as Bucky soaked up every word you said about modern-day Brooklyn. A wave of peace was crashing over him as he watched you. Your ponytail bobbed from side to side as you continued talking. You couldn’t hide your Brooklyn accent any longer, but it was music to his ears.

“Who does that?” Your arms flew up as you concluded your story. He couldn’t help but smile as you scooted closer to him. A quiet ding broke your moment as Bucky pulled out his phone. He read a text message pulling him back at the tower.

He groaned. “I’m sorry, doll. I’ve got to get back.” He looked disappointed as he had to leave.

“Duty calls.” You joked, nudging him again. You gave him a smile. “Well I’ll see you tomorrow?” You were hoping he would say yes.

“What would you say to dinner tonight? I’ll come pick you up?” He was hoping that he wasn’t being too forward with you. You blushed but your answer was quick.


Part 2

A/N: ALRIGHT! Here’s another series so let me know what you think.

-Kate xoxo

BMC RichJake Beauty and the Beast AU: Little People


“-god, he’s so handsome.”

“I can’t believe no one’s taken him yet.”

“He’s gorgeous, but his brother’s so weird.”

“-not to mention his father.” Jake and Jeremy walked through the city as the crowd gossiped around them.

“Jake, why did I have to come? They always look at me weird.”

“I have no clue what the parts dad needs look like. Besides, you need to get out more. Maybe talk to a certain book clerk?” Jeremy blushed as they approached the market. “You get the gears and I’ll return the books. Maybe even start chatting her up for you~”
Jake wiggled his eyebrows making Jeremy’s face turn redder as he rushed the other way.

Opening the door to the bookstore the little bell rang signaling his entrance. “Bonjour.”

“Yo Christine, have some books you might want.” He handed the novels over to girl behind the desk as he began to browser through the shelves. “Anything new?”

“Not since yesterday.” Picking out a hefty green book Jake dropped it in front of her. “Romeo Juliet? But you’ve already read it three times.”

“What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good romance.” Pulling out his money he handed it to Christine who pushed it back. “Huh?”

“Take it, you already love it more than anyone else in this village could.”

“Really?” She nodded her head making his eyes light up as he gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “Thank you!”

“Anything for my best customer, by the way; can you tell Jeremy I said hi?”

“Oh right, totally! See you later.” Jake practically skipped out the door, book in hand. Walking over to the stand where they were selling electronic parts and saw Jeremy on the ground, his box of parts scattered across the street. People were laughing as he scrambled to gather the pieces with a familiar face close by, making it very apparent who did this.

“Next time watch your footing freak.”

“What the hell Chloe?” Jake had set his book down to help his brother gather the parts up as she stood there frozen.

“What? He tripped.”


“Shut up Brooke.”

“Sorry Chloe.”

“Why do you care about some stupid parts anyway?”

“It’s for our dad’s invention.”

“Inventions? The only thing that crazy old man can invent is-”

“My Dad’s not crazy!” Jake snapped at Brooke as Chloe hit her upside the head.

“Yeah Brooke, don’t be such a bitch.” Jeremy now stood up holding the box as Jake bent down to grab his book when Chloe grabbed it first.

“Hey! Give that back!” She skipped through the pages as Jake tried grabbing it back.

“How do you read this crap? It doesn’t even have any pictures.”

“That crap is Shakespeare,” he snatched it out of her hands,“And there’s this thing called imagination. You might wanna try using it sometime.” Chloe tried following after the two but got lost in the crowd causing her to let out a sigh of annoyance.

“Damn it, not again.” Brooke caught up to her friend, out of breath. “Brooke what took you so long?”

“These heels are not nearly as easy to run in as you might think. You strike out with Jake again?”


“Maybe you should change your flirting tactics; I mean pushing his brother around and stealing his book is pretty Kindergarten level stuff don’t you think?”

“Did I ask for your opinion?”

“No…It’s he’s kind of a book worm and you’re more…socially inclined.”

“That doesn’t matter. Have you seen him? He’s gorgeous and I am too. We belong together!”

“I don’t think that’s how romantic attraction works.”

“That’s exactly how it works, therefore I’m going to get him. Whenever he’s around I get a feeling it’s like…it’s like, well I don’t know what it’s like.”

“A feeling of je ne sais quoi?”

“I have no idea what that means.”

“Actually it-”

“And I don’t care.”