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Random NurseyDex Thought

Office AU in which Nursery sees head of IT Dex on his first day and develops an instant crush. Fast forward a few months of stilted elevator flirting that progresses to short conversations and occaisional lunch together in the staff cafeteria, complete with friendly teasing and chirping (about Nursey’s organic everything, Dex’s ardent defense of the superiority of New England food) and poor Nursey’s department has a major IT issue that brings the whole of the IT department to their floor.

Dex sees him and smiles before heading over to help him personally. They chat while Dex does his computer genius thing, and when he’s done Nursey notices he’s blushing just before Dex hands him a post it and says “I had to uh, reset your original password, this is the uh, temporary one, if you want. I gotta go” as he gestures vaguely and quickly exits.

It’s only as Nursey glances at the note and realizes it’s a phone number that he starts to feel a nervous blush rush over the back of his neck. By the time he’s finished reading ‘not angry, just nervous’ that he remembers that when he set his password the first day, all he could think of after the elevator ride with Dex was: 1HotAngryR3dHead.

He quickly puts Dex’s number in his phone and texts: i was nervous, too. Dinner?

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Why did your Ryder romance Reyes. Shady af, most probably betray her in the future if a lider of Kadara - he is after all a greedy man and I think that he would betray her if he benefits from that. I mean my Ryder also romanced him but only due to my image of her

I see Freya and Reyes’ relationship as being very casual. While trust is important to some degree, it’s not crucial to them having fun together, no strings attached… His flaws are obvious to her, but by the end of their time together on Kadara, she’s seen enough of him to know that he wouldn’t hurt her. She may not trust him, but she certainly doesn’t fear him -not while she knows that Reyes still values her opinion of him.

But to actually answer your question, Freya pursued Reyes… because Reyes pursued her. Freya doesn’t go out of her way to find romantic relationships. If she does, it’s almost always a quick fling. So when Reyes started flirting with her, it gave her permission to have a bit of fun, at a time when fun felt like a luxury she couldn’t afford. Of course, none of this would have happened if she didn’t like him as a person. The attention was enjoyable, but so were his wit, his looks and the slow burn of getting to know him.

There’s a lot more I could say on them, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Aside from the story reasons, I, as a player, found Reyes’ romance to be the best written, even though it was so short. Ryder and Reyes take turns pushing the romance forward, and the dialogue leads into something really… satisfying. It never feels forced or over the top. It feels as it should for two strangers working together, flirting together and progressively learning about each other.

I also love the fact that the romance lets their characters exist, together yes, but also apart from one another. This is a breath of fresh air when compared to the other romances in MEA, as they all seem to end in “We’ve known each other for all of six weeks, but we are one now and we will never be apart.” Both stand strong as characters outside of their romance: they continue to have their own motivations, actions and stories.
It speaks well of a couple when I’m able to enjoy them both as separate parties and as a unit. That’s a feeling I get very strongly from Ryder and Reyes… Which makes me love them so very much.

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Could you do scenarios where a flirty girl/Boy is getting way too friendly with MC how would the RFA react??


  • You were a really pretty girl
  • So of course you had guys hitting on you around campus
  • Sometimes they’d even flirt with you when he was right there next to you!
  • He usually tried to intervene, but ultimately got ignored
  • It was usually you who had to point out that you had a boyfriend
  • They usually gave up after that, but the guy hitting on you would not get the hint
  • Yoosung was good at putting up with these kinds of people, but this guy was relentless
  • But right when he laid his hand on your waist, Yoosung lost it
  • Baby boi straight up pushes the guy away from you, making the guy stumble backwards
  • “Don’t touch or come near MC ever again!”
  • He took your hand in his and stormed off
  • When the two of you reached somewhere more private, he immediately brought you into a tight embrace, “Are you okay??”
  • You nod your head into his chest and squeeze him tight because you just love him so much


  • She’s been pretty suspicious of this woman for awhile
  • The woman has been coming to the cafe often and Jaehee didn’t think much of it at first
  • But the woman started to request that she be only served by MC
  • Not to mention the flirty gestures and words and rather hefty tips
  • She even went as far as to memorize your break schedule
  • This kept happening for awhile and the flirting progressively got more extensive
  • She started to make you very uneasy
  • “U-uh excuse me, ma’am, I’m on my break…” 
  • “I know~” she practically purred, “How about I buy you some coffee, hm?”
  • Almost in an instant, icy cold coffee was poured all over her as she let out a loud shriek
  • “Excuse me, but I’d appreciate it very much if you did not constantly pester my partner during her breaks.”
  • “Ugh! How dare you! I demand to speak to the manager!”
  • Jaehee smirked, “Well, I’m the owner of this establishment. Would you care to tell me what the problem is?”
  • The woman let her foot stomp loudly on the ground before storming out
  • “That coffee’s on the house by the way!” Jaehee hollered to her


  • He brought you on set with him one day because he knew you liked watching him work
  • Everyone and their mothers knew at this point that you were with Zen
  • But apparently his co-star didn’t
  • Or he did and he just didn’t care, but that doesn’t matter
  • You were near the snack table doing your thing, and he approached you
  • “Oh? Why are you not performing? Because you certainly look like a star.”
  • He leaned a hand against the table, trapping you
  • He was way into your personal bubble, if not, getting closer
  • “How about after work me and you go out and get some–”
  • Zen just drop-kicked him and that bastard went flying like 15 feet away
  • “Don’t you dare lay a hand on her.” he growled
  • He immediately turned his attention to you and started fretting
  • “Did he touch you? Are you okay, babe? Do you want me to kick him off because I’ll do it–”
  • You had to reassure him multiple times that you were fine and that firing him wasn’t necessary
  • “Fine, but if he makes you uncomfortable again please be sure to tell me.”


  • Jumin’s father threw a ginormous birthday celebration for his new girlfriend
  • So naturally, you both had to attend
  • After an hour or so, your boyfriend had to be pulled away to talk to some people about a business deal
  • In the meantime you decided to stay put in your seat and scroll Facebook off your phone
  • After a minute or so, a shadow loomed over you
  • You looked up to see some guy offering a hand out to you
  • An eyebrow raises at his hand before looking back at him, “May I help you?”
  • “A gorgeous lady shouldn’t be sitting alone like this, yes? Why don’t we dance or go somewhere more…private, hm?”
  • A shaky laugh escapes your lips and your eyes search for Jumin, “Haha..No thank you, I’m waiting for someone.”
  • He takes hold of your wrist, trying to pull you to the dance floor with him
  • “Please take your hands off of her, she said that she does not want to go with you.”
  • You mouthed a ‘help’ to Jumin and he had the security simply throw the guy out
  • He made sure you were by his side the rest of the night


  • The one time you both decide to go outside, something like this decides happens
  • He decided to go to the carnival with you because why not?
  • Make you go on all the unstable looking rides, eat the diabetes food because his diet is already crap, and win you all the rigged-games prizes because honestly, he’s so good at those
  • It was almost time to go and Saeyoung decided to pee before heading home again
  • You headed towards the confectionery area to buy some icecream when some ass decided to stand in your way
  • “Hey doll, what’re you doing here at the carnival so late?”
  • “Getting icecream,” you grew annoyed quickly, “Now if I can go on my way–”
  • You tried walking past him, but he ended up blocking you again
  • “Why don’t I buy some for ‘ya?” he winked
  • “Why don’t you leave her alone?” came Saeyoung’s voice (and body) inbetween you and the guy
  • Once the guy noticed how much taller Saeyoung was compared to him, he backed off and fled
  • “C’mon, MC, let’s get icecream!” and he immediately ran off and left you alone

BTS Social Media au –> The lives of the boys intertwine through social media… follow the story!

Jin recalls Namjoon telling him about his interview with a record company so he texts him, wishing him good luck. He also invites Namjoon to his graduation ceremony/celebration in a few days time. *trying to insert lowkey Namjin flirting to progress their relationship*

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Oops I sent the massage by mistake lol. Btw can you do GD with 60 and 62, please? :D

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex” & “Are you going to talk to me”

I feel like GD requests are a trap…You guys know he is my weakness. 

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So, @gadelingsofthegalaxy and I were talking about Neil’s tolerance for injuries, right, and how it’s probably higher than most people’s, because of all the shit he’s been through.

And then that got us thinking about Neil’s “I’m fine”s and how he probably gets injured all the time in games because he is a fucking idiot he often makes risky moves.

Now imagine:

  • Aaron, who wants to be a doctor, starts helping Abby out with patching the Foxes up.
  • He is so annoyed because Neil needs patching up way more often than the other Foxes?
  • Like, this idiot practically seems to attract danger?
  • And he just really doesn’t give a damn about Neil; in fact, he tries to avoid seeing him as much as possible
  • And this idiot just keeps coming in to see Abby?
  • Why??
  • Why is he such an idiot??
  • (Internally, he’s like “I am actually trying to keep the times I have to see you to a bare minimun, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME”)
  • So he actually tries to keep Neil safe on court, to stop him from having to come in and get patched up
  • Occasionally, he even rams into the players that go after Neil (because godDAMNIT, JOSTEN, STOP THIS BULLSHIT)
  • He makes diet plans for Neil, because unlike Andrew, Aaron knows Neil will stick to those if it helps with exy
  • Aaron even becomes Neil’s jogging partner because of-fucking-course Neil “I was trying to be nice, Dan, I said please” Josten got into a fight the one hour Aaron didn’t look after him.
  • Essentially, they end up being accidental friends because Aaron spends time with him to avoid having to spend time with him.
  • Both Minyards make death threats
  • Katelyn stops hugging him because what if it’s Andrew?
  • Nicky stops making date jokes just to be sure.
  • “Neil is with one of the twins.”
  • “Which one?”
  • “:….”
  • “Is he currently kissing him?”
  • “….No.”
  • “It’s Aaron.”
  • Aaron takes to wearing his team sweatshirt all the time because it has his number on it
  • (Andrew steals it when he wants to avoid Kevin.)
  • Aaron and Neil have lunch one day. Both are wearing PSU hoodies that say “MINYARD” on the back
  • And then, one day, someone accidentally refers to Neil as “Minyard”
  • Aaron is there when it happens
  • He realises that, at some point, that might have bothered him but it just doesn’t anymore
  • He starts doing it himself
  • Like, one day Aaron slams into a player going after Neil and snarls “damn it Minyard, stop antagonizing them!!”
  • So then, years later - Aaron and Katelyn are getting married
  • Aaron needs a best man
  • He knows Andrew would hate it; would never agree to it
  • And Neil is his brother
  • So they’re visiting, and he patches Neil up after a game because Neil is still an idiot
  • He’s cleaning the wound, and he’s more stabbing it with a cotton ball than actually cleaning it
  • And he’s like “Katelyn and I are getting married”
    *stab stab stab*
  • “You and Andrew are better wearing tuxes when you come or I’m gonna kick you out”
    *stab stab stab*
    “Uh huh.”
  • “I swear if you antagonise anyone in your speech I will make sure you won’t be playing any games anytime soon”
    *stab stab*
    *slams a bandaid on it*

    “Uh h- wait, what?”
  • Or alternatively:  "if you’re not in arms reach of me you might punch the bride’s mother or something"
  • “maybe you should stand next to me. so I can keep an eye on your dumbass”
  • Katelyn asks her best friend to be the maid of honour
  • And she doesn’t know Neil - doesn’t know. Period.
  • She knows Neil is a Minyard because maybe she’s seen a picture of him wearing a jersey with that name, so he must be Aaron’s brother, and obviously she has no idea he’s with Andrew.
  • So she’s hopelessly flirting with him.
  • It gets progressively worse as she gets progressively more drunk
  • And she’s not a bad person, but she’s hopelessly intoxicated and very attracted to Neil (who ofc has no idea what’s going on)
  • Until she crosses a line
  • (And up till then Andrew was delighted that something entertaining was happening)
  • But then someone puts an end to it, and it isn’t Neil and it’s not Andrew
  • It’s Aaron
  • Because Neil is - Neil is his brother’s partner. Neil is his brother-in-law.
  • Neil is family.
  • Aaron stepping in because she’s being embarrassing and creepy and that’s his brother and this is his wedding and he’s going off on this tirade about boundaries and consent and shit Neil has drilled into him for years
  • Katelyn is like *hearteyes*
  • Neil is that same sort of gobsmacked he was when Nicky said they were friends
  • like “I’m your brother??”
  • because it’s one thing to be friends and for Aaron to mockingly call him Minyard
  • but this is like blatant acknowledgement and acceptance
  • And Aaron is still so fired up he goes off on Neil like you fuCKING IDIOT of course you are why the fuck else would I ask you to be my best man you dUMB PIECE OF SHIT YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE FIRED WHERE IS ANDREW ANDREW I NEED YOU PLS BACK ME UP ON HOW STUPID THIS FUCKHEAD IS
  • (someone walks in halfway through and thinks it’s Andrew aggressively proposing to Neil)
  • (And a few hours later when they’re home or the hotel room or whatever, Andrew is like “i’m not gonna ask you just because they all think I did”)
  • (Neil is like “babe you’re a few months too late for that decision, don’t you think”)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

NEVER BE AFRAID TO SCRAP AND START OVER TILL SOMETHING LOOKS THE WAY YOU WANT. I know it’s not always feasible time wise but I have never once regretted going in and starting over (on purpose at least LOL)

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my best friend was dating this guy that none of us (her friends) approved of. he's the classic super sexy bad boy. well eventually she broke up with him and he start flirting with me. things have progressed and now we makeout every chance we get. he's by far the best kisser i've ever met. and my best friend has no idea that I'm making out with her ex boyfriend all the time.


Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: Hannibal/Bedelia or Hannibal/Alana

“We work with people the same way… guiding them from dissonance toward composition.”

McHanzo Fic Rec List

Hang the Fool by AlmaMeDuele, Chapter 18/20, Words: 195k, Rating: Mature

Tags: Angst and Humor, Slow Burn, Heroic Endeavors, Dad Bod McCree, Shimada Shuffle Makes Ya Rustle, Hate at First Sight, I Told You There Would Be Dragons, Angry Hanzo, Comrades in Arms, Implied Reaper76, Implied Zaryamei, Implied Widowtracer

Summery: Arguably the best Overwatch fic I’ve read. A long slow burn, featuring our favourite genre: angst. It has an excellent story and I am very excited for the final two chapters.

Four Days by starscry, Chapters: 4/4, Words 24k, Rating: Mature

Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, half-mexican mccree, McCree family antics, Slow Burn, Fluff, Canon Universe

Summery: Four days is all they need to convince Jesse’s family they are dating. Jesse is very convinced by Hanzo’s fake boyfriend-ism that he isn’t sure what’s real or fake anymore. Fluffy and many of heart-warming moments.

American Werewolf in London by FrostysaurusRekt, Chapters: 12/12, Words: 44k, Rating: Explicit

Tags: werewolf!McCree, Eventual Romance, Figurative Fluff, Kissing, Grinding (sorta??), Hurt & Comfort, Smut, literal fluff, Blood, Past Torture, Canon-Typical Violence

Notes: The first werecree fic I’ve read. Slow-ish burn but it highlights their relationship prior to them dating well. Flirt then shut down, flirt then shut down. This progresses into a further relationship.

A Strange Affair by Jammingjackelopes, Chapters 2/2, Words: 46k, Rating: Explicit

Tags: Alternate Universe – Werewolf, Blackwatch Era, Blackwatch Jesse McCree, Yakuza Hanzo Shimada, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Slow Burn, Romance, Young Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada, Young Love, Marriage, Sex, Phone Sex, Mild Gore

Summary: Three words – young, werewolf, mchanzo. This fic is absolutely beautifully written and has an amazing storyline.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours by vandoodle, Chapters: 6/7, Words: 54k, Rating Teen

Tags: Team as Family, Mutual Pining, Slow Burn, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Canon-Typical Violence, Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Humor, aka the cliche fic where agents must go undercover as a married couple, warning: country music, Undercover as a Couple, poorly timed puns

Summary: The funniest fic I’ve read for this pairing, between sassy Hanzo and Jesse being – well Jesse this fic is brought to life by the mixture of everyday life and the reality that befalls the cast.

Oh Simple Thing by Jesse, Chapters: 12/13, Words: 40k, Rating: Teen

Tags: Post-Canon, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, Smoking, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Depression, Loneliness, Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling & Snuggling, Kissing, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Crying, Fluff and Angst, This is where it starts getting bad Here we go, Graphic Violence, Blood, Blood and Gore Broken Bones Torture Past Torture Dismemberment Vomiting Non-Consensual Drug Use Prosthesis Bathing/Washing Yeah man it’s just gonna be fluffy as fuck from now on I’ve got jack shit to do Poor McCree doesn’t know how to cook rice What an oaf So Hanzo has to do the actual cooking

Summary: This is painful, then cute, then painful. Old McHanzo has some angst would be my five word summery. This was a fic that successfully made me cry. I cannot recommended this fic enough.

Here There Be Dragons by FrostysaurusRekt, Chapters 8/15, Words: 50k, Rating: Explicit

Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Dragons!Hanzo, not-brainwashed-Talon!McCree, Redemption, Love, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Healing, Hand Jobs, Talon!McCree, Smut, Fluff, Friendship

Summary: Talon McCree and Dragon Hanzo. Jesse is haunted by his past and needs someone to save him. This person – or rather dragon – saves Jesse from the claws of talon.

Petals on the River by bamfbugboy and Zath, Chapters 16/?, Words: 89k, Rating: Explicit

Tags: Universe – Western, Alternate Universe - 1920s, Established Relationship, Romance, Western, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, Blood and Violence, World War I, Flashbacks, Explicit Sexual Content, Fluff, Reaper76 – Freeform, McHanzo – Freeform, Gency, Widowtracer, Historical Divergence

Summary:  A fic that involves most of the cast and their respective ships. This fic is McHanzo centric, although it does have chapters dedicated to the other ships. A fic the progresses better as it goes on.

Cowman and the Dragonfly by FrostysaurusRekt , Chapters 1/1, Words 4k, Rating: Mature

Tags: reconnection

Summary: Young Jesse and Hanzo meet and fall in love quickly. Jesse then has to go back to America. Fast forward to post-recall and they meet once again.

Magic McCree by Cawaiiey, Chapters 1/1, Words: 15k, Rating: Explicit

Tags: Stripper!McCree, dick piercings, Barebacking, Creampie, Dirty Talk, slight praise kink, there’s backgrounder reaper76, hinted/implied genyatta, this is literally a play on Magic Mike, real life au?, Jesse calls Hanzo a slut, at some point Fake slut shaming I guess?

Summary:  McCree is a stripper that has his eyes set on Hanzo. This is my one-shot smut fic that I would recommend to anyone interested in that. The scenes are well paced and well written. They atmosphere is accurately described and is consistant throughout.


Again stream progress!! Better on Satchell! (or at least… less… tilted WOW IT WAS BAD WHEN I FLIPPED IT) Harry Kim looking more Harry Kim and getting flats! And Page one is almost lined! Making up a altean looking window bay… emphasis on making up

also toned down Lance’s distress and I’m v pleased!

I was tagged for the “Ryder files” meme by @servantofclio​ and @theherocomplex​ (and probably others I’ve forgotten, forgive me!)

Tagging anyone who hasn’t done this (or hasn’t done this for all their Ryders) and would like to…

Carrie Ryder

Combat Class: Sentinel, Vanguard, or Explorer, depending on the tactical situation or, more often, her mood
Personality Type: Emotional/Casual
Love Interests: Liam Kosta, Peebee (V-relationship), Drack (?)

Major Decisions:

  • Scientific Outpost on Eos
  • Rescued the angara on Voeld (shot the Cardinal)
  • Revealed Sarissa’s actions but kept her as Pathfinder
  • Convinced Rix to become Turian Pathfinder
  • Rescued Pathfinder Raeka from the Archon
  • Destroyed the angaran AI
  • Prevented Vidal’s assassination of Sloane
  • Gave Warlord Morda the drive core
  • Shot Akksul
  • Accepted the Primus’s Offer
  • Recommended Moshae Sjefa as Representative

Additional Relevant Info: 

Empathetic and caring, restless and adventurous, indifferent to danger (some would say reckless, and have). Carrie was the problem child in the family, always getting in scrapes, in contrast to her more cautious and reserved (by Ryder family standards) brother Luke. Alec encouraged her to find outlets for her energy. A born tinkerer, she trained as an engineer and has a love of gadgets and technology. Her biotic abilities came as much more of a surprise. While she can harness dark energy, she has trouble exercising much fine control over it, and her applications for her biotics are mostly limited to flinging herself around the battlefield and fending off attacks in a pinch.

Like Peebee, she quickly came to the conclusion that there were no unexplored frontiers in the Milky Way, so when her father proposed a trip to Andromeda, she was enthusiastic, even helping to talk Luke into it. She was bewildered to be named Pathfinder - as the irresponsible wild child, she’d never expected to be put in charge of anything - but slowly rose to the task. Carrie idolizes her father as a hero and has made excuses for all his failings as a father, often arguing with Luke, who arguably has a clearer view of the man. This image of her father may have been fatally damaged by what she learned from SAM, but she’s still in denial about this. Some therapy is probably needed to unpack it. 

Carrie is a polyamorous pansexual who had a number of liaisons in the Milky Way, but no particularly close relationships. When she boarded the Tempest, she rapidly became aware that it was stuffed with extremely hot people, and given her level of sexual frustration (and her having no experience being in charge of people) she flirted with everybody. This progressed to sexual relationships with Liam and Peebee very quickly. Carrie slowly became aware that feelings were becoming involved for her - she really cared about and came to love her crew. She pulled back on the flirting with people she was afraid she’d hurt (Vetra, Suvi) and focused on her relationships with Peebee and Liam.

(She also really wants to have sex with Drack, if she can just work out the logistics and get Drack to agree.)

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what do you think would happen if reimu started to flirt back to marisa? would marisa just sorta shut down over actually being flirted with, or would there be a different reaction?

Marisa would flirt back, not expecting it. Then the flirting continues, getting progressively more overt as time goes on. She blinks and now they’re married and have two kids.

When you’re gonna flirt with your crush and you think you’re gonna be all cool and smooth

But you end up being a big nerd jumbling your words and acting like a big dork and you end up looking like this

fic: just jealous

klaine-reflects-love prompted: would you write me a jealous!kurt or jealous!blaine fic? i’ve read them all and i’ve been looking for one to read. Hope you feel better ♥

two times where blaine was the jealous one, and one time kurt was.

word count: ~2.9k

Kurt has potentially the best eye for flirting-in-progress than anyone else Blaine has ever met. It’s pure entertainment to get coffee with him and listen to him murmur under his breath about the businessman trying to put the moves on the barista half his age, or the nervous college couple on their first date the table over.

Kurt is also potentially the most blind to people flirting with him than anyone else Blaine has ever met.  This is something Blaine is not just realising.

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