flirting in progress

WE LOVED UNDER ATOMIC SKIES “I’ve been told where there is love there is danger. I know nothing will last forever but I still like the thought of being together” [ listen ]

01. Massive Attack - The hunter gets captured by the game | 02. Black Lab - Part of me | 03. The xx - Our song | 04. Sleeping At Last - Neptune | 05. Will Hanson - Still alive | 06. Icky Blossoms - Heat Lightning | 07. Florence + The Machine - All this and Heaven too | 08. Amber Run - I found (acoustic) | 09. IAMX - Under atomic skies

My two cents on the gay bar extra scene: (working with deduction but totally having fun)

- they came back earlier than planned. Hudders says a few words on this.

- in the last bar scene that we saw they were already intoxicated and Sherlock picked a fight.

- to complete the symmetry John gets agitated or jealous in the gay bar. Sherlock enjoys himself too much and takes coat off or lets guys flirt with him. The progress of bars suggested more interaction with the public. It wouldn’t be just them drinking, it would be repetitive and in each bar scene some detail is added to the mix. And in the gay bar eventually something prompts them to leave earlier than planned.
Hence, Hudders’ words.
But the gay bar experience loosened them up to be flirtatious during the rizla game.

So I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of months ago and have been wondering what it’d be like to be with a dude. I should say that the porn I watch is 80% gay, 20% straight. I enjoy sex with chics but kinda feel like there is something better.

So I joined grindr and have been talking to a few people and then one who I had been speaking to over the past few days said I should come over. Kind of unexpectedly, I agreed and went over. I was incredibly nervous and my heart was beating hard but I didn’t turn the car around or anything like that.

Got to his place and met him. He was kind of attractive but I noticed that he was a bit effeminate in the way he spoke and he was wearing a dressing gown and slippers. Went inside, but totally had no desire to do anything and no idea how I would even start. I mean with chics it easy cause you can flirt and then progress to making out but I totally felt like I couldn’t do this with this guy.

So I decided to leave, apologising profusely for jerking him around and potentially leading him on. Got in my car and came home. I don’t regret my decision at all, to both go there and to leave.

I guess I’m kinda confused cause I always thought I’d jump at the chance to hook up discretely. But I just had no desire to. And the guy wasn’t unattractive at all. And then I came home and jerked off to porn (both gay and straight).