flirting disasters

“…so by that logic the whole second canto is obviously a veiled critique of Meroc’s appropriation of the Hebitian epic style for State propaganda purposes, and - uh - Garak?”


“Are you playing footsie?”

“What a charming term! I’m not familiar with it. But please do continue, Doctor - I’m eager to see how this fascinatingly wrongheaded analysis of yours will play out.”

“Hang on - I’m winning, aren’t I? I’m winning the argument, and you’re trying to distract me.”

“Whatever do you mean.”

redisthe-rose  asked:

What exactly is polyamory?

polyamory is when you say “no thank you” to monogamy

And more seriously, it’s when a person dates more than one person at the same time, with the knowledge and consent of all involved. Sometimes three or more people will date each other, too. 

It can also be used as an umbrella term for anyone who just isn’t monogamous aka is attracted (romantically and/or sexually) to multiple people at the same time, or dates multiple people at the same time, or for people in open-relationships etc etc

Cheating is NOT polyamory. Polyamory requires everyone involved to already know their partner(s) are not monogamous and consent for them to see other people. Communication and honesty are key. Cheating sucks and has nothing to do with polyamory, nor should being poly be an excuse for it. Lying is lying.

Personally, my partners dating each other isn’t a thing i’d be comfortable with, so i usually use the “non-monogamous” term instead; although it still falls into the polyamory label. They have their partners, I have mine, and everyone is happy :)


@RachelWhiter if the genders were swapped, who’d you choose to play usnavi??

@Lin_Manuel Oh, @HereIsGina would be DOPE.

Marc Guggenheim SDCC17 Interview

Marc Guggenheim was kind enough to meet with me for a one on one chat. 

We walked the floor together with his nephew and little girl (who are the cutest) for an hour and talked all things Arrow!!! He told me this is his most aggressive SDCC schedule ever, so the fact that he slotted in some time just for me really meant the world. Marc Guggenheim is the actual best. He is the definition of it.


We launched right into number one on my list: wedding.

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All of these background characters that Jazz is talking to are familiar faces, though. Half of them even have names.

In order, we have Brittany, unnamed girl, Ashley, Star, unnamed girl, and unnamed girl.

What’s more, the thin redhead is apparently friends with the Nasty Burger employee with braces who goes brunette and has a crush on Danny.

Either that or the redhead and brunette are sisters or something, but they have the same voice actress and hair style, so I’m leaning toward them being the same. (Of course the voice actress is Tara Strong, so…)

Things my professor says pt 2

“Unfortunately, playing the horn is not natural. If it were, we would have been born with a horn, and there’s not enough room in there!”

“If you sound good, I don’t care how you’re doing it, even if you’re playing out of your butt. But then it would be kinda difficult to sit down…”

“Can we get 30% more smokey bar?”

“Not sufficiently diva-ish. You’ve got to milk it a little more.”

“Did you just end a clause with a preposition?”

“You need to take more risk. Flirt with disaster!”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s that I have no faith in you.”

“Connect your tongue with your air and take charge of your destiny!”

“I like the fact that you’re like an ice maiden. You’re so chill.”

“Let’s play that part again. It’s not illegal to have a good time” *wink*

Petition to Give Star a Fanon Surname

Not gonna lie, since I started rewatching this show, Star has quickly become one of my favorite background characters. There are a lot of others that I like as well, but there’s something about Star that makes her feel really real to me, like she really does have her own life outside of the main characters. Since Lucky in Love is the one episode where she gets any kind of focus, I figured this was as good a time as any to talk about her.

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