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I'M A PISCES!!!! *slides to you as smoothly as possible* Wanna catch a bed full of junk food and binge on fav movies? If not then we can just nap like there is no tomorrow 😉

*chokes on spit* HUH-HI!! pisces make me so flustered *_* they’re always so beautiful and dreamy and i’m just a cow sitting here, crushing my little gay heart out. 

omg that sounds like fun! my binge flicks are beauty and the beast, treasure planet, and kiki’s delivery service. do you prefer to be big or little spoon? i like to be the big spoon : )

The signs and flirting
  • Says they can't flirt but can flirt like a love God:LEO, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Can flirt without trying, but when they try, it's horrible:Virgo, Pisces, SCORPIO, Aries
  • Can't flirt for shit:Cancer, Aquarius
  • Always flirting whether they know it or not:LIBRA, Gemini

True Story

So I am absolutely unable to tell when people are flirting with me or if they like me probably because of my cripplingly low self-esteem hahaha

So when I was 17 I was at a basketball tournament and this dude and his squad called me over after I finished my game and this dude asked me for my number

and I was all ‘????’ and then I was like ‘oH he’s asking for my basketball number!’ keep in mind we usually have our jersey numbers on the front of our uniforms too but for some reason this one didn’t so I was like ‘oh I’ll turn around and show him’

I didn’t even realize how savage me turning my back on him, showing him my jersey number, and immediately walking away would be

His bros were laughing so hard at him

TBH I didn’t even know what I did until I walked back to my mom

who saw everything 

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The Signs when flirting

Aries: Shows off and brags in hopes of attaining interest from the intended person
Taurus: Really sweet and flirty over text but awkward as hell in person
Gemini: Only flirts when drunk and somehow always gets it
Cancer: A bunch of pick up lines. That’s it.
Leo: Laughs and jokes the same way that they do with friends, so it’s hard to tell if they’re actually flirting
Virgo: Waits for the intended to make eye contact and then plays hard to get
Libra: Doesn’t care for games and gets straight to the point, can come off as extremely blunt
Scorpio: Introduces self with various ice breakers followed by a flurry of lame jokes
Sagittarius: What tf is flirting?
Capricorn: Is actually smooth and either ends up being good friends with the person or in love
Aquarius: Subtle winks and sultry lips
Pisces: Tries to be smooth and nonchalant but ends up a flustered mess

Tips on Flirting

1. Make eye contact. Throw small glances and catch the eye of the person you’re interested in. Hold their gaze briefly, then smile and look away.

2. Smile at the person. To be most effective, smile slowly (rather than grinning widely), and crinkle your eyes. That kind of smile is more genuine and appealing.

3. Talk to them. You don’t have to commit to a full conversation but at least say “hello” and acknowledge their existence!

4. Initiate a conversation with them (one step on from point 3). Think of easy ways to get a conversation going. In many ways the topic isn’t so significant. You just want to talk to them, and try and pique their interest. General guidelines are … ask a neutral question; try and find some areas of common interest; gauge their response before showing more interest; and keep things light and impersonal.

5. Make use of body language. Non-verbal cues can say a lot more than the actual words you speak. Some pointers to remember include: maintain an open stance (don’t cross your arms or legs); turn your body toward them; casually touch them (for example, hold their hand to help you balance when you’re getting up from your seat.)

6. Compliment them (but don’t get too personal yet).

7. Keep your interactions brief. Scarcity creates demand. If you’re not always available it makes you more mysterious and more desirable.

Masters of the Singles Game: A Closer Look at Flirtatious Behavior

We have all taken part in the titillating behavioral pleasure known as flirting. It is certainly a rush to your system to let loose for a moment. To feel you have captured the attention of another attractive human being who’s completely focused on you and knows you are attracted to them as well. Some are masters at this exciting mind game; others not so much. It is no surprise, nor something to be ashamed of, that this skill does not come to many of us naturally. Flirting can be considered a battlefield for many that has become difficult to navigate. It simply isn’t something you can execute without knowing what you are doing and hope for a positive reaction. Understanding the psychology behind flirting may just help the embarrassingly unskilled become masters in the singles game.

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Ib x Undertale crossover doodles (+an accidental paint practice ;u;)

Partially completed in stream! :’)

Mars signs flirting

Aries Mars: Big Fat Ol’ Flirts. Bold. 

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Taurus Mars: Sensual. Real touchy. Or maybe just a little…but even the lightest touch from these people is enough.

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Gemini mars: Goofy. Talkative. Playful. Super fun. Probably shows off their smarts. Witty and whatnot

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Cancer Mars: OMg Super bashful. Sweet and caring. Really nice. Very adorbale.

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Leo Mars: Bold. Goofy yet sexy at the same time. Playful. Show off.

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Virgo Mars:  Nervous, Probably helps you out with anything they can. Strategic in flirting. Or at least tries to be. Works too hard to come up with a set plan that may not work. They underestimate themselves.

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 Libra Mars: Really playful. Often flirts without realizing it. Charmers. Holds their composure.

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Scorpio Mars: Dammmmn sooooon.  

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Sagittarius Mars: These people are flirty and will prolly test you by being real blunt, at times rude, just to see if you can take it. They find it amusing. They’ll def make an effort to get you laughing.

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Capricorn Mars: Tries really hard to stay composed around those they like. Mega lusty. Tries to impress with their witt. Prolly the types w/”3month plans” i.e Week One: Have a full conversation. Week 21: High five them flirtatiously 

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Aquarius Mars: GOOFY motherfuckers. Does what they can to stand out to the object of their affection. 

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Pisces Mars: Prolly shows off their creative side to person they like in an attempt to impress. Also a bit silly.

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