Vampire hunt

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Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Bobby

Pairing: Reader X Dean

Summary: You are the daughter of Bobby Singer and Sam and Dean ask you on a simple hunt. It is just cleaning out a vamps nest but Dean keeps flirting. After fighting it you give in.

Word count: 2255


Sitting at the dinner table with my father we discussed a few things. Recently there was more demand for hunters than in recent months. I was most excited about the poltergeist case. Ghostly mansions were the best cases. It was a three day trip but it was worth it. After dinner we would pack for the trip until my father received a phone call. He sounded glad when he answered and spoke to the one on the other side of the line.

Once off the phone my father told me that the trip was canceled, we got a visit from the Winchesters. Two brothers who were in the same field as us. My father knew their father. We did not get frequent visits from other hunters let alone my age. I could not wait to meet them. “They will be here any time, it is really a miracle that I see you three in the same room.” He laughed at his own joke and I laughed too. Every time the Winchesters shared a case with my father, I was somewhere else. We never had the pleasure to meet each other and now it was finally that far.

I had just cleared the table when the doorbell rang. My father mumbled something in the mouth. I heard the door open and the emergence of a small talk. Several footsteps walked into the living room. “Honey, do you have a moment?” My father asked. I was still busy with the washing up but that could wait. I put the tea towel aside and walked to the living room.

The first thing I noticed was how the young men were dressed, as if they had been in my father’s wardrobe. They looked at me with a smile on their faces. “Ah, we finally meet at last, it took a while but its finally here.” The shorter of the two joked. “Dean.” He said right after it and shook my hand. “Bobby could have warned me that he had raised up such a beautiful young lady.” He looked at me from head to toe with his green eyes.

The man next to him gave him a punch in his side and my father also let a low grunt sound. Dean kept his arms up in self-defense. “Okey, okey, sorry.” But he still had to send a wink. I shook my head and turned to the one next to him. I held out my hand and he accepted. “Sam, nice to meet you.” With a simple smile, he welcomed me into his life. “Y/N, the pleasure is al mine.” I looked at the two men and immediately knew what they needed. “Beer?” I raised an eyebrow and waited for the answer I already knew.

Without waiting, I pulled a beer from the fridge and took it back to the room. One by one I gave them a bottle. My father pulled the cap off with one of the many bottles of openers and did not bother to pass it on.

The boys had trouble with the caps and thought it was from that fancy turn system. I removed the cap without any effort using an iron ring. “How, woman, how?” Dean looked at me with all his wits. I raised the finger where I had the ring. “Simple.” I gestured to his bottle to open it for him. After I had opened them both we came to business.

It was not only a friendly visit, there was more behind it. “We need your help with a vampire nest, less than ten kilometers outside the city.” Sam started the briefing. I listened attentively. Vampires were one of my specialties because I was very handy with a machete.

After all the information was given and Dean stared at me several times, my father spoke. “Y/N can go with you, then I can sit this one out. I have too many other things to do and exterminating vampires is her thing.” They both looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. “Okey, we’ll leave as soon as we can now we still have sunlight in our advantage.” Dean looked at me like I was new to this. “Don’t worry, it’s a three-quarter drive and the sun is out till half past nine, we have plenty of time.” Quietly I took a sip of my beer. I saw my father grinning from behind his desk.

After a little chat, it was time for action, I quickly packed my bag and loaded it into the Impala’s boot. I immediately fell in love with the car when I saw her. I whistled when we were standing next to the car. “What a beauty.” I was walking around the car to take a good look at her. Dean grinned and looked at his brother, who shook his head. “She is not the only one.” Dean said to no one in particular.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to ride shot gun but sitting in the back was not that bad either. “So you know your cars?” Dean looked in the rear view mirror for a moment.  ‘’Who ells do you think that repaired all those cars.“ I looked at him smugly. "Nice.” He said approvingly.

Sam sat down in his chair and looked at me. “So how did Bobby mean that vampires were your thing?” I quickly thought back to the countless times that I was dealing with vampires. “It is a piece of cake for me. I get the job done and am usually home the next day.” I talked about it as if it was the most normal thing in the world. ‘’I hope you still think that after this one. Forty at the least.“ Sam said. ’‘Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Aim for the head and make sure you don’t get bitten.” Sam looked at me questioningly and questionably. “We shall see.” He sat straight back in his chair.

It took us an hour to get there, Dean had to refuel first and then drove wrong. Once arrived at the destination, Dean parked the car one kilometer from the house. We walked to the trunk and removed our machetes. Those of us were very similar, only mine had engravings on the lamed. “Cute, just like you.” Said Dean when he saw my machete. I rolled my eyes and didn’t pay any further attention to it.

We walked to the house and discussed the technique. Sam handed me some syringes filled with dead man’s blood. I took them and put them in one of my many pockets. “As far as we know, there are about forty vamps, three floors. The windows are darkened so they are active.” While they told me, I looked at the house. It was indeed a house with three floors but I did not believe it for a meter that they were all awake around noon. “I’m guessing that thirty percent is awake and on the ground floor, the rest most likely sleep on the second and third floor. The sooner we have cleared the ground floor we must be able to continue without too much attention.” They looked at each other for a moment and then at me. “Beauty and the brains.” Was all Dean had to say. I sighed deeply and got up. “Come on Casanova, we have better things to do.”

As quietly as possible we entered the house. We took the front door that led to a long corridor. Step by step we walked further into the house. I took the lead and felt Deane’s eyes burn in my back. The corridor ended in a T-junction. Gesturing to Sam I told him to stand against the other wall. I looked very carefully around the corner to see if the coast was safe. No one could be seen on my side of the corridor, Sam followed my example and did the same. On both sides it was quiet, we were faced with a choice. “I say we split up and find each other back by the stairs.” I suggested. They nodded in agreement. “I’ll take the right and you left.” This time I didn’t suggest anything but gave orders. “Sammy can handle it alone, I’ll team up with you.” Dean came to stand next to me. I didn’t have the time or the inclination to go against it. “As long as you don’t get in the way, otherwise your head will be lost.” I walked around the corner and did not wait for him.

The corridor we walked through came out in the kitchen. The door to it was close but voices could be heard from behind the door. “What are we doing now?” Dean asked. I held out my machete and laughed. “We’re just going in.” I turned to the door and opened it wagon wide. Suddenly all faces were turned towards us. “Hey.” I ran inside while the first ones came running towards us.

Clawing to us, I behead the first vamp and soon after the second one. Dean had some trouble in the beginning but then came into his rhythm. A vamp jumped from behind, but I threw it over my shoulders on the ground and quickly cut off his head. I turned to Dean who was now standing in the middle of killed vamps. “Not bad my lady.” I gave him a nod. “You’re not that bad either.” After the kitchen was cleared, we moved on to the living room.

The living room was more occupied than the kitchen was. The living room was large and so could also keep many people. At the same time we walked in and the party could start. The vamps played in common but we were meaner. Dean was caught by three vamps at one point. Without thinking I threw a syringe with dead man’s blood in the neck of one of the vamps. Dean knew exactly what to do and squeezed the syringe. I took care of the other two and chopped off the head with a smooth movement. At this moment the blood was everywhere. “Gross.” I said while I looked at my clothes. “Don’t worry, it looks good on you.” He winked at me.

I pushed him away from me playfully and walked on. Sam was already waiting for us at the stairs. “Took you long enough.” He joked. “Haha, very funny, how many have you killed?” I moved my weight on one leg and put my hand on my hip and waved my machete in his direction. “Twelve?” He said questioningly. “ Pfft. ” Dean and I said at the same time. “Twenty-five max.” I finished it.

The three of us walked upstairs. We would all take a room in hand and then move on to the next. That way we could be ready faster. What was a breeze for me was more difficult for the boys. “Keep it up boys.” I called between the rooms. “If this is over, you owe me a date.” Dean wiped some blood from his forehead. “In your dreams.” I heard Sam chuckle in the other room.

The rest of the hunt went exactly the same way. Every time I did something special or great, Dean tried to flirt with me. The whole way home was not much different. “Oh come on, what’s so bad about a date with me, a few beers a nice evening.” He looked at me over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes. “Do you ever give up?” He shook his head no. “Only when you say 'Yes'’. I was glad that we were only five minutes away from my house because I could not stand it anymore.

I didn’t know how fast I had to get out of the car. "Y/N, please, look into my eyes and tell me you do not want it.” He looked at me with his big bright green eyes that you could get lost in. I just wanted to answer when he blinked and said “please” in the most innocent way. “Okey okey, if I say yes, you leave me alone.” With a grin, he came to stand beside me and put his arm around me. “Tomorrow, eight o'clock, I’ll come for you.” I gave him a small smile and then picked up my bag. “Cannot wait.” I looked back for a moment and saw the most endearing laugh ever.

I walked in the door and realized what I had agreed to. “Hi honey, how was the hunt?” My father said when I walked into the room. “I have a date with Dean.” I walked straight into the kitchen for a glass of whiskey. ‘’You have a what with who?!“ his eyes fired as if he could heard Dean in any way possible.

Dean just walked in with Sam on his heels. "Hey Bobby guess who killed the most vamps?” Sam and Dean walked into the living room and my father glared at Dean. “You asked my daughter out?! "he scratched nervously on the back of his head. ” Uhm yes, me, um, Sammy?“ Sam stepped aside. "Leave me out of this.”

My father came dangerously close to him. “If anything happens to her, she will kill you.” He stuck a finger at him and Dean swallowed loudly. “Yes, sir.” His voice sounded 3 octaves higher than usual. Slowly he walked backwards back to the door. “Tomorrow eight o'clock, I will see you in front of the gate.” And before I could say anything, he was out of the door.