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Hello! I've been following your blog for a while now and let me just say your blog is AMAZING!!! Anywho, how would the Nordics react if someone was getting touchy in front of them with their S/O

Thank you!! 

APH Denmark: Denmark wouldn’t really notice that someone was getting touchy with his S/O until they got REALLY close. They would pretty much have to grope them in order for him to take action. Once he realized, he would be yelling all over the place telling them to get out of there before he beat the living hell out of them.

APH Finland: Finland might mistake it for a friendly gesture, depending on how far they were going with their touches. But if he realized their intentions, he would get a tiny glint of anger in his eyes coupled with a dangerous grin. He would end up saying something really passive aggressive to the person, which would probably end up actually scaring the shit out of them.

APH Sweden: Sweden would like to think of himself as clever if this were to happen, because he would try to make the person just as uncomfortable as they were making his S/O feel. As they inched closer to his partner, he would inch closer to them. He would get extremely up close and personal before they backed away, and would smirk to himself when they backed off.

APH Iceland: Iceland would immediately get really pouty and frustrated when someone else was touching his S/O. He can get a little possessive and jealous quite easily, so he would end up grabbing his S/O by the wrist and yanking them away from the person. He wouldn’t say anything about it, because he wanted to come off as cool, but he would have a fairly hostile attitude toward the person any time he saw them again.

APH Norway: Norway would end up turning it into a little competition. He would hate to get bested by the low-life that was feeling up his S/O, so he would attempt to show them how much better he was. When the other person got close, he would get closer. And it would probably make his S/O pretty awkward if it got far enough. Eventually he would just steal a really heated kiss to show the other person that his S/O belonged to him.

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Under the 1871 Morning Oregonian newspaper headline, “Reform Needed,” is this sentence, which tells you a lot about American social life at the time: “A practice which is becoming more prevalent among our boys and girls, more especially our girls, is that of flirting.”

Never mind that humans have been flirting with each other for centuries — Romeo and Juliet,courtesy phones. What makes the story more intriguing is the mention of “flirtation cards” and the accompanying description of casual courtship in the late 19th century.

In the ever-so-proper Victorian era, folks handed out cards for all sorts of events and to express a variety of emotions, including sympathy, grief, friendliness and flirtation.

The flirting game was explained this way: A lady and gentleman meet on a street. They exchange glances. As they walk on, the woman dangles a handkerchief — if she is interested in the man following up on the glance. If he is equally curious, the two strike up a conversation. One gives the other a personal calling card. And a date is planned.

“Our promenading thoroughfares, parks and all kinds of public resorts,” the reporter notes, “are thronged every evening with girls from 10 years old and upwards in companies of two, three and from that to half a dozen, more for the purpose of carrying on flirtations with the crowd of gaping men of whom there is an equal number, than anything else.”

This is, the reporter adds, a “dangerous practice.”

When ‘Flirtation Cards’ Were All The Rage

Images: Courtesy of Alan Mays

Favorite GIF Interactions: Part 4

It’s been a while, but it’s back. YAY! ^_^ Part 1-3

Onew was asked by the host which woman 1st caught his eye and he (with the seriousness in his face) chose her! and then Onew introduced himself to her afterwards. (my heart can’t even!!)

Zelo took her camera and recorded himself, also at other B.A.P concerts they chose their Black fangirls cameras to record themselves OUT OF ALLLL THE FANS!! <3

Jungkook is so brave to TRY to stare at her while she’s right beside him LOL!

Kyung giving no cares, he also asked her if she has any plans on working for MTV Korea (get it? so he can see her more lol). (that’s why she’s laughing)

When Jackson is around Black women:

(He even held onto her hand during the show xD)

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Slytherin Girl flirting with each house, including her own? (i haven't seen this one and i went back 20 pages of past slytherin tags so if you could do it i would be greatful!)

Flirting with a Gryffindor:

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Gryffindors are brash and like a challenge, right?

Flirting with a Hufflepuff:

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A Slytherin might have a softer approach a Hufflepuff like a subtle smile, wink, or a nice talk over tea or coffee.

Flirting with a Ravenclaw:

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A Slytherin would likely try understanding the Ravenclaw’s interests and personality, then make it somewhat of a challenge to break them out of their shell and get to know them.

Flirting with a Slytherin:

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Slytherin flirting with a Slytherin would probably just make a game out of teasing and playing hard to get.