Read My Mind (Part Six)

Story Summary: You have a thing for Bucky Barnes. Too bad he can’t read your mind to know about it.

Word Count: 730

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

A/N: Yay, another update! 

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“Miss (Y/L/N), your presence is requested in the kitchen,” FRIDAY suddenly announced in your room while you still rested on the bed.

“Who requested it?”

“Miss Maximoff,” FRIDAY replied as you groaned, getting up from the comfort of your bed as you walked out of your suite and headed to the kitchen. Much to your surprise, you saw Bucky there along with Steve and Clint. Wanda sat by the island bar smiling widely at you while you grimaced in return.

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I had woken up and checked my IG straight away. 
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I loved seeing the new likes and comments.  I was just getting into the community at that time and I was having a blast with all the flirtatious energy.  I don’t remember which photo it was exactly that received the “Hoe” in the comments section of the image but I do remember the tease of the photo was that of my boobs.  Of course in those days I was Disney PG compared to my recent work so truly,…

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So…I met my across the hall neighbor today….

and he’s a REALLY cute and seemingly sweet/friendly guy!!!

He was actually locked out so I got him back in, and in an unusually bold/flirtatious mood said “Maybe we should trade numbers in case this happens again!!!

And it worked!!!!!!!!

And I have yet to weird him out yet…..I think………….

Oh but I also discovered he’s Polish like me!!!!!

So…..let’s see what happens!!!!

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Did you ever notice than in Texas when Riley says she loves Lucas like a brother and so she starts hitting him and calling him huckleberry and says "see we're just like you and Maya were" because they were the ones that acted like siblings, not Riley and Lucas

Anon, I noticed that right when it aired! I think it was supposed to be real obvious but no one really talked about it haha at least not the LM shippers like Riley never thought of herself as Lucas’ sister and she never saw LM interactions as flirtatious she saw them as platonic.

It’s funny that she comes to the realisation that Maya like likes Lucas so she steps back by saying they’re brother and sister.. so to give her friend a romantic shot with the boy she acts like his sister by acting how her friend did with the boy she likes romantically??? fdkjlghdfjkh its a load of fckery dfklgjhdkj

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Could I request scenarios about the Matsuno bros first meeting their (future) s/o? Thank you!

Sure thing! :D

Osomatsu: He would probably end up meeting them at Chibita’s oden stand! I could see him whining about how his brothers don’t ever give him the respect he deserves or something to that extent (in a drunken and disoriented fashion)
And the future S/o hears him as they walk by, and (maybe having had a bad day themselves) goes up to see what’s wrong. They’d probably end up spilling out their troubles to each other (With Oso occasionally trying to be flirtatious and failing)
And then when Chibita asks for his money, Oso just takes the future s/o’s hand and darts away, much to Chibita’s anger.
They would hang out like that together all the time afterwords!

Karamatsu: The strumming of his guitar would bring his future s/o to his side.
His suave lines and sparkling eyes would cause them to smile. The rest is history~
Or at least that’s how Karamatsu would explain it!
The s/o would probably find his painful lines adorable, and cause them to laugh.
He would ask them to meet him on his rooftop at midnight, so they can stargaze together.
While there he would eventually let down his “cool guy” guard and you’d get to see a bit of the real him. The s/o would be head over heels for him at that point, and they’d make meeting on the roof a regular thing!

Choromatsu: He would probably be looking through the manga section of a shop and brush hands with them while reaching for the same book. He would get extremely flustered despite only brushing their hand and stutter out excessive apologies. The future s/o would just smile and assure him it’s okay and maybe start up a conversation about the manga they were both about to grab.
Poor Choro will be so confused as to why you’re being so nice to him, and his nervousness would only improve slightly.
After that you would probably meet up often to discuss anime, manga, and idols together and the two of you would gradually become closer until Choro finally gets the guts to ask them out!
(It will take time though, as he is very shy and docile :,>)

Ichimatsu: He would find them taking care of the strays he usually tends to, and would be surprised to find someone who cares about them like he does. He would probably back away at first, too shy to approach you, but eventually he would get up the nerve to say hi. When he finds out they’d been wanting to meet him and they’d seen him around before, he would be both shocked and flustered. They actually wanted to see him?
They’d grow closer over time as they care for the cats and would soon just start hanging out. After some time Ichi will start to open up and finally ask them out!

Jyushimatsu: It’d be totally possible for them to meet by the future s/o watching tons of baseballs fly across the sky, and deciding to figure out where they’re coming from, they see him and Ichi playing baseball together. The yellow clad man would instantly get their attention with his wide smile and energy, and they’d end up playing all together! Taking turns swinging the bat and throwing the ball.
Soon Jyushi would catch on to the future s/o’s feelings and ask them to go on a date! They’d go on all sorts of adventures from that point on!

Todomatsu: He’d be working at a cafe, and the s/o would be ordering a drink. His brothers would come in, completely embarrassing him, but the s/o would find it funny, and despite Totty’s complete mortified expression, believing his reputation is completely destroyed, the s/o would ask for his number.
He would be stunned into silence and for once his flirtatious attitude would be a flustered one. After that day they’d be able to go on a normal date to the mall, and they’d only get closer after that!
-Mod Jyushi

Just one more

read it on the AO3 at

by Pomyluna

Magnus made coctails. And this blue one looks very tempting… Will Alec be able to resist?

Continuation of the episode Of Men And Angels.

Words: 110, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Sterek Summer Spectacle - Week 2: Adaptations
Team: Falcon Helldiver
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“So, you’re the host,” the kid says, glancing at Derek under long lashes. He angles his body closer, more than appropriate for casual conversation.

“I don’t remember inviting you,” Derek says, leaning in too, pretending it’s so he doesn’t have to shout to be heard over the pulsing beat of the music. “And I would remember.” Derek lets his fingers skim over the small of the other man’s back, just to see if he can.

“Oh, you need an invite to get into these shindigs?” Stiles asks with a teasing grin that seems to draw them into some kind of confidence. “I hear just about anything goes at Derek Hale’s parties.”

Derek curves his mouth into a flirtatious smile, because it’s something a spoiled rich boy thinking with his dick would do. “True, but I do like to know who’s doing the ‘anything’.”


Derek is Batman, Stiles is Cat…dude? Uh, he’s the Cat Thief, let’s go with that. They bone, okay? But first they angst about it.

Venus Aspects
  • Venus adds a touch of beauty and harmony to the planets it aspects with, but also superficiality and materialism.
  • Sun/Venus:Will make you sociable and likeable yet vain and egotistical.
  • Moon/Venus:Will make you more emotional and caring yet needy and manipulative with others.
  • Mercury/Venus:Will make you charming and possess a beautiful voice, but can also make you deceiving and superficial.
  • Mars/Venus:Will make you flirtatious and playful, but also shallow and distracted.
  • Jupiter/Venus:Will make you friendly and popular yet overbearing and hedonistic.
  • Saturn/Venus:Will make you responsible and focused, yet cold and detached.
  • Uranus/Venus:Will make you unconventional and independent yet uncommitted and unpredictable.
  • Neptune/Venus:Will make you intuitive and idealistic yet naive and delusional with others.
  • Pluto/Venus:Will make you magnetic and seductive yet possessive and radical with others.
Love Strengths and Weaknesses of the Signs in Venus
  • Aries Strengths:Passionate, flirtatious, romantic, and open-minded to new things.
  • Aries Weaknesses:Hates playing the guessing game, relatively low patience, impulsive, and likes arguments.
  • Taurus Strengths:Love to indulge, usually have high stamina, are conventional and predictable in many ways.
  • Taurus Weaknesses:Can be stubborn and stuck in their ways when it comes to love, unforgiving, can also be paranoid.
  • Gemini Strengths:They are witty, unconventional, and love a good time. Are likely to show you off, culture you, and make life exciting.
  • Gemini Weaknesses:Can be a bit difficult to connect with, prefer to take things not so seriously in love, and have a tendency to focus on their own needs first.
  • Cancer Strengths:Extremely committed, love security, are predictable and honest, and are extremely loving.
  • Cancer Weaknesses:Has a tendency to be hypersensitive, take things far too personally, and will have bouts of self-sabotaging thoughts. They need a lot of reassurance.
  • Leo Strengths:Showy, flamboyant, and love the courting procedures. They are very lavish in their love and can be extremely generous too.
  • Leo Weaknesses:Constantly need their ego stroked in romance, and need to be reassured how much they are needed. You will find that they want to be the center of attention more often than not.
  • Virgo Strengths:They are honest in their love, are extremely genuine, and don't feel the need to make showy displays of devotion. They are pure of heart and intention.
  • Virgo Weaknesses:They have a tendency to do all the heavy-lifting and question if the other person is contributing, though that person may not have a chance to. They take a long time to commit.
  • Libra Strengths:They are extremely fair and idealistic at the same time. They can be very warm people and in general love a good adventure.
  • Libra Weaknesses:They tend to take on the desires of their mate, and have issues with retaining identity. Arguments can make them physically ill, and they can come off as superficial.
  • Scorpio Strengths:Scorpio is deep, and intense. They want to feel so connected with their partner that it is a quasi-possession. They do not want to be two people in a relationship, but rather one organism.
  • Scorpio Weaknesses:These sexual powerhouses can often tire out their company. They are also extremely intense and delve deeply into every subject they care about. When angry, they explode into a venomous rage.
  • Sagittarius Strengths:Strong, courageous protectors. They love being in the position to be possessive of their mate in a healthful way, and are always great defenders. They are entertaining, light-hearted, and the life of the party.
  • Sagittarius Weaknesses:They easily abandon ship when things get hard, and can be hyperemotional over small situations. They have a tendency to link every trauma to another, and you may find yourself dealing with decades of upset over one small problem.
  • Capricorn Strengths:They are definitively the dark and mysterious type. They are always in control of he relationship, and are too often the ones teaching lessons and giving instruction.
  • Capricorn Weaknesses:They are not very good for strong-willed mates. They aren't warm and spontaneous, but are more calculated and will be extremely focused on how reliable and structured a person is. They will either leave or become an instructor to significant others who are not predictable.
  • Aquarius Strengths:They are creative, sparkling personalities that are full of innovation for their world. These are the people who will often have uncommon relationship structures and will thrive on the variety. They are oft the more spiritual type as well.
  • Aquarius Weaknesses:They are incredibly aloof lovers, often not getting hints or noticing intricate signs of interest. In the relationship, they are not very outward with affection, but will attempt to show their appreciation for someone through their art and interests. People who are dependent upon displays of love will not work well with Aquarius where most love is implied.
  • Pisces Strengths:They are great flirts, are very personable, and want love to feel like a grand, sweet explosion. These people are all about tenderness and romance.
  • Pisces Weaknesses:They are not afraid to stretch the truth, and will often be dishonest to spare feelings. They are unpredictable and are usually very emotional, being more easily offended than most signs. If they feel betrayed, this is a sentiment that will last for decades.
some movie night headcanons

- movie night Saturday is a BIG thing at the firehouse. 

- Kevin takes the lack of couch space as an opportunity to put all the pillows and blankets on the floor. it becomes a Saturday night tradition.

- they all take turns picking a movie each week and Patty has yet to pick something that isn’t a documentary or a musical. everyone complains that the songs will get stuck in their heads, but deep down they love it. 

- Patty knows this so she tries to pick a different style of musical every time it’s her turn. everyone is singing the show tunes until the next movie night.

- Abby alternates between comedies and 80s coming-of-age films which she shamelessly cries at a good majority of. 

- Erin trying to hide her obvious tears makes Holtz flirtatiously tease her about crying over a movie. the teasing usually doesn’t last long because Holtz is a sympathetic crier who “only teared up a little bit, I swear.” 

- Holtzmann doesn’t get that there is a limit to how many bad 70s-80s sci-fi films you can watch per lifetime and that she has greatly exceeded that limit.

- Kevin has no real pattern to his picks, but he has a soft spot for Disney. when it isn’t Disney, it’s something everyone ends up liking anyways. (except for the one time he picked a really metaphorical indie film and no one knew what was going on but him.) 

- Erin’s choices have yet to stray from Harry Potter after she got the girls to finally read all the books over a span of three weeks. 

-Patty didn’t mind rereading them for a third time. her book club dreams came true. Abby took some extra convincing. Holtz was adamant about finishing them as fast as possible. (it’s not because she liked seeing Erin’s smile when she’d go on about the characters that she held so close to her heart or anything.) 

- Abby is a night owl, so when everyone falls asleep in a big cuddled up heap she makes sure to take a picture. if that picture just so happens to make it to instagram then whoops.

I feel like this video was Dan doing his typical thing of making things overly gay (which I think he does on purpose tbh), but rather this time Phil returned the effort and Dan got really confused.

The whole video Phil just seemed really flirtatious for some reason.

I don’t know what I feel anymore. I don’t know what I want anymore.
I was never ready for a relationship, and I knew it. So I made no effort to meet new people and give myself an opportunity to fall for people.

Now here I am, with a bunch of new people. And my friends tell me that I am a flirtatious person and I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea because. I am still not ready for a relationship. But I don’t know if I am going to get myself into one by accident.

—  I don’t know if I like these new people in that way.

I am wracking my brain and I cannot think of a more embarrassing place to take the Metal Gear franchise. Genuinely.

I considered worse places to take it and came up with 

Metal Gear Passions: A Metal Gear Dating Sim

where you’ll exchange sultry glances and flirtatious dialogue with your favorite hunky Metal Gear Boys.

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It turns out that, after some thought, that’s STILL A BETTER IDEA THAN A CO-OP ZOMBIE SHOOTER.

What I’m really trying to say is @konami, hit me up, we’ll make some money, yeah?

Can we go back to the iconic Miss Brittany Martinez please?

Cody literally evicted her because she wouldn’t bend over backwards to respond to his flirtatious demeanor and it shattered this trend that’s probably been going on all over his life (and his brother’s by the look of things) of women being nothing but shiny mirrors that reflect how wonderful they are.

Strong women are wilful and have a mind of their own, and that is a notion that disrupts the Calafiore utopia.

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41 “That was an accident…” with Hamilton? Shipped with anybody(s) of your choice in anyway <3

A/N: I don’t know why, but my writing style seems different in this fic? Anyway, here’s more Jamilton. This was originally supposed to be Lams (because I haven’t written Lams in so long), but I’m still in a Jamilton mood :’^) (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

As always, Alexander found himself lost in a book. Not a book he had to read for class; he had already read those books during the summer (and he may or may not have already written analytical essays for them). This was a book of his choosing, something his English teacher had actually suggested. He doubted anyone else in the class actually went out to find it, but Alexander’s mind always had to be busy with something- If he wasn’t going over notes in his head, he was reading.

This usually put him in an unsafe position, as although he was good at multitasking, he couldn’t quite read a book and see where he was going at the same time. Maybe he’d take a couple of glances between page turns, but he was so engrossed in this current chapter he had yet to look up once. The courtyard seemed empty enough, Alexander was sure he was safe from causing harm to himself or others.

That all changed when he ran into an opposite force, both parties falling back as papers scattered around them. Alexander reached for his book, setting it aside as he quickly began to pick up the fallen worksheets. “Sorry about that, it was an accident,” he muttered, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. He thought he was being so careful… (No, you weren’t, Alexander.)

“I’d hope it was an accident and you didn’t mean to purposely run into me,” the other remarked. Alexander tensed before picking up the papers at a quicker pace. He didn’t have to look up to identify that hoarse voice.

James Madison. The two of them used to be on good terms; they were the best students in their English class. It might have explained why they were partnered together to write a group essay. They thought it would be easy… Until neither of them could agree on a thesis, and a majority of the project was spent bickering about which quotes to analyze. They couldn’t say that they hated each other, but they doubted that they would become friends.

“Knowing Hamilton, he probably did. Always looking for the opportunity to argue with someone,” commented another voice. Though they couldn’t see his face, Alexander rolled his eyes. Of course he would be with Madison.

Thomas Jefferson, the vice president of the debate club that Alexander was a part of. They’ve been against each other since freshman year. He didn’t need any more of an excuse to want to get out of there as soon as possible.

He exhaled sharply through his nostrils. “Leave it to Jefferson to just stand there and do absolutely nothing but complain,” Alexander countered.

Jefferson scoffed, but knelt down to help pick up the remainder of the papers. “Leave it to Hamilton to force me to get my hands dirty,” he replied.

“Oh, shut up. When do you ever-” He stopped his comment as their fingers barely grazed while reaching for the last sheet of paper. Alexander pulled away quickly, standing and setting his stack back in the box that Madison held.

Jefferson smirked, standing at a slower pace. “What, Hamilton? Flustered that a soul like yours was able to touch mine?” he teased.

For once, Alexander kept his mouth shut. He’d say something to throw him off, to get him off his high horse, but he couldn’t find his usually snarky comeback. “Sorry again about the trouble,” he excused before he left, disappearing around the corner.

Madison waited until he was completely gone. “Thomas, I don’t know if this is a necessary detail, but aren’t you always telling me about Hamilton’s wonderfulness and how you enjoy his company?” he questioned sincerely, quirking a brow.

Jefferson sighed dramatically, holding his face in his hand. “Yes, but the only thing I seem capable of doing is harassing him rather than complimenting him,” he nearly groaned. “I blame it on my pride.”

Madison rolled his eyes, catching a glimpse of Hamilton’s book in his peripheral. “Oh. That must have been what Alexander was reading,” he assumed. He’d pick it up, but his hands were currently occupied. Fortunately, Jefferson had enough sense to take it, turning it over in his hands again and again as if it held some kind of secret. “Maybe you should return it to him,” Madison suggested.

“And embarrass myself a second time? I’d have more luck returning it to the library.”

“It gives you an excuse to talk to him. Maybe he’ll be so grateful he’ll even give you a kiss.” He snorted.

Jefferson lightly punched him in the shoulder. “I’ll give it to him at club tomorrow,” he decided. “And you’d better keep your mouth shut.” Madison merely shrugged before they continued their walk back to the classroom. Jefferson held the book over his chest, feeling his heart and stomach flutter. He’d never admit it, but he was hoping Madison was right.

Freeform’s newest series, Lesbe-Honest, takes place in San Francisco and stars Rowan Blanchard as the vivacious, Katherine Lancaster, your ordinary lesbian, who enjoys cats and the colour purple.

The series follows Katherine and her exceptionally sarcastic girlfriend, Miranda Lullbottom (Sabrina Carpenter) who somehow always finds a way to get her into trouble.

The two are in their early twenties, share an apartment and are constantly having to deal with, the incredibly flirtatious, Tod Daniels (Peyton Meyer), who resembles a walking meme, as well as their close friend, Samuel Dash (Corey Fogelmanis) who seems to be allergic to everything but the kitchen sink!

Add along their wacky neighbours, Sasha (Danielle Fishel) and Davey (Ben Savage) Tater and their curly-haired daughter, Cranberry (August Maturo), and you’ll get one heck of a wild ride!

Catch Freeforms newest sitcom Lesbe-Honest, Wednesday’s at 8pm