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Smoke in the Air

Title: Smoke in the Air

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: language, recreational drug use, a tiny bit of angst, smut, fluff.

A/N: This is a request for @deanshitsrainbows. :) Enjoy my loves.

Request: “I was wondering if you could do a could you do a smutty dean x reader oneshot where they r best friends and dean finds out that the reader smokes weed and she gets him high for the first time and they end up sleeping together and it ends super fluffy…”

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You gazed up at the night sky, admiring the twinkling stars as you lazily counted them. Smoke swirled around your fingers, traveling up into the warm night air while every muscle in your body relaxed. You didn’t care what time it was, probably approaching four in the morning. There was nothing that was going to get in the way of you ridding yourself of the stress in your mind.

Your thin tank top slid up slightly, allowing the balmy air to kiss your skin. Your bare legs crossed as you laid flat on your back, a light blanket being the only thing between you and the hard surface of the bunker’s roof.

Taking another hit, you closed your eyes. These were the nights that kept you sane. The silence, the high. It was something you clung to as you fought through the emotions slowly derailing your mind.

Dean Winchester.

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Ahh I love your blog--and you Val, so interesting, so flirtatious, fashionable, and a great dancer~! You seem like a very huggable person, do you enjoy hugs in your parties?

it’s a resounding no 

Dating Scott Summers Would Include...

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  • Him being genuinely surprised that you wanted to date him, because he had been labeled as a ‘dork’ and ‘loser’ for most of his life, and he figured his crush on you was just like any other. Where the girl is too good for the boy.
  • Being close friends with Jean. She’s your go to gal, and she gives the best advice when Scott decides to be an ass(Which happens only sometimes). She and yourself like to gossip about Scott, unbeknownst to him. He’s clueless, and usually just looks at you from the across the classroom with a confused look, before shooting you a dork-ish grin.
  • Long kisses before class in the hallways, because he doesn’t want to let go of you just yet. You’ve gotten yelled at Hank before for doing this because ‘making out in front of the kids is not a good thing!’
    • Hank catching the two of you passing notes during class, in a rather out there way, and making you read them out loud to the class. You look at Scott, fiddling with the paper in your hand before murmuring to Hank, “I don’t think that would be appropriate.”
  • Learning to love his mature, serious side, along with his immature and more silly side. He puts up the mature stature when in front of others, especially the X-Men group, but when you get him alone, he turns into a puppy dog.
  • Some sort of physical contact, whenever and wherever. Whether it’s just holding hands, his fingers trailing circles on your shoulders as he stands behind you, or his arm around your waist while you’re walking.
  • Helping Scott accept his powers, and how strong they are, and trying your best to help him not let the fear of what he can do blind him.
    • Having him constantly worry about hurting you unintentionally, because his power is unpredictable the moment his glasses come off.
  • Listening to the stories he has about Alex, and learning about the brother you could have had. He tells you all about his childhood, and when he developed his powers, and how Alex was the one who helped him stand up and begin to accept that he was a mutant. 
    • He tells you that he wishes he could have saved his brother, that, ‘With a power like this, you think I could do some good…” He pauses, lifting his glasses and rubbing his shut eyes, ‘Alex always thought I was gonna do good in life, do something to help… I couldn’t even help him…’
      • Scott telling you that Alex would have loved you, and would have seen you like a little sister. And, Scott would get total perks for catching such a babe.
  • Scott throwing popcorn at your face while watching movies because you’re ‘too serious and need to lighten up a bit.’ 
    • You throwing the popcorn back at his face, laughing. He pretends to be offended, pressing a hand over his heart and whimpering.
  • Scott putting your interests before his, and planning dates that are outside of the mall. He knows that, though you like to go see movies and maybe catch dinner, you also favor time where it’s just the two of you as well.
  • He’s got a ridiculous temper, and has the tendency to get blindly jealous over little things. Like, someone looking at you the wrong way, or someone talking to you in what he would call a ‘flirtatious fashion’.
    • This happens more often than not while you’re out in public, and has resulted in a few fights, where he threatens the other person, saying things like, “you wouldn’t want me to take these lovely glasses off, would you?” He growls lowly, “‘Cause the moment I do, you’re ass is going to laser beamed.”
      • Sitting in his car, and looking at him from your seat. “You know, they can look and stuff, but I’m not interested in them. You’ve no need to get jealous.”
        “If only you could see how they’re lookin’ at you, (Name). It’s… Disgusting.”
        “But, it’s okay for you to look at me that way?”
        Scott got quiet, unclenching his fists from around the steering wheel and glancing at you, “You’re mine. There’s a difference.”
        “I’m not yours,” You stated, tilting your head towards him as he cupped your cheek, “This was a choice we both made. We’re not property to be won. Keep that in mind.”
        “I will.” He leaned over the console, pressing a light kiss to your lips, “But, the next time a scum bag looks at you like that, I’m frying his ass.”
  • Laying down in his bed on a Saturday afternoon, his fingers tracing along your back as he looks at his ceiling, relishing in how peaceful and at home he felt with you. Scott swallowed softly, a familiar feeling rising in his chest, that began the day he met you, “Hey, (Name)…”
    You lift your head up and hum at him, “Yeah?”
    “I love you.”


Jason found Nico on the hill overlooking the dining pavilion, sitting by himself and looking wistful, a stack of colorful paper and boxes next to him. 

“Hey.” Nico greeted, turning to wave at Jason without any real feeling behind it. 

“I’ve been looking for you.” Jason didn’t let his grin falter, falling next to Nico, “Well, me and, like, half the camp.”

Nico rolled his eyes, “Yeah, I know,” He gestured to the cardboard stack next to him, “Family curse.” 

Jason inspected the stack- cards and gifts, decorated with hearts and glitter and swirly writing. “I can see that. Want one more?” 

Nico quirked an eyebrow, “You shouldn’t have.”

“Good, ‘cause I didn’t.” Which was actually a lie, Jason had. He’d stayed up late worrying about the words and making sure they were right, but the morning of the 14th it had only taken thirty minutes after breakfast for Jason to realize that a Valentine’s day card was probably the fastest way to piss off Nico, considering.

“Really?” Nico pursed his lips, “You didn’t get me anything?”


“Not one thing?”


“Not even a card?”

Jason shrugged, “Sorry to disappoint.”

“Hmm,” Nico shrugged, and dug in his jacket pocket, pulling out a painfully familiar envelope and waved in front of Jason’s nose, grinning cheekily, “Well I guess this must be a fake.”

Jason’s face fell, “Who-“

“Three guesses, and the first two count as one.”

“Stolls.” Jason buried his face in his hands, “Oh gods, I’ll kill them.”

“Take a number, February 14th is their second favorite holiday after April 1st." 

"Did you read it?” Jason didn’t even try not to blush.

“Nah,” Nico shook his head, “I thought about it, though.”

“Why not?" 

Nico shrugged, “Why didn’t you give it to me yourself?”

"I thought it’d piss you off.”

“You’re right. It would’ve.”

“Do you Valentine’s Day?”

“No…not hate. It’d be too obvious to hate it. It’s stupid to buy into it and it’s stupid to hate it. I used to hate it.”

“Used to?”

“Yeah,” Nico laughed, “Like last year.”

“Oh,” Jason blinked, “What, uh, what happened?”

“I got over myself a little.” Nico shrugged, “Now I just sort of…avoid it. Especially my siblings. It’s exhausting.”

“I can imagine.”

“You really can’t.” Nico shook his head, “You really, really can’t.” He sighed again and looked at Jason’s card like he was trying to read it without opening it. He turned his eyes towards the dining pavilion where the faintest sound of music and chatting, celebrating voices could be heard. “Are you going?”

“Huh?” Jason blinked and tried to focus on Nio’s words instead of how Nico managed to look stunning even in a ratty hoodie and ripped jeans. 

Nico rolled his eyes and gestured towards the pavilion, “The party. The stupid party that they’re having.”

“Oh, uh,” Jason had somehow managed to forget about the party despite the incessant buzz about who was asking whom, to busy worried about his stupid card to his stupid crush, “I forgot.”

“Right.” Nico looked at him, “Of course you did.”

“I did! Really, I, uh…I don’t really do dances.”

“Sure,” Nico shrugged, “Although I can’t say I blame you. They’re stupid." 

"You said.” Jason shifted, “Hey, can I…can I ask you something?”

“Is it me to the dance?”

“Er, uh, no. I mean, no, it wasn’t going to be that." 

Nico looked skeptical.

"No, really.” Jason scooted closer, “It wasn’t that. I was just wondering,” Jason took a breath, “I mean you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, I don’t mean to pry or anything, but it just seems like you-”

“Why am I so fake and bitter?” Nico did the thing with his eyebrows that made Jason’s heart skip a beat, but he didn’t sound angry. 

“Er, well-”

“I don’t know,” Nico shrugged, “I mean, you’re right, I am. The whole flirtatious and fashionable thing I do is an act, mostly. I’ve never once said yes to anyone who’s asked me out. I never do any of the parties or dances or frilly,” he gestured grandly, “you know. I tried, really, but I was never really a good child of Aphrodite." 

Nico ran his hand through his hair and Jason recognized the expression of barely guarded bitterness. It seemed like Nico was hardly holding back, and Jason had to admit that he had never seen Nico seem so…vulnerable before. It was almost scary.

"I tried,” Nico shrugged, “And when that didn’t work, as Drew was so kind to point out to me, I tried rejecting it, like Bianca did, but that seemed just as fake. There’s no happiness in rejecting love, no satisfaction in denying beauty. You can say you don’t care but you do, everybody does.”

“So…” Jason didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to react to the bitter honesty reflecting in Nico’s eyes, didn’t know how to to respond to the strange feeling in his own chest or whether or not to acknowledge the faint pink aura around Nico’s skin.

“So…” Nico rolled his head on his shoulders until his head fell to meet Jason’s eyes, “So I’m fake and bitter because I don’t think there’s a place down there,” He gestured to the dining pavilion, “for the real me. And I’m really REALLY good at being fake.”

“Oh.” Jason coughed, “Oh.”

“Shit,” Nico shook his head again, “Sorry. I don’t know why…why I just told you all that. I’ve never told anyone that. I’ve never told my sister that. Why-” Nico narrowed his eyes, “Do I tell you so much, Jason Grace?”

“Huh?” Jason blinked owlishly, “Me?”

“Everyone else,” Nico gestured, “I can keep face but you ask a stupid question and I break character? What’s that about?”

“I, uh,” Jason faltered, “I guess I’m just-”

“Special? Well,” Nico sighed and glanced at the since forgotten Valentine’s card, “Isn’t that the truth.”

“Nico,” Jason turned so he was facing Nico fully, “I don’t know about special, or anything like that, but when I talked to for the first time and I said I liked you, you told me to wait until the magic wore off.”


“So I waited. And it’s been months.”

“Oh gods, Jason, is this a confession?”

“No. Yes? I don’t know. I just, Nico,” Jason reached for Nico’s hand, “I don’t…I’m glad I can talk to you. I’m glad you can talk to me. I’m glad we’re…” He gestured between them, “Whatever we are." 

"Jason don’t do this.” Nico groaned.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing!”


“I’m trying to say that I like you-”


“-whatever that means. This you. The you that wears ratty old hoodies and smiles when he decapitates practice dummies. The you that has a secret collection of mythomagic cards and pirate movies. The you that just told me about how he’s worried about being fake. And I don’t know why you told me any of those things but I’m really glad you did, Nico.”

Nico stood up, face set. “I don’t want to do this.”

“Do what?” Jason followed on his feet.

“This, gods, how cliche can you get?”

“Who cares?" 

"I do.” Nico grimaced, “Obviously, why do you think I put so much effort into NOT being a stereotype?" 

"You’re not a stereotype-”

“I don’t want a pep talk, or inspiration speech, or love confession, or whatever. Just-”

“Fine.” Jason took a deep breath, “Fine then. I won’t-we won’t. Can we just, I don’t know, sit? And talk? Or not even talk? Just…hang out?”
Nico narrowed his eyes, “What’s your +ame?”

“I don’t have one.”

“Everyone has a game.”

“I don’t. Is it so hard to believe- I guess it is. Sorry, stupid question.”

“Why?” Nico crossed his arms.


“Why do you care so much? Usually after I reject someone twice they give up. No one has tried this hard for me before.”

“Because I like you.”


“Said. I know I have. I’ll keep saying it.” Jason set his face, “Because-”

“You like me. Right.”  


They stood there in silence, Nico glowering down the hill and Jason glowering at Nico. The quiet sat between them like ice-cold and blistering and uncomfortable. Nico broke first.

“This is stupid." 

"Kinda.” Jason shrugged.

“Why today?”

“I don’t know, because I’m a sap?”

“Tch’yeah.” Nico rolled his eyes.

“I decided not to give you the card though,” Jason shrugged, “Because I knew it’d upset you.”

“How? How’d you know it would upset me?”

“Valentine’s day- it’s just…I don’t know. Something I thought you’d be annoyed by, s’all.”

“Well you were right.”

“Which is why I didn’t give you the card.”

“But you still wrote me a card.”


“I didn’t write you anything.”

Jason shrugged, “Didn’t expect you to.”

“But I should have.”


“Because…” Nico shifted awkwardly and Jason could swear he saw the faint pink glow around Nico again, “It’s what you do. You know, if you like someone.”

Jason perked up. “What?”

“You heard me, I’m not going to repeat myself. I won’t-”

“Stereotypes.  Right.” Jason tried to keep his smile in check, “Of course.”

Nico rolled his eyes, “What are you grinning about?”

“You. Are you going to read the card?" 

Nico looked at the paper, “Why, you want me to?”

Jason shrugged and tried to look casual, “I don’t care.”

"You so do.” Nico rolled his eyes, “You could just tell me what it says.”

“I could.” Jason agreed, and stepped closer to Nico, letting their fingers touch, “Or I could piss you off more.”

“How’s that?” Nico said, and Jason could swear he saw him blush. 

The moment felt…right.  It always felt right with Nico, but this was…different. The air seemed warm, the sounds from the pavilion muffled, the wind carried a scent of something pleasant like…cinnamon.  His inner compass was pulling him towards Nico, who was still emitting a faint pink aura. Now that he thought about it, dimly, in the back of his mind, he remembered hearing the rumor about the blessing of Eros- how the love god would select one person on Valentine’s day to give the gift of true love- or something like that. He didn’t listen, really, because in Jason’s experience, love gods didn’t limit themselves to days or specific people. But maybe there was some truth in it, or maybe Nico’s mom had just gotten tired of waiting for her son to come around. Whatever it was, it felt right. Jason hoped it was right. 

“Like this.”  Jason pulled him forward, lowering his face to meet Nico’s, letting their lips hover over one another’s just for a moment, just long enough for Nico to pull away- but he didn’t. 

They kissed. It wasn’t long or passionate or heated or intense, but it was everything it needed to be: the earth stopped, angels sang, fireworks burst, etcetera etcetera until there were no more cliches to describe it. It was…right. 

More than right.



Jason blinked, “What?”

“Stupid.” Nico repeated, although his face was flushed red and he was fighting a smile, “You were right, that did piss me off. That was so cheesy. What next, are you going to make a stupid pun about ‘stealing my heart’ or something?”

“I can, if you want.” Jason grinned, “Should I?”

Nico punched his shoulder with a little more force than necessary, “Don’t you dare.”

“Fine, fine,” Jason rubbed his shoulder, “Did I really piss you off?”


Jason frowned, “Really?”

Nico pursed his lips, “You’re going to get all upset if I say yes, aren’t you?”

"Well, yes-”

“Fine then, no, but it was still stupid.” Nico’s frown turned into a shy smile, “But I guess I sort of like stupid, if it’s from you.”


“Gods, Jason, you really are going to make me say it, aren’t you? Yes, I like you and I liked that and I even if you are stupid and cheesy and cliche, I…I’d like to keep doing that sort of thing…with you. OK?”

“OK.” Jason beamed and felt light enough that he could fly, like wings had grown on his ankles and his heart. “Yeah. Wow. Excellent-”

“Stop talking,” Nico rolled his eyes, but he was still smiling as he took Jason’s hand, and Jason was immediately filled with emotions of hesitant joy and…yes…love. Nico’s love, he realized, which just made his own heart pound harder. “I’m hungry, let’s go eat.”

“Yeah,” Jason agreed, and they started down the hill and into the sunset, hand in hand, a perfect cliche ending.

“Oh, and Jason?" 


"Your glasses are crooked.”

Day 2 into the silent retreat and quite likely the 18th sunrise since I came to San Marcos. I have no watch on me, but from what I know it’s probably just a few minutes to six o’ clock. I pull the sleeves of my sweatshirt in tighter and tuck my fingertips into my palms, making fists to seal off the cold. “I used to think I was a sunset person”, I chuckle. The first boat of the day arrives at the main dock on my right, sliding through the unruffled water in the lake. I make out two silhouettes as they swiftly hop into it before it continues to another village, creating several forceless waves. My eyes trace the peaks in the water, moving outwards until they evanesce. I feel so peaceful. “Have you ever seen the sun rise while lying upside down?”, I ask myself. I respond my own question by flipping over, my head lying on the hard, damp wood as I stretch my chin away from my chest to peek at the horizon. The sun should be out any second now. Eyes squinting, I observe tyrian purple, ruby and tangerine clouds in the sky. They put a spectacular show on for me, swirling around each other in a flirtatious fashion. I take a few deep breaths of the cool, dry air, allowing my senses to adapt to the saturated image before me. The lake is the sky, The sky is the water. They fade into each other in the middle and I’m confused whether I’d sink or soar if I were to jump off the dock right now. 

anonymous asked:

do you think troyler is real?

Here’s the thing: I kind of go back and forth between shipping Troyler as just a bromance and actually thinking it could be real. Recently, I’ve been thinking the latter. I definitely appreciate their friendship as just a friendship, but there’s something about that friendship that seems a bit more than just platonic. They skype every day, tease each other in a rather flirtatious fashion, and I mean, the way they look at each other.

Comparing Troyler to Zalfie (which used to be just another youtube ship, until it became canon, ahem, Troyler, take note):

Here you have Zalfie:

See, aw, isn’t that cute.

And then you have Troyler:

Ah yes, the iconic gaze, the look that says there’s something a bit more than just friendship. And do you see the similarity to that Zalfie look?

Yeah, how can you not ship Troyler. (But I don’t judge you if you don’t)

I also think there’s a noticeable difference between Troyler and all the other ships that Tyler’s in. Myler is adorable, and Tingsley and whatever, but it seems to me like those are very broadcasted, purposeful ships, like they tweet flirtatiously and all that, but they don’t really have the kind of bond that Tyler and Troye do, like (as I said before) they are always skyping, they mention each other all the time in an offhand manner in their videos, and they really know each other, and understand one another, which of course could just be a friendship thing, and that is why I’m still unsure whether I think Troyler is real or not. (Wow, that was one long sentence)

So, did this answer your question?