flirt fashions

Astrid (flirting): “So, there’s this nice Viking boy I know. He’s an amazing dragon rider.”

Hiccup (flirting): “He’d have to be to be able to keep up with you.”

Astrid (flirting): “He’s got hair that makes his head look over sized.“ 

Hiccup (flirting): "It’s a fashion trend with the young people these days.”

Astrid (flirting): “He gets himself into more adventures and trouble then he cares to count.”

Hiccup (flirting): “Life’s only fun if you get a scar out of it.”

Astrid (flirting): “Yet, he makes it out each time with all limbs intact. Except for the leg he already lost.”

Hiccup (flirting): “He must be a prodigy genius.”

Astrid (flirting): “He’s smart but I don’t tell him. It would make his head bigger and his hair even fluffier.”

Hiccup (flirting): “Try braiding it, that’ll stop it from getting out of control.”

Astrid (flirting): “He’s the bravest person I know.”

Hiccup: “But…but you’re the bravest person I know.”

Astrid: “And you’re mine.”

Hiccup: “I’m yours.”

They kiss.

Dean / Jealousy Looks Good on You

You take a sip of your martini, surveying the lot of people in the crowded bar. Usually you would opt for something stronger, but you weren’t in the mood to get shitfaced tonight. You were so, so tired after a long night of hunting. It was the boys who convinced you to go to this bar, and you were cursing their names mentally for bringing you here.

Speaking of the boys, where were they?

You scanned the crowd to look for their stupid, annoying-ass faces. Your eyes landed on Sam first - obviously, because he’s a giant - and you see that he’s dancing with a girl who is almost two feet shorter than him. You roll your eyes at the laughable height difference; she looked like his child rather than a love interest. Moving on, you try to spot Castiel, but give up after a while, assuming he’s outside or taking care of some angel crap. Finally, your eyes land on Dean, who is shamelessly flirting with a young, very drunk blonde girl. She keeps touching his arm and laughing loudly in an equally shameless flirting fashion. They were perfect for each other - well, at least for a one night stand.

The hunt you had just finished took place in a town that was near your hometown, and you feared seeing anyone you knew. You had seen a few faces you recognized from your graduating class, but you made a beeline in the other direction in order to avoid them. You didn’t think they would notice you, because you looked fairly different compared to your high school years, but you still dreaded the horribly painful small talk that would follow.

Enjoying the fruity taste of your more feminine drink, you try to relax and scroll through Instagram. You probably looked like an absolute loner to all the outgoing partiers, but you didn’t really care.

Someone took a seat that was two down from you; you hardly noticed, immersed in your social media. It wasn’t until they began ordering their drink of choice that you faintly recognized the man’s voice.

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anonymous asked:

pls give breadcrumbs (or entire loaf) about your romance novel

HMM. they are going to be fairly vague breadcrumbs because it would be nice to publish this at some point and I want to MAINTAIN SOME MYSTIQUE in the meantime.

but basically: it’s about one person learning the lesson of Treat Yo’ Self and the other learning not to be terrified of their own deficiencies.

it’s about chronic stress, and families, and fabric production, and an arranged marriage, and lies, and falling in love with the wrong person, and sword fights, and perceived betrayal, and grand gestures, and fashion, and flirting. and a smidgen of obedience kink because hello, have you met me?

it doesn’t involve magic, but it’s set in an invented world.

it is not only a Kissing Book, but a Sexytimes Book. most definitely.

though according to my current outline, for the first 70% or so it is an Oh The Frustration Of Not Yet Having Had Sexytimes!! Book.

“The dusky and faintly sweet smell of her perfume came to Therese again, a smell suggestive of dark green silk, that was hers alone, like the smell of a special flower.”

Random Chrollo Lucilfer Headcanons

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  • I can see him smoking cigarettes to help him unwind after a long day. He doesn’t do it too often, usually on the rather stressful days or when he’s feeling depressed about his past.
  • His spider tattoo is most likely located on his back and doesn’t have a number because he’s the troupe leader. If it does have a number it most likely 0.
  • He’s an old-fashioned flirt by doing things such as kissing the back of someone’s hand that he likes and giving them a flirtatious smirk to go along with it.
  • His favorite place to go is definitely a bookstore since he can get some peace and quiet for once without a certain clown pestering him to fight.
  • He takes really long showers when he has nowhere to be.
  • His favorite holiday is Christmas because the troupe gets together just to drink and mess around with each other since most of them don’t have families to go home to.
  • If you ever get close enough to touch him you can probably feel how warm the guy really is. He’s like a human heating pad.
  • He has a really bad sweet tooth. Especially anything with vanilla flavoring. He absolutely loves it.
  • Children and babies love him much to his confusion. Random kids always ask for him to play with them when he’s alone and not traveling with the troupe. He usually just stares in confusion and politely declines the offer in the end.

I have so many headcanons about Beauxbaton
The girls are required to take ballroom dancing and archery
They are required to wear uniforms but encouraged to accessories to show their individuality
Along with their regular classes of charms and potions, they all take feminist theory every year
They will act girly with things like fashion and flirting but they become beasts at Quidditch games
The girls see each other in one of two ways, either as sisters or lovers