The Safe Choice

It happened all so suddenly. While sifting through his closet looking for a sweater to wear that cold winter evening, something fell on the floor from one of his jacket pockets. With just one glance, he knew what it was and the emotions started welling up inside him. He picked up the leather bracelet and blew the dust that had accumulated on it from months of neglect. Inscribed was the name of his ex-boyfriend. The name that he had buried deep within his mind so that he would erase his memories about him. About them.

Their break-up was excruciatingly difficult for both of them. But it was especially hard on him because of the reason why. You see, their relationship of a couple years ended because the spark between them died. Or at least that’s what he was led to believe. After years of soul searching and self analyzing, he had come to the conclusion of why he was designated as the safe choice. At that time, his life was pretty well organized. He had just completed his graduate degree and had started work at an entry-level position in pursuant of his career path in the accounting field. He was reasonably financially stable and was open to the idea of starting a family. In essence, he was ready to settle down. However, his boyfriend at that time wanted more. His boyfriend wanted passion. And adventure. That same chemistry they had from when they first started dating. After years of being there for one another, they each now wanted different things. And because of this, the love they felt for one another wasn’t enough to keep them together.

He caught himself holding his breath, a slew of emotions running circles deep within his psyche. And with one last glance, he dropped the bracelet in the wastebasket. Not because he was holding a grudge against his former lover. Quite the opposite. He knew that things happened for a reason and their break-up was meant to be. Life had led him here. Plus, he knows now that he is more than just what one individual considers a “safe choice”. He went back to his closet and slipped into that sweater he was looking for. He ran down the stairs and softly apologized for getting side-tracked. Tonight was a special night for him. His fiance had already made reservations at their favorite restaurant for their anniversary, and the last thing in the world he wanted to do was keep him waiting.

Certain people have it better off than others. That’s just life. But you shouldn’t discredit your own blessings just because you feel you don’t measure up to someone else’s standards. In fact, make your own standards. The struggle to achieve what you want may not be easy, but you quickly find out how strong you truly are in the process.