Real-Life Mermaid Melissa swimming at Atlantis Bahamas Beautiful Aquarium  

FlipTails Tail For Sale

This silicone mermaid tail will fit pant size small to medium women or men who are 5,5 or shorter and have small feet. I have had people with larger feet wear this tail, but they have to put one foot on top of the other.

There is no monofin inside the tail. There is a box like foot pocket that your only toes and balls of food slide into.

This tail was used alot, and it shows. There is spots where the paint has worn away, the bottom of the tail has turned yellow/brown, and there are areas where holes were repaired. But it would still be good for photo shoots or for fun.


Real-Life Mermaid Melissa at Shipwreck Deep Underwater (Real Footage)  


Glowing mermaid melissa swimming at night