10 Things I Hate About You Preview

James Potter has only one thing on his mind these days: taking Lily Evans on a date. The problem? Lily isn’t allowed to date until her older sister, (Y/N) does. Unfortunately for James, (Y/N) seems to have a particular aversion to all things dating and has hastily rejected any potential suitors. James’ other problem? Lily is smitten over wannabe model Lucius Malfoy and doesn’t seem to realize James exists. The solution? Regulus’ mysterious bad-boy brother, Sirius. If James and Regulus can work some behind the scenes magic, perhaps a happy ending awaits all of them. 

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You were trouble from the start

With your stupid motorcycle

Your worn leather jacket

And your old rock vinyls

That charming, crooked smile

The way you bite your lip

I was doomed from the beginning

My heart doing flips

I never imagined

You’d sink your claws this deep

You treated me like an object

As if I were cheap

Worst of all is that

I almost don’t mind

I’d do most anything

So long as you’re still mine


Ok, so this is a modern AU set in high school (obviously it’s pretty much just 10 Things I Hate About You with the Marauders but whatever). Here’s a character breakdown (with movie equivalents) for those interested! Some may be added or changed as I actually write the fic…

Lily Evans: a popular and bubbly sophomore who is eager to dip her toes into the dating scene (Bianca)

(Y/N) Evans: Lily’s older, antisocial sister (Kat)

Remus Lupin: (Y/N)’s best friend and aspiring novelist (Mandella)

James Potter: a junior transfer desperately yearning for his chance with Lily (Cameron)

Regulus Black: James’ friend who helps orchestrate the scheme and Sirius’ brother (Michael)

Sirius Black: Regulus’ ‘bad boy’ brother who attempts to woo (Y/N) (Patrick)

Lucius Malfoy: popular, self-absorbed senior who wants Lily for his own reasons (Joey)

Severus Snape: mostly I just like to see him suffer (Bogey)

Marlene McKinnon: Lily’s friend (Chastity)

flipsy-applepie  asked:

Okay uhm I've been reading your Coffee king fic and it's so soft and warm and even when it was kind of angsty (ya know that "friends" misunderstanding) I couldn't help but think awwww Like really your style is so cute~ And also now I blame you for making me even more obsessed to Iwa-chan's arms *and wtf my heart was already weak I didn't need to know about Chanyeol's too* (>////< )

omg this msg is so sweet I’m DYING! (*゚∀゚*) *blushes* it means so much that you think my style is cute~~ honestly, I just wanted soft iwaoi in university and this is what happened so I rolled w/ it. I didn’t expect people to like it as much as they do but I’m so glad other people are enjoying it c: AND I’D APOLOGIZE ABOUT THE ARMS BUT I’M NOT SORRY LMAO. I’m gonna create a bicep army hehe ♡

and this isn’t his most recent arm gain BUT YES CHANYEOL! look at this soft, tol bby *weeps* pls come enjoy my biases w/ me!

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Imagine if you’re going to an Insane Clown Posse show expecting them to do their usual horrorcore rap rock and instead they come out to circus music in a tiny clown car and start throwing pies at each other and doing funny flipsy-flops and goofs and all of the juggalos are having an earnestly great time for the whole family and then they ask you on stage and you get tricked and squirted with water but in a funny, good-natured way which you handle well and then you get to take a bow and the whole audience applauds and you are laughing so hard it is the best night of your life