flips planes

it’s not that I don’t have object permanence, it’s just that sometimes my pencil or rubber will just take a trip to the freaking astral plane or something, and I’m unable to find it for 2 hours and find it where I remember it being last, that I swear I checked for 58 times

I would like a what/if episode, but it was about the plane crash and what happened after and we would get to see:

  • What if Alex got on the plane instead of Arizona? Since Arizona was never on the plane did she end up cheating on Callie?
  • What if Mark and Lexie survived the crash?
  • What would happen if Alex lost his leg?
  • Would they still win the money in the lawsuit? 
  • Would they still buy the hospital?

And the episode starts with us seeing the back of a brown haired woman lying in bed and then she roles over and its Lexie and they pan out to show Mark and Lexie lying in bed and Lexie has a ring on a very special finger.