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Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)


Aliens don’t like being flipped off

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Bake Off 2017 Gothic

- It is not as good as the BBC. Nothing shall ever be as good as the BBC. Ten years from now, you hold your newborn child in your arms. You tell them they are not as good as the BBC.

- You see the singing cakes. You have the sudden revelation that you know what Satan looks like.

- There are lesbians. The host is a lesbian. The contestant is a lesbian. There are lesbians on the roof. You open a prooving draw and six more lesbians crawl out. They are taking over. When will the madness come to an end?

 - The layers have disappeared. Where have they gone? No one knows. They are just. Gone. The police have no idea. They leave four children behind. Who will feed them now? 

- Everything is an innuendo. Six cakes have an orgy in the judging tent.

- Someone two houses over yells ‘It’s a Genoise, whisk the eggs, ameuture’. You agree. You have never seen a Genoise in your life.

- The program ends. You leave a Victoria sponge and a lit candle in front of a photograph of Mary Berry, whisper ‘soggy bottom’ three times into the night in the hope that somehow, someday, she shall return.

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I can imagine Jotaro is at work and gets a text on his phone- he opens it and it's a selfie of Don Giovanna w/ Jolyne and it says "Guess who bailed your daughter out of jail ❤❤❤" The phone is crushed in his hands

jolyne is doing her infamous ‘fuck off’ naples style B)

“Beatrice is a girl cursed to be a bluebird, and she thinks it’s awful. She has to eat bugs and worms because she can’t digest real food. She obsessively makes nests, and other structures with twigs, even though she doesn’t want to. And worst of all… she can’t flip people off because she doesn’t have hands.

The Woodsman stuck her with the task of helping Wirt and Greg complete their quest. She hates doing it, so most of the time she doesn’t want to stick around.

Beneath her prickly façade, though, she actually has quite a kind heart. And perhaps someday Wirt and Gregory will find her to be a true-blue friend after all.”

-Description of Beatrice from the Tome of the Unknown pitch