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Did you ever stop to think a lot of trans women use viagra bc estrogen affects our libido???? I appreciate your support, but you can't ask for our medical transitioning costs to be covered by saying our sexual health side effects shouldn't be.

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Uh, I’m really not tryna argue with you here, anon, but I included a link from the article in that post…the comparison made was: A) the cost of Viagra, specifically used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction vs. B) the costs associated with transitioning

From the article: “By contrast, total military spending on erectile dysfunction medicines amounts to $84 million annually, according to an analysis by the Military Times – 10 times the cost of annual transition-related medical care for active duty transgender servicemembers.

The military spends $41.6 million annually on Viagra alone, according to the Military Times analysis – roughly five times the estimated spending on transition-related medical care for transgender troops.

Looked at another way, the upper estimate for annual transgender medical costs in the military amounts to less than one-10th of the price of a new F-35 fighter jet. Or, 1000th of one percent of the Defense Department’s annual budget.”

My assumption is that for the purposes of the article, meds related to transitioning—like estrogen—were catagorized separately from meds for erectile dysfunction—like Viagra—even though there may be some overlap as you’re suggesting 

Look, I’m a cis/het man and I would never take it upon myself to say what trans women or trans men “need” or “don’t need” simply because I don’t want non-black people paternalistically telling me what I “need” or “don’t need” to be doing as a Black person. Soo I think either you had an honest misunderstanding about my post, or maybe I’m being trolled? (not an insult, but I get a shit ton of asks and sometimes it’s genuinely hard for me to tell if I’m being sealioned, which happens quite a bit)

So I hope there’s no hard feelings or anything, but yeah, Donald draft dodger Trump’s “cost” argument is bullshit

Here’s another way to put those costs in perspective (source):

  • $8.4 million = Cost (extreme upper estimate) for trans healthcare in military
  • $410,000 per day = Cost of Melania and Barron Trump to reside in NYC
  • $3.6 million = Cost for 1 of 45’s golf trips to Mar a lago 
  • $21 million = Cost of all trips to Mar a Lago, so far    

And this has nothing to do with this ask, but it’s worth noting that Trump lied about “consulting with his generals” before making his announcement (source

It was nothing more than a decision made from pure hatred, transphobia, and to whip up his Christian fundamentalist base 

so last night i had a dream that @itsthighnoon was a serial killer and i was the detective in charge of stopping them, but they ended up killing me so it became me trying to stop them in the afterlife a la murdered: soul suspect, except at some point they were able to see ghosts and after killing someone else they just locked eyes w/ me and flipped me off before jumping out of a window to get away and i woke up just fucking stunned by the events that played out and i know it isn’t real but also fuck off aero

Imagine Mary having lived

Imagine the Winchesters actually living the normal life of a typically American family

Imagine both parents rather focused on Sam because he is clearly the smart one and Dean can take over his dad’s garage anyway, right? 

Imagine Dean being shoved to the side, disregarded, lonely

Imagine Dean on his last day of high school, something neither his parents nor his brother expected

Imagine John beginning to talk about a job at his garage when Dean reveals he actually has a scholarship to Harvard, thank you very much

Imagine Dean flipping his family off as he drives into the sunset in the Impala with our without the cute valedictorian called this weird-ass angel name John never bothered to learn riding shotgun


Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)


Aliens don’t like being flipped off

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