flips every table in my house


Pretty much the most to the least Holiday Spirited in the bunch.


Jzargo: *is an excited curious child. He did not have Christmas in his homeland. So he is excited to do everything with you*

Ralof: *steals all the goodies you bake. Spends too much on presents, and tells you many stories*
You: “did you steal my cookies?”
Ralof:……….*flips table and runs away*

Marcutio: *purposely puts a mistletoe on every door in the house* “well….would you look at that y/n? Another mistletoe. Another kiss!!!.”

Hadvar: *begrudgingly holds all the presents as you two go shopping and takes it like a man. And then secretly buys you something really sweet*

Brynjolf: “Lass….it’s nearly a month away……do we have to this this now?”…his face frowns “isn’t this a bit….much?”

Vilkas: *like the drama queen he is stops as he see’s you putting up a wreath and his face darkens..* “So it begins……” *eventually gets you a last minute gift*

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I’ll protect you - part 2

x Min Yoongi (Suga)

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I would lie to myself if I said I didn’t love her.

The event yesterday was out first proper encounter.

I remember watching her in class. I was 17 and stupid.

Now I was 22. So was she, both of us In the middle of the era of youth.

I sighed and poked at the food on my plate.

“Son, I’m going away for business tomorrow and I’ll be away for two nights and I wish for you to behave while I’m gone.” Father said.

I nodded, causing him to slam his fist against the table.

“Answer me when I speak to you.” He yelled.

“Yes.” I said.

I left my food and walked up to my room. I sat down on my bed and grabbed my notebook of the night stand.

I flipped through the pages, lyrics and notes filling every page.

I sighed and put it back on the night stand.

I watched my father from the window as he took a seat in the car and the car drove off.

The house suddenly felt peaceful. I was alone.

I walked down the stairs and in to the living room.

I switched on the stereo, turning it up loud.

Smooth tunes filled the house, bouncing between the walls.

I smiled, first time for long.

A sudden knock on the door echoed through the house.

I walked over to the front door and opened it.

There she stood, blood running out of her nose and a tear rolling down her cheek.

I quickly pulled her inside and closed the door behind her.

“Who did this to you?” I said, grabbing her shoulders.

“I… I don’t know.” She stuttered.

I sighed and pulled her along to the bathroom.

“It’s my turn to take care of you now.” I said as she sat down on the edge of the bath.

I wet a towel and walked over to her, crouching in front of her.

I gently touched her face with the towel, caressing her cheek, making it seem like I was wiping her tears. I cleaned the blood off her upper lip and hanged the towel on the bath edge.

“What happened?” I asked, looking up at her.

“I don’t know who he was, but he knocked at my door and I opened it and he punched me in the face… He was wearing a suit.” She explained, avoiding my eye contact.

“Stay here tonight.” I said, standing up.

“Is that really ok?” She asked standing up as well.

“Of course it is. I’m the boss in this house when my father isn’t here.” I smiled.

“Thank you.” She said.

“Don’t thank me.” I said, walking out of the bathroom.

I couldn’t help but smile from the sound of her feet behind me.

“You like music?” She asked.

I had forgotten about the stereo on full blast.

“Yeah” I laughed, turning the volume down as we entered the living room.

“Me too.” She said.

“Really?” I said, turning around to face her.

“Yeah, I studied music at uni for about a year before I… yeah.”

“Before you what?”

“No it’s nothing.” She said, waving in the air.

“Everything is something.” I said, taking a seat next to her on the sofa.

“I had to quit after my father died and well…”

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“Don’t” She said, slightly imitating me, making me laugh.

“You live alone?” I asked.

“Not really, I live with my brother but he’s never home. He’s normally out of town doing business for my father. Since he passed he got to take over the company.”

“Oh, I see. What type of business?”

“Same as your father.” She said, leaving me in chock.

“What?” I said, looking at her.

“Yes… I’m sorry but the guy in the suit I mentioned I think it’s a man sent by my brother. He is very overprotective and he has people watching me and he must have seen you and maybe he thought-“

I cut her off by taking her hand.

“I’ll protect you from now.” I said and kissed her hand.

“Promise me you’ll call me if you need me.” I said

“I will.” She stuttered.

After that I don’t know what happened. I just placed my hands on the sides of her face and pulled her closer and kissed her lips.

42. “It’s called apologizing. It isn’t that hard.”

“Well?” You questioned, looking at Michael’s tired eyes.

“All I did was have a little fun.” He mumbled, rubbing his face in irritation.

You looked around the apartment at the mess he made. The last thing you remember him saying to you before you left was ‘oh I’m just going to have a little party babe no big deal’

The furniture was flipped upside down, alcohol stained the brand new carpet you just bought, and you swore that was vomit on the kitchen tiles. And amongst all that, you saw Michael lying down on the dining room table in nothing but his boxers. This was the last straw. He’s been doing shit like this for months now and you didn’t quite understand why.

Why did he have to get drunk every other day? Where’s the fun in getting a massive hangover and puking everywhere in the morning?

So much for having ‘a little party’

“I go for one weekend to my parent’s house and this is what I come back to you?!” You were annoyed to the say least.

“I’ll clean it up okay just stop yelling.” He got up and started making his way to your shared bedroom but you blocked his way.

“Well?” You asked.

“Well what?” He shot you an irritated look.

“Don’t you have something to say to me?” You asked again, waiting for an answer. But the look on Michael’s face told you he wasn’t in the right state of mind to be answering anything right now.

“It’s called apologizing. It isn’t that hard.” You spoke, hands on your hips waiting for an apology.

“You want me to apologize for having fun?” Michael raised his eyebrow at you arms crossing over his chest.

“You lied Mike.” Your gaze hard. “The least you could do is say your fucking sorry.”

Michael let out a harsh laugh and swerved his way around you going to the bedroom.

“You know what.” You called out to him grabbing your purse and keys. “On second thought, just call me when you grow up.”

And with that you walked out of the apartment and to Michael’s fear, maybe even out of his life.

Part 2

A Most Profound Silence- Chapter 5

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One week had past. That’s one week of being scared out of my mind and everyone telling me I was crazy. I couldn’t stop hearing things. Things would move on their own, only I wasn’t entirely sure if it had or if I was imaging it. I didn’t know if my mind was playing tricks on me or not. I mean, it had to be playing tricks on me. It had to be. Things don’t just move on their own. Like that Ouija board. I probably knocked it and didn’t realize. That was all.

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